Download Android 9 Pie Gapps for Android Pie Phones

Gapps is a collection of Google apps. And if you want to install custom Android Pie ROM then you also have to install Android 9 Gapps. Here you can download Gapps for Android 9 Pie ROMs.

Download Android 9 Gapps

Gapps contains many google apps like Google play store, google play services, google play games, google settings, YouTube, Gmail, and other Google apps. The size and number of apps depend on the Gapps file you are downloading like pico which contains less number of google apps, nano which has some extra google apps compared to pico. Similarly, there are few more Gapps type like micro, mini, full, stock, super, and aroma. Aroma contains all the google apps that are available and also its size will be around 1GB. Here you get to download Gapps for Android 9 Pie (all types).

Hardly any custom ROMs comes inbuilt with Gapps. So in case if you want to access Gapps you have to flash it with custom ROMs. And here the advantage is that you get to choose which type of Gapps you want to install. If you just want to use a few common google apps then you can download nano. Pico, nano, and micro are most downloaded Gapps type because it has all the necessary google apps that a user wants. So let’s see how to download Gapps for Android 9 Pie on any ROM.

Download Android 9 Pie Gapps

As we know that Android 9 is the latest Android version till date. And also many developers have started working on Android 9 custom ROMs. Earlier Android 9 Gapps were not available officially but now the Gapps for Android Pie are available to download officially.

So if you are thinking to try out new Pie ROMs on your phone then you must download the Android 9 Gapps first. Basically, you can download Android Pie Gapps from the same place as the custom ROM link. But if by any case that doesn’t work then you can try downloading another type of Android 9 Gapps. You can find all the links to download Gapps for Android 9 just below. The download links are categorized as processor type and the Gapps type. So make sure that you know what type of processor your phone has.

Note: You can check your device processor type from the app called Droid Hardware Info.

Download Android 9 Gapps for ARM devices

The ARM is a 32-bit OS. So if your device show ARMv7 or armeabi in CPU architect or instruction set then your phone is of ARM type. So follow this section to download Android 9 Gapps for ARM devices.

Gapps for ARM devices (tv stock) – Download (200MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (Pico) – Download (100MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (nano) – Download (170MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (micro) – Download (200MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (mini) – Download (320MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (full) – Download (570MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (stock) – Download (700MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (super) – Download (850MB)

Gapps for ARM devices (aroma) – Download (1GB)

Download Android 9 Gapps for ARM64 devices

ARM64 is a 64-bit OS. So if your device show AArch64 or arm64 in CPU architect and instruction set then your device falls in ARM64 type. Download Gapps for Android 9 devices with an ARM64 processor from here.

Gapps for ARM64 device (tv stock) – Download (220MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (pico) – Download (100MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (nano) – Download (160MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (micro) – Download (200MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (mini) – Download (340MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (full) – Download (610MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (stock) – Download (760MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (super) – Download (920MB)

Gapps for ARM64 device (aroma) – Download (1GB)

Download Android 9 Gapps for x86 devices

x86 devices are mostly powered by Intel and AMD processors. So if your phone show x86 and x86abi in the app then you need to download Android 9 Gapps from this section.

Gapps for x86 device (tv stock) – Download (210MB)

Gapps for x86 device (pico) – Download (90MB)

Gapps for x86 device (nano) – Download (140MB)

Gapps for x86 device (micro) – Download (170MB)

Gapps for x86 device (mini) – Download (290MB)

Gapps for x86 device (full) – Download (520MB)

Gapps for x86 device (stock) – Download (650MB)

Gapps for x86 device (super) – Download (810MB)

Download Gapps for Android Pie for x86_64 devices

If you are using an Android emulator then it is the x86_64 type OS. Use this section to download Android Pie Gapps for x86_86 OS.

Gapps for x86_64 device (tv stock) – Download (230MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device (pico) – Download (90MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device (nano) – Download (140MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device(micro) – Download (170MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device (mini) – Download (290MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device (full) – Download (530MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device (stock) – Download (680MB)

Gapps for x86_64 device  (super) – Download (840MB)

So these were the link to download Android 9 Gapps for any Android 9 OS. I would suggest downloading Gapps from Pico, Nano or micro unless you want to use all the Google Apps. Using other types of Gapps you may end up wasting storage.

Source – Opengapps

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