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Instagram is a popular social media platform that is used by more than billions of users. It comes with cool features such as sharing videos, stories, and more. But do you know that you can get more features on your Instagram app? Yes, it is possible to add more amazing features on your Instagram App if your phone is Android and rooted. There is a Module that lets you add lots of useful options on the Instagram App. Here you can download Instaprefs Xposed module on your Android phone. Instaprefs Xposed module

Xposed is a framework for Android phones which work on rooted Android phones and provides an advanced platform to add modules. And recently MaaarZ (XDA Senior member) has developed the Instaprefs module for the Instagram lovers. With Instaprefs you can get Advanced features that every user wants on their Instagram App.

What is Instaprefs?

Instaprefs is an Xposed Module that is capable of providing lots of new features on Instagram. The Instaprefs Modules works on Android phones with root access. It is a useful module for those users who have rooted phones and Xposed installed in it. Instaprefs will help users to save time and extend user experience to the next level by adding advanced features.

Below you will find all the Instaprefs features which come in the module. The feature list is for the first build and with upcoming updates, the module can get more features. So always go for the latest Instaprefs Module.

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Instaprefs Module – Features

  • Saving of high-quality Posts, Stories, DMs, Live Videos, Profile Pictures
  • Story saving
  • DM saving
  • Profile picture saving
  • Stealth Story/DM viewing
  • Unlimited Story/DM viewing
  • Post Notification saving (full-sized: image, video, carousel)
  • Unlimited DM viewing for self-destroying images
  • Zoom for Posts, Stories, DMs, Live videos, Profile Pictures
  • Typing, camera opened and replay notification removal
  • Media controls for videos
  • Private indicator on Posts and Profiles
  • Follow indicator on Posts and Profiles
  • Suggested users, shops are blocked
  • Story and Feed ads are blocked
  • Copy comments
  • Increased quality for sent images

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Download Instaprefs Module

Instaprefs is an Xposed module which means you can get the module directly for the Xposed repository. You can either download the module from the below link or you can directly install the module from the Xposed app. You can use the below link to download the Instaprefs Module.

Once you have the Instaprefs module you can proceed to installation. But you need some apps to install Instaprefs which are mentioned in the prerequisite list.


  • The phone must be rooted (Guide here)
  • Xposed framework should be installed or EdXposed for Android 9 or higher (Xposed on Android Pie)
  • Download the Instaprefs from the above link
  • Instagram is required

How to Install Instaprefs Xposed Module

Installing the Instaprefs module is the same as installing other Xposed modules. So if you have any Xposed modules earlier then you follow the same methods. But if it’s the first module that you want to install then follow the below steps.

  1. Transfer the Instaprefs apk to your phone storage.
  2. Make sure Instagram with a specified version is installed.
  3. Install the Instaprefs apk on your phone.
  4. Open the Xposed/EdXposed/VirtualXposed.
  5. Go to the modules section and enable the Instaprefs module.
  6. Reboot your device and enjoy all the Instaprefs features.

All the features that are mentioned on the feature list can be accessed directly from the Instagram App. Some users have reported that module features are not working in the Android Oreo but working fine on Android 10. If you have rooted Android phone then go ahead and try the Instaprefs module.

Let us know about your experience with the Instaprefs module. If you are unable to install the module on your phone or you have any doubts then let us know in the comment section.

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