How to Delete Instagram Account Temporarily or Permanently

Instagram is now one of the most used social media. But maybe because of some reason or issues, you don’t want to use your Instagram account. There are few options that you can go for like leave as it is or Temporarily disable your Instagram account. You can also delete your Instagram Account permanently. Go for the option that can be useful to you. So if you have decided to Delete your Instagram account here is How to Delete Instagram Account.

Remember that if you delete your Instagram account permanently than all the media from your account will be lost. But it is not in the case when you Temporarily disable your Instagram account. The photos, videos, comments, likes from your account will e hidden until you log back in. Below you will see the guide on How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently or Temporarily.

How to Delete Instagram Account

How to temporarily disable Instagram account

To disable your Instagram account temporarily, you need to use the browser instead of App. Because you can not disable your Instagram Account from the App. So make sure you are using Browser on your phone or computer to temporarily disable your Account.

1. Open Instagram official site in a Mobile browser or a Computer browser and Log in to your Instagram Account.

2. Tap or Click on the Profile button which is in the Top right corner.

3. Then Click on Edit Profile.

4. Scroll Down and you will see Temporarily disable my account option click on it.

5. Provide the reason for why are you disabling your Account.

6. Then Re-enter your Account password.

7. Tap or Click on Temporarily Disable Account.

Now your Instagram Account has been disabled until you log back into your Account.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

1. Go to the Delete Instagram Account Page from your browser.

2. Log in to the Instagram Account that you want to delete.

3. Select a reason for deleting your Instagram account.

4.  Again Enter the Password of your Account.

5. Select Permanently delete my account.

6. Then select ok.

This was the quick guide on How to Delete Instagram Account Temporarily or Permanently. This is up to you that you delete or disable your Instagram account. If you have any question regarding how to deactivate Instagram account leave your comment. You can also reach out to us through Facebook and Mail.

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