Download Android Q GSI (Generic System Image) for Any Android Device

Android Q also known as Android 10 is the next upcoming Android version this year. GSI or Generic System Image of Android Q is available as early leaked build with some new features. You can Install Android Q GSI on any Android Phone to experience the upcoming Android 10. As it is an early build Android Q based GSI, we will not be getting all the features. Also, there could be some bugs. But if you want to test out the Android Q then this guide is for you. You can download Android Q GSI for any Android Phone with the installation procedure.

Download Android Q GSI and Install GSI

Android is the most used Operating system on mobile phones. Right now Android Pie is the latest Android version which is perfect. And you can imagine how great Android Q will be with many additional features over Android Pie. Let’s check out some features that you will get to experience on Android Q GSI.

Android Q Features (Early GSI Build)

1. Dark Mode (System): System-wide Dark Mode is a feature that every Android user wanted from very long time. It enables dark mode on the whole system including many third party Apps. In Android P we have seen Dark mode but it doesn’t make everything dark. This is a feature that will save a lot of Battery.

2. Android Permission System: This feature will give full control to users to control which service should an App use. It can be accessed from the Status Bar when you launch an App it will appear on the top of status bar. This way users will be able to track all the services used by Apps. This is a feature like Digital Wellbeing.

3. Notification Control: Android Q has the option to set duration on Heads up notifications. You can set for how much time a notification should appear on top.

4. Desktop Mode: This feature will let users use the phone on a secondary display. It’s just like Samsung Desk feature. It is a feature available in Developer options, so you have to first enable developer options.

5. Multi Resume: Foldable phones are already in the tech industry. And to make it reliable, Google will release the Multi Resume feature with Android Q which will run two applications at the same time. It is not split screen, two persons will be able to use two apps simultaneously on foldable phones or multi-screen phones.

Download Android Q GSI (Generic System Image)

Other than Android 10 Q GSI you will need some other files to install Android Q GSI on any Android Phone. Download all the required items. The links will be updated on Android Q GSI Telegram group. So make sure to join the group to get the latest Android Q GSI when it is available.

Download Android Q GSI for Android Phones

The Android Q Generic System Images are categorized into two different partition system A-type and AB-Type. Download the GSI for your phone type. Check your phone partition type before downloading the GSI for your phone.

Download Permissiver

Permissiver is an important file so download it along with the Android Q GSI.

Download ADB Unsecure (for adb support while booting)

It is also important which help you to Install Android Q GSI after download.

Download GApps for Android Q GSI

If you want to install Google Apps like Play Store, Play Services and other google apps then download Gapps.

Install Android Q GSI on Any Android Device

Noe that you have downloaded all the files you are ready to Install Android 10 or Android Q on your phone. But first, make sure to read prerequisite.


  • Bootloader must be unlocked on your phone
  • Your phone must be Project Treble Compatible (Use Treble check App to check).
  • Take a full backup of your device
  • Download any Android Pie based Treble ROM (Pixel Experience suggested) – Do Not download if you are already using Android Pie Treble ROM

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Flash Android Q GSI using TWRP Recovery

  1. Extract the Android Q GSI file (If it is in 7z, RAR or zip format). After extracting make sure that .img file is there.
  2. Copy everything you downloaded to phone.
  3. Power off your phone completely.
  4. Boot the device in TWRP Recovery or any other custom Recovery.
  5. Go to Wipe > Advanced WipeDownload Android Q GSI and Install Android Q GSI
  6. Select Dalvik Cache, System, Vendor, Data, Cache and swipe to Wipe.
  7. Go to Install and flash Pixel Experience or any other Android Pie Treble ROM. Not for users if they are already using an Android Pie Treble ROM.
  8.  Now again go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe.
  9. Select Dalvik cache, System, Data, Cache and swipe to wipe.
  10. Go to Install > Install ImageDownload Android Q GSI and Install Android Q GSI
  11. Locate and select the Android Q GSI Image file. Then Select System Image in ‘Select Partition to Flash Image’ and flash the image.
  12. Go back to TWRP Recovery home and select Install. Download Android Q GSI and Install Android Q GSI
  13. Locate and flash file.
  14. Again go to Install and flash Gapps.
  15. Reboot to the System.

Flash Android Q GSI without Custom Recovery

  1. Download and Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC.
  2. Perform a Factory Reset on your Phone. You can do it from Settings or from Stock Recovery.
  3. In Developer options enable OEM Unlock, and USB Debugging.
  4. Download Platform Tools and extract it on your phone.
  5. Extract the AndroidQGSI.7z file. At last, make sure you are seeing AndroidQGSI.img file.
  6. Copy AndroidQGSI.img to the extracted Platform-Tools folder.
  7. Connect your Phone with PC via USB.
  8. Now press Shift + Right-Click and select “Open Command window here” or “Open Powershell window here”. Download Android Q GSI and Install Android Q GSI
  9. Enter command:
    • adb devices
  10. If a pop up appears on phone click on Allow.
  11. Now enter the command to boot into bootloader:
    • adb reboot bootloader
  12. Then enter a command to erase system:
    • fastboot erase system
  13. Enter the following command to flash Android Q GSI Image.
    • fastboot -u flash system name_of_GSI.img
    • *Remember in place of name_of_GSI enter the name of the Android Q GSI image that you copied in platform tools.
  14. At last reboot your device with the following command:
    • fatboot reboot

So this was a guide to download & Install Android Q GSI extreme early build on any Android phones. If you have any queries then you can ask in the comment section. Also, you can message the author about your queries.

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