Download FRP Hijacker by Hagard to Remove Samsung FRP Lock

Here we are with another important tool for Android phones. It is FRP Hijacker by Hagard for Samsung phones. The FRP Hijacker tool is used to remove FRP lock on Samsung phones.

Almost all Samsung smartphones come with the Android operating system. And as you know that all Android phones have a security feature called factory reset protection. FRP is something that you must be aware of it already if you use Android phones. Well the FRP knowledge might not come into use daily, but if you are going to reset your phone then you should know about it. Here you get to download FRP Hijacker Tool which lets you remove the FRP lock on Samsung phones.

The FRP feature was introduced about a few years ago that automatically activates once you log in with your Google Account on your phone. And this means after formatting the device, you have to enter your Google Account details to unlock the system. And if you forgot the password and are not able to access then only tools like FRP Hijacker can save your phone and your time. The FRP Hijacker by Hagard is specific to Samsung devices only.

What is FRP Hijacker Tool?

FRP Hijacker is a light tool or software developed by Hagard. It is available for the Windows platform and it is used to remove FRP lock on Samsung Phones. FRP is a Factory Reset Protection which is a security feature available on Android devices. And due to this feature, after formatting Samsung phones we have to log in with Google Account. But if you forgot the password then you can use FRP Hijacker. It is available for both Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit computers.

If you want to know more about the FRP Hijacker tool then we have also included its features that will give you more information about the tool.

FRP Hijacker – Features

FRP Hijacker

Remove FRP Lock – FRP Hijacker lets us remove FRP lock from Samsung devices. We can use the tool when Samsung phones ask for Google credentials after formatting the phone and it will bypass the FRP lock.

Softbrick Fixer – Sometimes modifying the device may lead to softbrick like phone stuck in bootloop or no rebooting. And FRP Hijacker also helps to fix Softbrick on Samsung devices.

FRP Hijacker

ADB Operations – Samsung FRP Hijacker tool allows us to perform ADB operations on our Samsung devices. From this section, we can also remove FRP using the ADB, and we can also factory reset our Samsung phones.

Supports Samsung Phones – FRP Hijacker tool supports all the Samsung Smartphones including the Exynos and Snapdragon powered Android devices. It even supports the latest Samsung devices released in 2018 and also later.

FRP Hijacker

Bypass Samsung FRP using Dialer – Along with removing FRP lock through Download Mode, the FRP Hijacker also allows to bypass FRP on Samsung phones using Dialer. This can be easily done from the Dialer section in the tool.

These are few notable features of the Samsung FRP Hijacker tool. But there are more interesting features that are useful for Samsung phones.

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Download FRP Hijacker Tool [Latest]

If you have a Samsung phone irrespective of the processor then FRP Hijacker is a must have tool. This tool will be helpful if you are planning to reset or if by any chance the device goes into softbrick or hardbrick. Forgetting passwords is very common because of the many different passwords we use. And we need to enter a Google account every time we reboot the phone into the system after format or reset. Here we can use the FRP Hijacker to bypass FRP in case you forgot the Google account or Samsung account detail. Below you can find the link to download the Samsung FRP tool.

After downloading the tool you can install it on your Windows computers. Below is the list of the platform in which you can use the FRP Hijacker tool.

Supported Platform:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

If you have any of the above OS installed on your computer then you can easily run it on your PC. Below we have included the guide to use the FRP Hijacker tool to bypass the Samsung FRP lock. Below are some requirements that need to get done before you install the tool.

  • Install Net Framework on your computer
  • FRP Hijacker requires password that you can find in the downloaded zip file
  • Make sure your pc platform is supported

How to use FRP Hijacker to Remove Samsung FRP

Using the below method you can remove the FRP lock and also you can fix softbrick. But there are more methods that you can use.

  1. After installing the FRP Hijacker tool open it on your computer.
  2. Now turn off your phone.
  3. Then press and hold the Volume Down + Power button together and when holding connect your phone to computer. If your phone have a Bixby button then press that also along with Volume Down & Power button.
  4. When warning screen appear on your phone then release buttons.
  5. In the Warning screen press the Volume Up button once and the phone will boot into Download Mode.
  6. Once your phone is in Download mode, make sure your phone is connected to your computer.
  7. Now in FRP Hijacker click on the Scan button and it will detect your phone.
  8. Then select the mode either Remove FRP or SoftBrick Fixer.
  9. And then click on HIJACK IT and it will remove FRP lock on Samsung phone. Wait for your phone to reboot.

And after reboot, you can easily set up your phone without entering your Google account. It means you have successfully removed the Samsung FRP Lock.

So there you have it the complete guide on FRP Hijacker by Hagard. You can use it for multiple purposes and it is very easy to use so no need to be techy to use the tool. In case if you have any questions then let us know in the comment section.

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