Best Themes for Huawei and Honor Devices Running EMUI or Magic UI – 2023

As an Android user, you are left with a ton of options to choose from when you plan on customizing your phone. You can change the font styles, icon packs, lock screens, and even the themes for your device. Now, if you are someone like me that uses either a Huawei or an Honor device, you’ll know very well that you can install a good number of themes that are available from the Theme Store and as well as the Google Play Store. Size today we’ll be looking at the 10 best themes for your device that runs on EMUI.

Everyone wants to create a personal look on their device. Maybe they want a certain style or theme that matches their personality. Because it can sometimes be a problem when you want to plan out on picking up one single theme instead of trying out multiple themes to see what rocks your boat. Well, lucky for you, we have sorted the 10 best EMUI themes that you need to install on your Huawei or Honor mobile devices.

Best EMUI Themes for Huawei and Honor Devices

Because we expect a majority of these devices to run anything newer than EMUI 8, all the themes in our list should work perfectly for all devices released after 2018. Let’s get started with the list. For the examples and screenshots here, I have used an Honor Play running EMUI 9.1. And yes, all of the themes mentioned here are free to use on your device with no purchases necessary.

Pure Dark 5.0

We all know a number of devices that run on Android 9 and have a system-wide dark mode option. However, on the EMUI side of things, it’s not the same. So, if you wanted to have a nice dark mode setup on your EMUI 9 or older device, this is the theme for you. It’s available as a free download on the Google Play Store. Simply download the app and then install the theme. You also get a dark-colored icon pack as well as a dark wallpaper that works perfectly as an alternative to having Dark Mode at all times.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Pure Dark 5.0

Gradient Minimal EMUI Theme

This one is a theme for those who like to live bright. It’s the total opposite of a dark mode theme. There are simple bright-colored icons as well as a white background with some graphics in the center. The app icon labels are black in color which is quite fine and readable with the background that comes with the theme, The theme will work great on devices running EMUI 5 all the way up to Magic UI 4. Yes, the new devices from Honor after the split from Huawei will also be able to install these themes.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Gradient Minimal EMUI Theme

BlueFlutter EMUI Theme

Here is a fun light colored theme that is simple and at the same time attractive. The theme has these mix colored icon packs paired with a nice light blue or rather, baby blue wallpaper. The theme also changes the way how your default lock screen has a rotating square with the clock inside it and it’s got an app shelf with the three most-used apps that you can access right from the lock screen. The theme will run on all devices running EMUI 9 and upwards.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download BlueFlutter EMUI Theme

G Pix Android 12 EMUI Theme

Want some of that Android 12 goodness on your Huawei or Honor device? Hunt no more! With this Android 12 theme, you’ll be getting nice icon packs, a light brown wallpaper, and of course an Android 12 lock screen style. The colors can sometimes be a bit off, but hey, it does its job perfectly. However, you need to note that the theme will run on devices having EMUI 5 and above. Yes, it should work on the Magic UI devices as well.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download G Pix Android 12 EMUI Theme

ZenUI EMUI Theme

The Zen UI theme for EMUI devices is a pretty one. It’s got a nice pastel green color that flows through the wallpaper and also on the lock screen. You do get to see hints of green at the notification panel. With regards to the icons, the stock apps will have a green color that replaces the usual color for the icons. Other apps will simply have the icons in a squarecle shape which makes them pleasing to look at. This theme will however work the best on devices running EMUI 10 and above. It will work for EMUI 9 devices, but, there are some parts that don’t reflect any changes.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download ZenUI EMUI Theme

Morning Breeze EMUI Theme

Morning Breeze is a theme for people that love sunsets and water bodies. Now, if you love nature and are comfortable with the color blue, this theme is a must-install one for you. You get rectangle icon packs that have a nice aesthetic as well as a nice color to the icons. This theme will work perfectly on devices running EMUI 5 and above. The wallpaper and lock screen share the same wallpaper.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Morning Breeze EMUI Theme

Fog EMUI Theme

Up for someone monochrome type of a look? The Fog EMUI theme might just be the perfect one for you. For starters, it has a nice wallpaper that depicts the fog and your home screen gets a nice app dock where you can place your most frequently used apps. While the lock screen and the notification panel are the same, the icons are where things start changing. There are custom icons doused in pastel shades that give you a nice look and, will look so much better on any dark wallpaper as the icons will pop out perfectly.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Fog EMUI Theme

Glamour Theme

Here’s a cool theme for those who like the color pink. Now, it’s not all that bright kind of pink. It’s a bit dark and good on the eyes. The Glamour theme for EMUI is a pretty good one. It brings in a new lock screen along with big and bold app icons for your home screen. Kind of something to the size of icons you would see on an iPhone. This theme will work on devices running EMUI 9 and above.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Glamour Theme

Flyme Theme

Flyme is a pretty lovely theme for those who love the color blue.  It’s got a nice sea blue wallpaper and nice circle-shaped icons for almost most apps out there. However, this lovely light blue Flyme theme also gives you a custom-designed lock screen that looks so much better than the default lock screen style you would see on a Huawei or Honor device. The theme can be installed on devices running EMUI 10 and newer.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Flyme Theme

Velvet Version 2

While this theme doesn’t have any velvet appeal, it’s certainly got good looks in all the right possible manners. First off, the yellow and black (or grayish) wallpaper looks sweet on the home screen and lock screen. It also has its own set of white-colored icons for almost all stock and third-party apps. The icons are perfectly sized and they fit well onto your screen. If we talk about the loc screen, you get a nice horizontal clock with two shortcuts at the bottom of the screen at each corner. The best feature out there has to be the animated charging bar. This bar will show up only when your device is being charged. Overall a good theme that works with EMUI 9, but, will work perfectly with EMUI 10 and newer.

best themes for huawei and honor phones

Download Velvet Version 2 


And there you have it! The 10 best themes that you can install and apply for your Huawei or Honor devices running EMUI 5 or above. Do note that once the themes have been installed and applied to your phone, it is best to perform a restart in order to see the theme being applied properly to your device. Do let us know in the comments below which is your favorite theme and what theme you are currently using on your Honor or Huawei device.

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