8 Best Material You Widgets you can try on your Android Phone

Want Pixel-like home screen widgets on your Android? Here are the 8 best Material You widgets you can install on your Android.

Android is an open operating system. This means that the user is able to freely customize any element that they like. This type of customization freedom lets users get the best of their wildest imagination. We do know that a lot of elements such as wallpapers, icon packs, themes, and even notification sounds can be changed according to your choice. One other home screen element that can be changed by the user are the Widgets.

Widgets are little shortcuts that display certain information from different apps. Now, there are numerous widgets available on the Google Play Store for you to download. But, instead of just randomly picking up widgets from the Play Store, we’ve decided to follow a certain theme. Today, we will be looking at the best Material You designed widgets that you can easily install on your Android device.

Best Material You Android Widgets to try

Material You designed elements are simply elements that will change color based on the accents of your wallpaper. This is a feature that was introduced with Android 12 and has been greatly worked on in Android 13. In case you plan to install these widgets on an older Android device, it would be best to get a third-party launcher as your default or stock launcher will not be having such features. Our list of Material You widgets will contain free as well as paid widgets.

Android 12 Widgets (Twelve)

Going by the name of the widget, this widget pack contains all the widgets that you would see on an Android 12 device. There are a good number of widgets for you to choose from in this pack such as the Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Weather, Calendar, Notifications, Battery Level, System, Controls Application Shortcuts, Google Search, and Music widgets. These widgets automatically change tier colors based on the wallpaper that has been applied to your device’s home screen.

best material you widgets

These widgets also allow you to choose from different color accents present on the wallpaper. This is a standalone widget pack developed by Dita Cristian Ionut. You can download Android 12 Widgets (Twelve) for free from the Google Play Store.

Android 12 Clock Widgets

Android 12 did come with newly designed clock widgets. This widget app lets you add the different types of Android 12 clocks to your home screen. All of the clocks in the widget pack are Material You designed ones. In order to get access to the full suite of customization, you will have to unlock the premium package that lets you customize everything about the clock. From the shape, hands style, and number styles on the clock as well as the color of the hands.

best material you widgets

The Android 12 Clock Widgets pack has been developed by Mohammed Ibrahem. This widget pack can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Android 12/13 Weather Widgets

Another widget pack by the same developer of the Android 12 Clock Widgets. This weather widgets pack lets you add different types of weather widgets to your device’s home screen. All of the weather widgets in this widget pack follow the Material You design language. Just like the previous app, there are free widgets that you can make use of that lack any sort of customization. In order to get customization options and more widget themes, you will have to purchase a premium/pro subscription.

best material you widgets

The weather widget allows you to manually or automatically change the location and has options to see the weather between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The Android 12/13 Weather Widget pack can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Clock Widget (Material You)

Love the new Android 12/13 clock styles but your device’s last update was Android 11 or maybe, even older? Well, do not worry! The Clock Widget is here for you to install on your device’s home screen. This widget has 5 different clock faces all with the new material design style. These widgets can easily adapt to the colors of your wallpaper. However, this will work only on Android 12 and newer. The same can be said for second-hand and clock-hand colors. Otherwise, the clock widget will work as expected on older Android versions minus the customization.

best material you widgets

This widget is a standalone app meaning you don’t need to install any other app and it also works very well with almost all launchers. Developed by Rushikesh Kamewar, Clock Widget can be purchased from the Google Play Store for $0.99

Search Widget (Material You)

The Search bar has been a prominent widget on almost every version of Android. This time, with Android, it’s got the material You design language that makes it look even better. Yes, it can now easily change the color of the icons on the search bar to match the accents of your home screen’s wallpaper. With the Search Widget, you can add icons to the right side of the search bar.

best material you widgets

Developed by  Rushikesh Kamewar, the widget supports all sorts of launchers and will also work easily on devices running Android 8 and above. Search Widget can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for $0.99.

Battery Widget – Android 12

Here’s a pretty useful widget that shows you the battery percentage of not only your own device but also the battery percentage of any Bluetooth device that is currently connected to your device. This battery widget lets you choose from different types of layout options. The widget can show you a maximum of upto 4 device battery percentages. You can choose between using the block-style widget or the pill-shaped widget.

best material you widgets

Alternatively, you can choose between using a light or dark theme for the widget. The colors for this widget are set according to the wallpaper. You also have the freedom to choose your own colors for the widget. Developed by List Apps, Battery Widget – Android 12 can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Pix Material You Light/Dark Icon Pack

While this is a Material You icon pack, there are a decent number of Material You-designed widgets that you can add to your device’s home screen. There are a total of 5 different clock widgets, 2 Date Tablets, and 3 different search bar widgets to choose from. This widget and icon pack is recommended simply because it works flawlessly on Android 12 as well as 13. The widgets instantly change their colors to whatever wallpaper you have applied.

best material you widgets

Developed by PashaPuma Design, the Pix Material You Light/Dark Icon Pack can be purchased from the Google Play Store for $1.99.

Music Widget Android 12

Most music streaming apps and media players do not have a modern Material You-styled widget. This can be a letdown for a lot of people. Thankfully, the Music Widget Android 12 app lets you easily add different types of music widgets. You can choose from numerous widget styles such as static colors, album art colors, 2 types of Material You designs, as well as Blur and Material You mix designs.

best material you widgets

The static color widgets are free to use while the rest are in-app purchases that you will have to individually purchase. The good part about this widget is that it easily supports almost any and every media and music player. Music Widget Android 12 is developed by List Apps and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.


These are the best Material You widgets that you can install either on your Android 12 or Android 13 device. Now a normal search for the Material You widgets on the Google Play Store will definitely show you a lot of Material You widgets.

However, the problem with some of them is that most of them usually stick with just static colors and will not change their color based on your wallpapers’ accents. Such widgets don’t give you a true Material You widget feel. The widgets that we have shared in this list change colors based on the device’s wallpaper either by making app purchases or for free.

If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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