10 Best Android Launchers to customize your Smartphone [2021]

Android Smartphones are popular as it allows users to try an app. And there are tons of useful Apps available on Play Store and on the web. If you are bored with your device UI and want to get a refreshing design. Then Launchers are the key for designs according to your choice. And there are plenty of Launchers that you can choose from as per your interest. Here we will list the 10 best Android Launchers that you can try on your smartphone’s home screen in 2021.

Along with the outer look of the phone users also prefer an interesting user interface including Home screen, Lock screen, App Icons, Quick Panel, Settings, and more. You can try different themes to change these layouts but not all OEM allows to add themes system-wide. And in that case, you can try different Launchers.

Best Android Launchers 2021

There are many Launchers available that offer different designs. It means you will get plenty of options to choose from. But on the other hand, it will be difficult to find the best Launchers as there are many Launchers available in the store.

So we picked some great Launchers that we are going to share with you. You will find some popular Launchers but you will also be surprised by some new additions. So let’s see the list of best Android Launchers for your Android smartphone.

1. Nova Launcher

Android is popular among smartphone OS and similarly, the Nova Launcher is popular among Launchers apps. You will probably find Nova Launcher in every list of best Launchers for Android. But why is it so popular that most Android users must have used it at least once? It is because of its Advanced features and elegant UI.

Best Launchers for Android

Nova Launcher provides an experience like a stock Android phone. And so if you are using phones that have their own custom skin then Nova Launcher will provide a refreshing look on your phone. The launcher supports almost all Icon Packs and Widgets including third-party widgets. It is the best Android launcher if you like to set up your homescreen for an elegant look. It is available for free and paid for the Premium version.

Download Nova Launcher

2. Niagara Launcher

Best Launchers for Android

Looking for a unique launcher for your Android phone? Then we found a new Launcher which is my favorite. And I guess you will also like this launcher if you don’t like to frequently change your homescreen setup. Its default screen is better than any other Android Launchers.

It is better than Nova Launcher if you are looking for a smooth and clean experience on your device. The only setback of this launcher is the support for modules is not wide as Nova Launcher. The animation on this Launcher feels smooth, clean, and unique. You can choose Apps that you want to keep on the home screen and with the Notification module, it looks just great and fits the second place in our list of best Android launchers 2021.

Download Niagara Launcher

3. Lawnchair Launcher

If you are a fan of Pixel themes or Pixel UI and want the same feel on your device. Then Lawnchair Launcher is the best app for Android phones. It is a highly customizable pixel-based launcher that provides a wide range of options.

Best Launchers for Android

The Launcher gained popularity in time as it was the first to provide all the customization options along with a clean stock look. It supports Adaptive icons, Drawer categories, Notification dots, and more. You can directly get support for any issues from telegram, Twitter, or Reddit.

Download Lawnchair Launcher

4. Microsoft Launcher

Best Android Launchers

Microsoft Launcher is one of the best Android Launchers you can use in your daily life. It provides a clean and smooth experience. The Launcher is somewhat similar to other Pixel launchers. If you have a Windows PC then you can log in with your Microsoft account to get the most out of the Microsoft Launcher.

The Launcher has an option to select Bing powered wallpapers that will change wallpapers periodically. It also comes with Your Feed tab that allows you to check recently used apps and other important data. You can also use this launcher in landscape mode that gives the feel of a computer. The Launcher is available for free on Play Store.

Download Microsoft Launcher

5. AIO Launcher

If you are looking for a unique launcher then AIO launcher is the best Android Launcher that you can use to customize your smartphone’s home screen. It is an icon free Android Launcher. The Launcher has only one page and you can find everything on that page. You don’t need to open the App drawer for accessing any app on the device.

Best Android Launchers

By default, all unnecessary options will be hidden. And this makes the screen cleaner. To access any hidden data you can tap on it to expand the data such as clicking on dialer will open the Dialer for calling. It has all the necessary features like feeds, Control Panel, Mail, Settings, and more. You can get this Android launcher from Play Store.

Download AIO Launcher

6. Galaxy S20 Launcher

Best Android Launchers

Samsung Galaxy devices come with One UI which is a custom OS. And it comes with an amazing Home Screen and Quick Panel. To get a similar UI on your Android phone, you can try Galaxy S20 Launcher which is one of the best Launchers for Android. The Launcher is from the Galaxy S20 device but you can customize it like other Galaxy devices.

In this launcher, you can easily access Quick Panel and settings similar to Galaxy Phones with just one swipe. To customize the launcher you can directly apply different wallpapers and themes. You need to long tap on the home screen to access advanced options. The only problem in the Launcher is Ads, but you can also subscribe for the No Ads feature.

Download Galaxy S20 Launcher

7. iOS 14 Launcher

The next pick in the list of best Android Launchers 2021 is the iOS 14 Launcher. Most users don’t like UI on iPhones or iPads and that’s why they choose Android over iOS. But now that Apple has added many missing features on iOS 14 such as widgets, App drawer, so you will be impressed with its new UI. And you can get the same iOS 14 home screen layout on your Android phone with iOS 14 Launcher.

Best Android Launchers

It is one of the best android launchers to try in 2021. And if I talk about features then it has a Feed section, custom Widget, Jiggle mode, and more. Controls on iOS 14 Launcher are also similar to iPhones. You can also enable Control Center and Assistive Touch in the iOS 14 Launcher, but you need to manually install it. The Launcher is available for free on the Playstore.

Download iOS 14 Launcher

8. Smart Launcher 5

Best Android Launchers

While searching I found an interesting Launcher called Smart Launcher 5. It has an attractive and elegant design that gives an amazing look at the home screen. It has all the features that we require for daily usage. It is an amazing Android Launcher and deserves its place in our top 10 list.

The best feature on the Smart Launcher 5 is the Feed section where you can check the latest news from different categories. It has a separate page for the widget section where you can add any available widget for easy access to data. Smart Launcher 5 has the best App Drawer and easy to use with one hand.

Download Smart Launcher 5

9. Poco Launcher

The first Poco phone was released with MIUI but it has an app drawer. And users started to like it, so Xiaomi also published on the App Store so that anyone can use it on their Android phones. And later Poco Launcher received many useful features.

Best Launchers for Android

The Poco Launcher has a great App Drawer in which you can find Apps in different categories for easy access. It has one more feature that may impress you, it is the Hide Apps feature. If your phone doesn’t have a Hide App feature then you can use Poco launcher for both refresh home screen and hidden App feature. It is available on the Play Store for free.

Download Poco Launcher

10. U Launcher

Best Launchers for Android

There are many versions of U Launchers available in the Play Store such as U Launcher Lite, U Launcher 3D, and U Launcher Pro. All these Android Launchers have something unique like an Ad-free, Lite version, and more. It packs with a lot of new features such as different transition animation, Hide Apps, Local card, and more.

Like other Android Launchers in this list, the U Launcher also comes with a lot of home screen customization. If you like 3D icons and wallpapers then you can also try the U Launcher. Common features include Widgets for weather, calendar, Music, and more. You can try the U Launcher on your Android phone from the Play Store.

Download U Launcher

There are more Launchers available for Android phones that you can give a try on your phone. Also, there will be new Launcher entries in the upcoming days.

Some Launchers also install wallpapers and icon packs, so make sure to uninstall it if you want. Launchers are the best options to customize the device and alternatives for Themes.

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If you like to customize your Android phones, then I hope you like our list of best Android Launchers 2021. And for more guides and articles on Android phone customization then stay connected to YTECHB. If you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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