Best Android Launchers: Revamp Your Home Screen with These Launchers

We tested 15 launchers on our Android phone! Check out the list of best Android Launchers of 2023!

Android Launchers are a great way to change the look and feel of your device. There are plenty of Android launchers out there that have numerous customization options. Whether you want something that is simple and plain or something that is fancy and has all the frills.

The best part about having a third-party Android launcher is that you can change the look and feel easily without having to perform any complicated steps such as installing a custom ROM or even rooting your device. Today, we will be taking a look at the best Android launchers you can install on your Android device.

Which is the best Android launcher?

There are so many Android launchers, and each launcher is good in its own way. The best way to find out what launcher is actually the best, you will have to install and try them to see what suits you perfectly. To shorten the list, we have picked launchers that are popular, don’t have bugs, come with all necessary features, and look great.

Best Android Launchers to Install on your Device

When it comes to the Android operating system, users always have a ton of options to choose from. The same can be said about Android launchers. There are so many launchers out there, that it can sometimes be difficult to pick the right one. With our list of the best Android launchers of 2024, you will be able to easily decide which ones are perfect for you and your device.

Let’s get started.

Hyperion Launcher

The Hyperion Launcher is a smooth and feature-rich launcher for Android devices. Hyperion Launcher has a good number of customization options including the ability to change the theme colors as well as switch between light and dark modes. The main home screen incorporates the same style that is found on Google’s Pixel devices.

best android launchers

When it comes to the features, Hyperion Launcher also allows you to lock different apps on your device requiring that you need fingerprint access to open or use an app. This reduces the need for you to install a separate app locker. And, if you are running a device that’s on Android 12 or higher, you will be able to make use of the new theming options that will automatically adjust the colors of the icons and any widgets matching with the device’s wallpaper.

Download: Hyperion Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Niagra Launcher is another unique launcher that takes a different approach to display the installed apps on your home screen. The launcher ensures that you only focus on what matters the most to you. The launcher displays apps in a list that requires sliding around  With the Niagara launcher, you will be able to navigate through it with one hand, especially on taller Android devices.

best android launchers

One other reason to be installing the Niagara launcher is the fact that the launcher has no ads whatsoever. You have the freedom to customize the launcher as you like. And yes, it’s got the dark mode theme for those who like everything dark. The launcher lets you view all incoming notifications at a glance. The Niagara launcher is one of the best Android launchers that you need to install.

Download: Niagara Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher

If you didn’t know, Microsoft also has its app launcher, and I dare say it’s a pretty good one in the list of best Android launchers. Now, this is a great launcher that is focused more on the productivity side of things. The launcher lets you sign in with your Microsoft Account and its syncs the calendars and notes that you might have made on your Windows PC provided you signed in with the same account. It also lets you customize your feed and lets you only see news based on topics that you choose.

best android launchers

The launcher lets you enable the dark mode theme and also customize the app icons in the launcher. Speaking of wallpapers, Microsoft Launcher has a good number of wallpapers that you can set for your home screen. This eliminates the need for any additional wallpaper app. Best of all, the launcher works perfectly fine when your device is being used in landscape mode.

Download: Micorosft Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers to have ever existed It’s simply because it’s one of the most installed Android launchers out there. Nova Launcher is feature rich launcher that lets you customize every single element. From the icon packs to fonts to theme colors and even your app drawer styles, Nova Launcher has it all. You can also make use of different app notification icons with Sesame.

best android launchers

Nova Launcher lets you add up many home screens and even allows you to adjust and overlap widgets right away. The launcher also lets you add and enable the Google Discover feed when you want to read the news or simply glance at what’s trending. The launcher also has the option to enable dark mode for a lot of elements. You can get rid of the ads and unlock more features with the help of Nova Prime. Nova Prime is a one-time purchase that will work as long as you have the Nova Launcher installed.

Download: Nova Launcher

Poco Launcher 2

Poco is a sub-brand of the popular smartphone brand Xiaomi. These Poco devices come with their very own Android launcher called Poco Launcher. The Poco Launcher is different from the MIUI launcher that comes on a lot of Xiaomi devices. With the Poco Launcher, you have a large variety of customization options. The launcher itself has a minimalistic look and feel which is important as over-cluttered settings and home screen designs are not everyone’s cup of tea.

best android launchers

When it comes to customization, the Poco launcher or the newer version Poco Launcher 2 lets you resize your home screen layout and app icons. The launcher comes with several customization options such as wallpapers, animations, and themes. This helps to truly make the launcher customizable to your liking. The launcher also has a search option that lets you easily search for apps and anything else on your device.

Download: Poco Launcher 2

Lawnchair 2

Another cool launcher for Android users is the Lawnchair 2 launcher. Now, the launcher might not look like it’s anything special. This is a launcher that replicates the Pixel launcher that you’ve seen on several devices that come with the stock Android ROM. The launcher supports adaptive app icons, a customizable home screen, a drawer, and a dock. The launcher works perfectly with the recent view of your Android device.

best android launchers

Lawnchair also supports Dark Mode themes and lets you enable notification dots on the app icons. Just like the Poco launcher and a lot of other Android launchers out there, the Lawnchair 2 launcher has good integration with Google Discover. However, you will have to keep in mind that the launcher may not work the best on the latest versions of Android. If you are looking for a Pixel Launcher alternative, then must give a try to the Lawnchair 2, it is one of the best Android Launchers.

Download: Lawnchair 2

Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher is another launcher that has gained a lot of popularity with Android users for years. Over the years the developer of the Smart Launcher have been releasing different versions of the launcher. With Smart Launcher 6, things have improved by miles. First off, the launcher now automatically sots your apps based on the type of apps installed.

best android launchers

Smart Launcher 6 has a number of widgets and quick function options on the home screen itself. You can get to see the weather and time, and boost the device by clearing up the RAM all with a single tap. If you want, you can also enable Smart Launcher 6 to automatically change the wallpaper for your home screen on a daily basis. In terms of customization options, Smart Launcher 6 lets you change the themes and fonts of the launcher so that you can personalize it to your liking.

Download Smart Launcher 6

Olauncher: Minimal Launcher

Olauncher is a great choice for those who like everything minimalist. Provided you have installed a minimalistic designed icon pack, the launcher will be the perfect setup for your Android device. The launcher has no ads which ensures you have a clean experience. The best part about this launcher is your home screen will not have a single app icon whatsoever. All of the app icons will be present in a simple list with just the name of the app present.

best android launchers

Apart from being minimalistic, the app is also open-source, meaning you don’t have to worry about any of your info or data being sent or stolen by anyone else. There’s a search bar that lets you search for anything on your device. In terms of customization, the app will bring in new wallpapers daily. Olauncher lets you add a date-only widget to your screen to keep things minimalistic.

Download: Olauncher: Minimal Launcher

AIO Launcher

As you can guess from the launcher’s name, the All In One launcher is for those who want everything accessible on the home screen without having to swipe or tap on extra menus to access anything.  All of the important stuff is present on the home screen. From storage and battery details to your installed apps as well as your notifications and your phone dialer.

best android launchers

You can also add anything else that you want to be displayed on your home screen right away. The AIO launcher also has several themes that you can install to change the look of how different elements are displayed on the home screen. You can choose between having a light theme or a dark theme for all of these widgets.

Download: AIO Launcher

Action Launcher – Pixel Edition

This is a great Pixel launcher alternative for those devices that don’t come with the stock Android launcher. The Action launcher functions just like the Pixel launcher that you see on many Google Pixel devices. Since it’s based on the Pixel Launcher, you can expect it to have all the latest features such as the wallpaper theming option. The launcher set the color of itself and the widgets and app icons to the color of your home screen’s wallpaper.

best android launchers

The action Launcher’s search box lets you search for apps and files on your Android device. You can easily add multiple widgets as well as stack them on each other when the Action Launcher is the main launcher. There are a lot of swipes and gestures that can be customized to open an app or perform a particular function.

Download: Action Launcher

Before Launcher | Go Minimal

Another minimal-styled launcher for the minimalists out there. These types of launchers are perfect for those who want fewer or no distractions on their Android device. The launcher has no app icons. It just has app labels for you to scroll through and tap on. You can choose to easily personalize the feel of the Before Launcher. Setting up the launcher is so easy, that even someone who has never installed a launcher on their Android device can easily do so.

best android launchers

The launcher now also lets you make use of gestures as well as adjust app-specific notification sounds and haptic feedback. The search option on the Before Launcher is quite fast and easily lets you search for files and apps on your Android device. You can also make use of the launcher when your device is in the landscape orientation. Before Launcher also has the option to customize and create your themes. Before is undoubtedly one of the best Android launchers on the list.

Download: Before Launcher

APUS Launcher: Theme Wallpaper

APUS is another popular launcher that has had a good number of users since its early years. The launcher has a lot of themes from various categories you can choose from. There are a lot of features you can make use of. The ability to lock and hide your apps by just using the launcher is pretty good. There’s also a search bar that lets you search for everything on your Android device.

best android launchers

APUS Launcher lets you choose from a variety of free wallpapers as well as the option to add your image as the wallpaper with ease. The launcher has a dedicated news feed that provides information about the weather, traffic, trending topics, and news based on your location. This is a great launcher for those who prioritize customization over anything else on their Android devices.

Download: APUS Launcher: Theme Wallpaper

Ratio: Productivity Homescreen Launcher

The next launcher in the list of best Android launchers is Ratio: Productivity Homescreen Launcher. Ratio 6, helps you maintain your digital wellbeing with a minimal home screen setup. Apart from that, the launcher has a bunch of useful features as well as dedicated widgets and a conversation section. For home screen, you can create different sections as per your requirement and add apps to these sections.

best android launchers

Ratio allows you to set a timer for any app as usage goals, it also has all the essentials which are available on other launchers, such as an option to choose between light and dark mode, a couple of built-in wallpapers, the ability to hide apps, as well as the option to change icon pack. And the best thing is, Ratio 6 is freely available on the Play Store.

Download: Ratio 6 Launcher

Lynx Launcher

At first glance, Lynx Launcher might seem like a bland boring launcher. However, upon installing and using it, you realize that it’s not any basic launcher. Lynx Launcher is fast and super responsive. The launcher moves your app drawer button to the right side of the screen. The app drawer is also neatly arranged in alphabetical order. You can choose to either swipe through the list of apps or you can simply tap on the letter at the right of the screen.

best android launchers

The home screen of Lynx Launcher has a search bar that lets you search your installed apps as well as the ability to search for anything on the internet via Google. The launcher is a great choice for those who have low-spec devices or are running devices that are 4 years and older.

Download: Lynx Launcher

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is designed for those who love the older versions of Android such as Marshmallow, Nougat, Lollipop, Kitkat, and Gingerbread. Now, with ADW Launcher 2, you can customize various elements such as the app dock, the app drawer, and the primary accent colors as well as the app labels and icon sizes. You can also choose to install third-party icon packs to give your home screen a more unique feel.

best android launchers

ADW Launcher 2 is quite responsive and has nice animations that can be changed anytime you want. The app drawer displays all the apps that require you to vertically swipe through. In case widgets are important to you, you can install widgets that come with the launcher itself or make use of the additional widgets pack from the Google Play Store. Again, this is a launcher that is perfect for slow or older Android devices.

Download: ADW Launcher 2

So, these are some of the best Android Launchers available on the Play Store, if you want to revamp your Android smartphone’s home screen, then you can give a try to any of these launchers. If you still have any queries, then check out the QNAs for more information.


Q. How did we come up with this list of the best Android launchers?

The launchers in this list have been added based on their popularity and also the features that make them stand out from the sea of launchers available on the Google Play Store.

Q. Are Android launchers safe to install?

Yes! Android launchers are safe to install. In fact, there are no restrictions as to what launcher you want to install. Install any launcher that you like provided you have either downloaded it from the Google Play Store or from the APK Mirror repository. These are the two safe places where you can not only download your Android launchers but also almost any Android app.

Q. Does installing an Android launcher void warranty?

Not at all! You can install Android launchers on our Android device just as you would install any app on your Android device from the Google Play Store. Just make sure that you are downloading the app from trusted sources such as the Play Store, APK Mirror repository, or the official website itself.


These are the best Android launchers that you can easily install on your Android device for free. Now, there are different types of launchers available, so you have the freedom to choose what suits you.

If you have questions, queries, or even launcher suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, let us know which launcher from this list of best Android launchers is your favorite.

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