15 Best Steam Skins to customize your Steam Client (with Install Guide)

Steam is a popular library for games and other software. Not only because it has a large collection of games that you can choose from free or paid. But also, the fact that Steam has other features as well that are beneficial to everyone such as various Steam skins, and even the ability to add friends and chat. If you like changing the visuals of any page you will love Steam Skins. Here you will know some best Steam Skins for a new Steam theme look.

When you open up the Steam client on PC, you’ll notice that it’s got just blue everywhere which for some might be an eyesore. Unfortunately, there is no way to change how the client looks in the settings menu of Steam except by using skins. Now the problem here is that you won’t find skins right within Steam. Rather you’d have to download Steam skins from elsewhere such as the Steam Skins website, and Steam Customizer.

Steam Skins has a few collections of Steam themes whereas the Steam Customizer has tons of skins that have been designed by the community and also lets you create your own skin with the help of its skin editor.

Best Steam Skins

If you are using Steam for a long time now without changing the theme or skin, try some different looks with the best Steam skins. You can check out some of the best Steam Skins from the list below.

In case you are not aware of the installation process, we will add the guide at the bottom. So, make sure to also check the guide to install Skins on Steam.

1. Metro Skin for Steam

The Metro Skin for Steam is one of the most used Steam skins. Opening up YouTube and searching for steam skins will show you tutorial videos of how to install skins using the metro Skin only. There are many reasons why Metro Steam skin is popular. The theme adds a nice dark background with purple accents which makes the client look really nice. It looks pleasing to the eyes and has a nice clean look overall. Especially the downloads page, which looks a million times better than Steam’s original download page. Also, this skin can be personalized to your taste.

Created by: Boneyard Brew

2. Invert Skin for Steam

If you’ve ever wondered how the steam client would look like if you ever invert its colors, then, this theme perfectly replicates it. Even though the Steam theme inverts Steam’s stock interface colors, it looks pretty nice. The white background gives off a winter vibe with ice all over the client. It doesn’t change anything else, just the colors. It does have a bit of imperfection like around the Black text, but hey it’s at least better than the stock-themed client.

Created by: Ultimate Luki / 2SeeKU

3. Minimal Red

Now, when you look at Steam, the client has the blue color theme going all around. If you don’t like the blue color theme, you can simply install this clean and minimalistic red theme to make your Steam client look a bit better.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: kaleidonkep99

4. Air Skin for Steam

This Steam skin is for those who like to have a brightly colored Steam client. It’s got sky blue for the menus and white background. While the main store page might be a bit too much for anyone, the other pages such as the game’s steam page look quite refreshing. It’s pleasant to look at with more of a nice gray and accents in sky blue. Though some of the pages will bring in the Steam blue colors in the background. It is one of the best Steam skins that you can try to change your Steam client appearance.

Created by: Elundris

5. Life Is Strange – Simple Sunset Steam Skin

Episodic video games like Life Is Strange are interesting to play. Now, if you are a fan of the Life IS Strange franchise, you might want to install this Steam skin. As you can see in the skin’s title, the skin has a sunset theme going around in the client. You have the top part of the client in a bright yellow color that isn’t harsh and the color changes into dark orange towards the middle and bottom parts of the client. The client has the dark yellow and orange theme repeating around different elements of Steam.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: kemando

6. Warframe – The Perrin Sequence

Fans of the popular third-person shooter game, Warframe will love this theme. The theme brings in an ink-blue color scheme to a lot of the elements, including the top bar of the client. All of the elements including the Steam friend list and message boxes will have the blue colored font. The theme is gentle on the eyes.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: thecaramelsquid

7. Pressure Skin

The Pressure Skin is a great Steam skin for those who want to experience a newer and better Steam UI. There are a lot of changes such as the appearance of the dialog boxes, and a new styling for achievements, The colors and styling make it a very modern-looking Steam skin, especially for those who are using a Windows 100 or Windows 11 PC.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: Dirt Diglett

8. Synergy Skin

Feeling a bit blue? The Synergy Skin for Steam is your go-to skin. The skin looks as if blue ink has been spilled all over. It indeed is a pretty color. There will be a few changes to the type of fonts used by default in the Steam client. You can also see the scratched marble texture at the header of the Steam client.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: Shalva

9. FACEIT Skin

The FACEIT Skin for Steam is a modified version of the popular PixelVision skin. The FACEIT Skin sticks with the dark black theme. This is great for those who like to have a carbon fiber feeling for anything and everything they own. There are very subtle changes when compared to the PixelVision Steam skin.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: f1rest

10. Plexed Skin

The Plexed Skin for the Windows Stream client is perfect for those who want something that is modern and at the same time doesn’t have too many things going on. The Plexed Skin has a nice silver color going around at the top part of the Steam client. In terms of color, it sticks with a darker shade of blue. You will also see a few changes to the Steam Chat UI.

Best Steam Skins

Created by: Fusionfan45

11. Old Flat Green Skin for Steam

If you’ve always loved how the colors for the Title bars in Windows 95 and 98 looked, then you should give this Steam skin a try. The background has a kind of light gray tone alongside an army green or olive accent. To be fair, this Steam theme is quite pleasing to look at, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a better-looking Steam client that rids of the stock blue colors. The color schemes are gentle on the eyes and the texts stand out pretty well.

Created by: mid272

12. Naruto Ultimate Bijuu Skin for Steam

Fans of Naruto can enjoy this Naruto-themed Steam skin. It’s got yellow screaming all over the client. The client’s header also has a steam logo and that’s also yellow. From the background to the foreground to the text, everything screams yellow, different shades of yellow that is. It may bring in legibility issues for a few people, but then for Naruto fans, it should sit quite firm and there wouldn’t be complaints of any sort. The library page that shows what games are in your account has the image of Naruto in the background instead of the game’s images.

Created by: mid272

13. PixelVision 2 Skin for Steam

If you’ve ever wanted to give little shades or tints to the Steam client, this Steam Skin is perfect. It doesn’t change everything, just the important stuff. The background is black with the dark blue set as the accent. The text and other menu buttons are white in color, just like how you would see them on the client’s default interface. The buttons pop out really well, much better than how Steam actually has it on the default interface. The header has a nice carbon fiber feel to it which all the while makes the client look pleasing to the eyes. It is one of the best Steam skins to try.

Created by: Pulseh / Black4Blade

14. Minimal Steam UI Skin

This is another one of the clean-looking skins for the Steam client. The Steam skin goes with a regular black and white theme which feels nice enough apart from a few issues with the text. You can also make changes to the text by changing it to either red, blue, or green. The accent is a really light yellow, which definitely looks good enough with the black and whites. If you love everything to be minimalistic, this is the skin for your Steam client.

Created by: Ph0xy

15. Compact Skin for Steam

Here is another minimalist skin for Steam if the previous one didn’t suit your taste. It keeps everything off the default skin but gets rid of the blue background and turns it into black which does feel much better to look at honestly. While the other Steam skins on the list might have extra layers and elements, this skin is quite light and even if you’ve got a low-end PC, it will be able to load well without hiccups and random CPU spikes or anything that makes the PC unusable.

Created by: seq

How to Make Your Own Steam Skin

If you do not like the Steam skins that have been made by a lot of people online, you can always use the option to create your own. There’s even a perfect website that you can use to create your own Steam skins. Aptly named Steam Customizer, this is a website that lets you create your skin with the colors and backgrounds of your choice,

You have the ability to change different elements Once you have finalized the design of your skin, you can simply download the skin to your system and install it on Steam. Alternatively, you can also download the Skin Creator tool to your PC and design skins as per your wish. This is a great way to customize your skin especially when there are a lot of skins out there that might have not been updated for a long time.

How to Install Steam Skins

Now that you have the list of best Steam skins, pick your favorite steam theme and enjoy the new UI. But some of you may not know how to use these Steam skins. So, this is where this guide helps. Below you will know how to install Steam skins.

As mentioned above, you can use Steam Skins and Steam Customizer to download various Steam skins, if you want to try a Steam theme that is not on the list. To install a skin on Steam, download your favorite Steam skin, and extract the folder.

  • Copy the skin files (extracted folder) to the Steam directory. That would be:

C/Program Files(x86)->Steam ->Skins (It can be different if you selected a different location while installing the Steam). Create a new folder if it’s missing.

  • Once you’ve done that, open up the Steam Client, Head over to Settings and Click on Interface and select the skin from the drop-down menu.
  • Once you’ve selected the theme, simply restart Steam and the client will launch with the newly installed skin.

And that’s all, it is that easy.

Skins for Steam Client

  • Metro Skin for Steam
  • Invert Skin for Steam
  • Minimal Red
  • Air Skin for Steam
  • Life Is Strange – Simple Sunset Steam Skin
  • Warframe – The Perrin Sequence
  • Pressure Skin
  • Synergy Skin
  • FACEIT Skin
  • Plexed Skin
  • Old Flat Green Skin for Steam
  • Naruto Ultimate Bijuu Skin for Steam
  • PixelVision 2 Skin for Steam
  • Minimal Steam UI Skin
  • Compact Skin for Steam


There aren’t many Steam themes available now apart from a handful of them. While many of them are no longer updated to be compatible with the latest version of the Steam client. There are hopes that Steam will someday let users customize the client without having to install Steam themes and such and probably bring in a design overhaul so that looks much better. Till then you can use the Steam skins from our list.

So that’s all on the list of best steam skins. Do let us know your favorite skin and also if we miss out on any skins that need to be on the list.

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