Download YouTube Music Vanced App for Android [Latest Version]

YouTube Music app is an online music streaming service. And its modded version is known as YouTube Music Vanced. If you use YouTube Vanced application, then it doesn’t require any introduction because the Music vanced app also works on the same concept. The latest YouTube Music vanced is now available for Android users with many new features. You can now download YouTube Music Vanced app.

The latest YouTube music vanced app comes with new features like ad blocking and background music playback without pausing the track. And also, there are bug fixes in the latest apk. The Youtube music vanced is from the same team which developed the popular Youtube vanced app.

Below you can check the changelog for the latest YouTube Music Vanced v4.18.50.

YouTube Music Vanced 4.18.50 Changelog

  • Increased based to 4.18.50
  • Fixed login bug

To use any Youtube vanced application, users also need Vanced Manager and MicroG. The latest versions for both applications are v2.5.1 and v0.2.18.210390 respectively. And below you can find changelogs for the latest apks.

Vanced Manager v2.5.1 Changelog

  • Rewrite root split installer
  • Fixed MIUI warning not appearing on some MIUI devices
  • Fixed flickering on the welcome screen
  • Removed gradient outline from sponsor buttons
  • Improved performance, as usual

MicroG v0.2.18.210390 Changelog

  • Added icon hider (on by default, doesn’t hide for every ROM, on Huawei it’s forced visible to allow for battery optimisations)
  • Bumped version

Download YouTube Music Vanced

If you want to enjoy the music app with new features like ad blocking and background playback, then you can download the latest Music Vanced app. But installing the YT Music Vanced apk directly will not work. And so you need to download the app using Vanced Manager which we will discuss in the installation instruction.

How to Install YouTube Music Vanced

If you use Youtube Vanced, then you must be aware that it requires an official Vanced Manager. And also, for YT Music Vanced you need to use Vanced Manager. Well, it makes all the processes easy including installing future updates. With the mentioned steps, you can also install Youtube Vanced along with Vanced Music app. So, let’s check the steps to install Youtube Music vanced with Vanced Manager.

  1. First, download the Vanced Manager apk and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the Vanced Manager and select which vanced app you want, YouTube Vanced, YouTube Music Vanced, or both. And then click Next.
  3. Now the app will ask for root permission if you have rooted your phone, if not click on Nonroot.
  4. You need to first install the MicroG before installing a vanced application, so click on Install next to MicroG.
    Youtube Music Vanced app
  5. The Vanced Manager will download the apk for you and it will ask you to allow installation from Vanced Manager. So, grant permission from Settings.
  6. Then install the MicroG application on your phone with the downloaded microg apk.
  7. Now after installing the microg, click on Install next to YouTube Music.
    Youtube Music Vanced app
  8. You will get a prompt that you need to first install YouTube Music Vanced v4.07.51 before installing v4.11 or newer. So, click on OK to continue.
    Youtube Music Vanced app
  9. After installing the Vanced Music app, open it and sign in with your ID (use secondary id).
  10. Now open the Vanced Manager again and update the YT Music Vanced. It will download the latest version and install the same.
  11. That’s it, now you can use the latest Youtube Music vanced on your phone without any issue.

In the latest version, the best change is the music will not pause if you minimize the application or switch to another application.

Youtube Music Vanced app

For Huawei and Honor phones with no access to Play Services, there will be a Huawei button when you are trying to sign in to the YT Music Vanced app. Just follow the instructions in the app, and you can sign in on Huawei or Honor phones.

If you try the latest YT Music Vanced on your phone, let us know the best feature you like in the app. And in case of any queries regarding its installation, let us know in the comment section. We will try to help you with installing the app.

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