How To Fix Steam Friends Network Unreachable [2021]

The Steam Friends Network is one of the best features on Steam. However, there have been many reports from various players talking about how the particular network doesn’t seem to work, even if you’ve got good internet and face no issues. Let’s take a look at how to fix steam friends network unreachable error.

If you enjoy playing games, be it free or paid, you’ve surely come across Steam. Steam is a games store that lets you browse through its huge library of free and paid games to play. You’ll find games, software, and even community forums where fellow gamers talk and discuss a particular game or anything else about it even if it’s playability on certain PC configurations. Though the real reason why people use Steam is because of the sales that take place during certain months, every year. 

Plus, it’s got features that other game stores don’t have like being able to rate and comment about a game, see how long you’ve played the game, achievements if may has been locked, and also the possibility of broadcasting your gameplay to your friends. But, most important of all is being able to add and text with your friends. Found a really cool player in a game and want to keep playing with them during later gaming sessions? Add them. Want to know when they might play a game with you? Text them. Even want to know what game they are currently playing via Steam? It even shows you that.

Now let’s take a look at the ways by which you can solve issue of steam friends network unreachable.

1. Logging out and restarting Steam and PC

The first thing you’ll have to do is logout from Steam.

  • Open Steam and select the drop-down arrow next to your name.
  • In the menu, select Log out of account.
  • Now that you’ve logged out of your account, you’ll have to restart your PC.
  • Click on the start button from the taskbar, select the power icon and click on restart.
  • Once your PC restarts, log in to Steam and check the friends’ network. It should be working fine.

2. Ensures Steam isn’t blocked by your antivirus software

Sometimes antivirus might blacklist a few software because they think it might cause harm and you might potentially be downloading a virus alongside the game. Some antivirus software such as Microsoft’s Windows Defender recognized software such as Steam. If your antivirus has blacklisted Steam, make sure to whitelist it. Doing so will help in the proper functioning of Steam and the Steam Friends Network.

3. Checking your Internet Connections

This is obviously super basic and is a must-have on your checklist for anything that requires the Internet.  You can either enable airplane mode in your system and then disable it or you could even then your modem and router off, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it back on. This should help solve a few issues with your internet if any. If you’ve got a data-capped internet plan it could also be possible that your internet speed has been throttled and thus the Steam Friends Network is unable to function at all.

4. Opting out of the Beta Program

Well, like most programs, apps, and software, you have the option of joining a beta program that gives you early access to various new features and is basically a testing phase for the developers to see how things perform before finalizing and releasing it to the public. Here’s you can opt of the Beta program in Steam

  • Open the Steam client and select the Steam button that’s to the upper left.
  • Here, select Settings.
  • Now, under the Account menu, select Change under the Participation Heading.
  • Select the drop-down menu and select None.
  • Now that you’ve opted out of the Beta program, you won’t be receiving daily updates and experimental features.
  • Now check out the Friends Network to see if it’s working.

5. Clearing Steam Cache

Cache files or temporary files are created by the program which is then saved onto your system. Sometimes if these files might have an issue which might then cause some malfunctions or errors with the particular program. The best way is to delete such cache files and let’s see how to delete cache files from Steam.

  • Open up Steam and click on Settings.
  • Once inside Settings, select the Web Browser option.
  • Now, click on Delete Web Browser Cache
  • Also, click on Delete All Web Browser Cookies.

6. Change Steam Properties

This is one of the best methods to use in case you’ve got the Steam Friends’ Network not working.

  • Right-click on the Steam shortcut that’s on the desktop and select Properties.
  • Now in the Properties Window, look at the Target file path and type in – nofriendsul.
  • Simply click on Apply and then on the OK button. 
  • This should fix the friends’ network issue.
  • If at all it doesn’t work, you can always add -nofriendsul-Neuchatel
  • And that’s how you’ll be able to fix the Steam Friends Network issue.


Well, these are the best ways that you should try in case you’ve got friends network unreachable issue in steam. However, if none of these solutions seem to help you, your best bet is to uninstall Steam, delete all the Steam files, and install them again. This should get rid of the error altogether.

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