10 Best Icon Packs for Android to Redesign Icons [2024]

One of the best features of using an Android-powered smartphone is the vast customization options. Android gives you the freedom to customize almost anything and everything on your device. So, if you want to give your Android smartphone a fresh look, here are some of the best icon packs you need to install.

One thing that you need to note is not all launchers that come with your particular device will have support for third-party icon packs. In this case, it would be advisable to install a simple yet fun third-party launcher if you want to change the icons on your Android smartphone. Some good third-party launchers that you could install for your Android smartphone are Nova Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, and Niagara Launcher just to name a few.

Best Icon Packs For Your Android Smartphone

In this scenario, we will be using the Galaxy S24 Ultra running on One UI 6.1. By default, the stock One UI home app for Samsung devices does not support third-party icon packs. But, this does not mean it’s the end. You can make the One UI home app compatible with various icon packs by using a Good Lock module called Theme Park (Guide after app icon packs).

Note: If you’re using a non-Samsung smartphone and the stock launcher that comes with your smartphone does not support applying third-party icon packs, you can install a Android launcher from the Google Play Store. We have made a list of the best launchers that you can install on your Android smartphone and take advantage of third-party app icons support as well.

1. RedLine Icon Pack: LineX

Now, if you plan to get your phone’s home screen with a certain type of color scheme, it is likely that you would look for wallpapers as well as icon packs that are perfect hand in hand. So, if you are someone who likes the color red or prefers a nice red-and-white look for your home screen, the RedLine Icon Pack is for you.

App Icon Packs for Android

This icon pack has support for over 6500 icons, so the chances of this icon pack supporting a lot of your installed apps is very likely. Oh, if you like some more customization options, you can make use of some pleasant red-themed wallpapers to go along with the red icons.

Download:  RedLine Icon Pack- LineX

2. Viral Icon Pack

Do you want to get some old-school or vintage-styled-looking icons for your home screen? The Viral Icon Pack is what you need to install. This is an icon pack that gives you sharp and stylish icons in a pastel palette. Depending on the type of wallpaper you use, you will notice a few glow effects. The icon pack supports 6000+ icons and also has a delightful dynamic calendar icon that changes according to the day of the month.

Best Icon Pack for Android

Along with the large support for icons, the icon pack also comes with 400 wallpapers as well as a bunch of Kustom Widgets that you can use to spice up your home screen. The Viral Icon Pack also supports up to 20 different launchers and will also work with Adapticons for launchers that have no option to change the launcher’s icons.

Download: Viral Icon Pack

3. Pix Material You Light/Dark

Do you like the Material You designed icon packs that were released a few years back? If you do, then this is the icon pack for you. The icon pack turns all of your icons into a Material You design, with options to either have them in light mode or dark mode. The icon pack has support for over 18000 icons and will also adjust to the color based on your device’s wallpaper. To get this icon pack working perfectly, make sure that your device runs Android 12 or newer.

Best Icon Pack for Android

The Pix Material You icon pack also gives you several Android 12-styled Material You widgets, as well as some fun wallpapers that will match your Material You icons. The icon pack works with numerous third-party launchers available on the Google Play Store.

Download: Pix Material You Light/Dark

4. OneYou Themed Icon Pack

If you love the icons that Samsung’s One UI uses for its devices but also want a modern Material YOU design to it, this is the icon pack for you. All the icons from this One You icon pack are based on the One UI 6 skin from Samsung. There are 1000+ icons supported by the OneYou icon pack. If you like to get the Material You-themed icons, then ensure that you install this icon pack on a device running Android 12 or newer.

Best Icon Pack for Android

The app icons will be colored based on the wallpaper that you choose. This is similar to the Pix Material You icon packs that we just spoke about above. This icon pack also comes with wallpapers and a bunch of Android 12-styled widgets that you can use for your home screen.

Download: OneYou Themed Icon Pack

5. Minma Icon Pack

Looking for a minimal and simple yet modern-looking icon pack for your home screen? Check out the Minma Icon Pack. This icon pack features rounded icons with a hint of drop shadow effect which makes the icon feel alive. As of writing, the icon pack has support for 1400+ apps and is increasing regularly with each update. This is the perfect icon pack for those who love the dark theme as these icons come with a nice dark background which will look good on select light or dark wallpapers.

Icon Pack for Android

Minma Icon Pack supports more than 20 launchers and will also work with additional plug-in apps for launchers that do not have support for third-party app icons.

Download: Minma Icon Pack

6. Arcticons – Line Icon pack

If you plan to go for a black-and-white theme for your home screen, I would recommend trying out the Articons Lines Icon pack. This is a free and open-source icon pack that has support for over 8000 app icons. This is the perfect icon pack for those who want a minimalist design.

Icon Pack for Android

The Articons icon pack also has support for many popular third-party launchers. And yes, this icon pack will work on Samsung One UI smartphones when you have the Theme Park module from Good Lock installed.

Download: Articons- LineIcon Pack

7. Linebit Icon Pack

Do you want to dress up your home screen with neon icons? If the answer is yes, you must try the Linebit Icon pack. These vibrant icons will look superb on dark wallpapers and especially good on devices with an OLED or AMOLED high-resolution display. The calendar icons from this pack are dynamic.

Icon Pack for Android

This Linebit icon pack supports more than 4000 app icons and also comes with 22 good-looking wallpapers that sit well with the icon pack. To make your home screen unique, you can make use of the 13 KWGT widgets as well. Of course, you will need to have the KWGT Widget app, as these widgets are not standalone ones. This app icon is updated frequently, with new app icon requests being fulfilled.

Download: Linebit Icon Pack

8. Tigad Pro Icon Pack

If 3D-styled icons are what you like, then I would recommend trying out the Tigad Pro Icon Pack. This is an icon pack that uses 3D icons in a vibrant range of colors. Apart from just getting 3D app icons on your home screen, you can also customize the icon back as well as the icon mask. Tigad Pro has over, 16000 custom icons with new icons being added via app updates.

Best Android App Icon Packs

Along with the lovey vector-designed icons, the Tigad Pro icon pack also comes with 10 wallpapers in 2 different sizes. All of these wallpapers are cloud-based. Tigad Pro also has support for 22 Android launchers.

Download: Tigad Pro Icon Pack

9. Spheroid Icon

Are spheres your thing? If you like spherical icons, install this one right away. This is an icon pack that has support for over, 18000 custom icons including 6 unique dynamic calendar icons. This simple icon pack works well with almost every launcher out there. One of the best reasons to get this particular icon pack is its regular updates. With every update, more icons are being added.

Best Android App Icon Packs

Download: Spherical Icons

10. Desaturate Free Icon Pack

Here is a good free icon pack for those who prefer a particular tone of colors for their icons. The Desaturated icon pack has icons designed in shades of red and orange tones. You can set yourself up with a desaturated color theme thanks to the similarly designed wallpaper that comes with the icon pack itself. The wallpaper count for the icon pack stands around 200.

Best Android App Icon Packs

The Desaturated icon pack has support for over 30 third-party launchers and has over 100+ custom app icons. Of course, you do get a dynamic calendar app icon, which a lot of people prefer. You can also request app icons for a particular app. The Desaturated icon pack also has various icon styles to choose from.

Download: Desaturated Icon Pack

Setting Up Theme Park (For Samsung Smartphones)

To make the best use of the third-party app icons that are available on the Google Play Store, you first need to have the Good Lock installed on your device. To do that, you simply have to open the Galaxy Store app on your smartphone and then search for the Good Lock. The app has a pink-colored icon so you can easily identify the app. Tap on the app to download it to your Galaxy smartphone.

With the Good Lock installed on your Galaxy smartphone, launch the app and then tap on the Make Up tab. You should see the Theme Park module, tap on the download icon to install it to your phone. Now, launch the Theme Park app on your Galaxy smartphone and tap on the icon pack tab at the bottom of the screen. Now, tap on the Create New button. A screen will now appear. Simply tap on the icon pack icon to add an icon pack that has been installed on your Galaxy smartphone.

Once you have adjusted the icon size, shape, and border, you can tap on Done by giving it a name. The icon pack will now be applied to your Galaxy smartphone. That is how you can apply third-party icon packs to your Galaxy smartphone that has the stock One UI home launcher. Now, let’s take a look at the best icon packs you need to install on your Android smartphone to give it a fresh look.

That’s all on the best icon packs to use in 2024 to customize your Android home screen. Whether you use the stock device launcher or a third-party launcher, the icon packs will work just as fine. For Samsung smartphones, make sure to install Theme Park from Good Lock and on other Android smartphone you can use third party launchers. If you have queries or would like to add another icon pack to this list, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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