How to Change App Icons on iPhone [iOS 17]

Customize the iPhone home screen by changing app icons with two easy methods.

Gone are the days when it was impossible to customize an iPhone. However, things changed with the release of widgets in iOS 14. With iOS 14, iPhone users got something for customization, people started sharing new home screen setups over the internet. Some geeks took it further and starts utilizing the Shortcut apps to change the app icons. Yes, you can completely overhaul your iPhone’s home screen by creating some stunning custom icons.

If you want to know how to do it, then you are at the right place, here’s a detailed guide on how to change app icons on iPhone.

iOS 14 was one of the biggest upgrades for the iPhone when talking about home screen customization. Later, Apple introduced iOS 15 with stability in focus instead of new things. In 2022, Apple dropped another major upgrade to the iPhones, Yes, I am talking about the iOS 16, and the trend continues with the iOS 17.

With iOS 16, Apple revamps the iPhone’s lock screen by introducing a number of customization features, including the ability to change clock font, introducing depth effect wallpapers, wallpaper gallery, lock screen widgets, and more. However, there’s nothing new for the home screen, instead of the new search icon replacing the three dots placed above the dock.

So, you can still take advantage of the Shortcuts application to create custom icons for your iPhone’s home screen. This is not the only way to change icons on the iPhone, instead, some third-party theme applications will place the new app icons on your home screen.

So, let’s take a look at the two ways you can use to change app icons on your iPhone.

How to Change App Icons on iPhone using Shortcut Apps

Shortcuts, a stock app available on all iPhones out of the box, allows you to easily change the app icons. However, it will not replace the app icon that came with the app; rather, it will create a shortcut for the app by using a custom icon. So, all you need on your iPhone is the Shortcuts app, if you have removed the Shortcuts app from your iPhone, then you can install it freely from the App Store.

Here are the steps you can follow to create app shortcuts with custom icons on your iPhone. The process of creating each app’s shortcut may take some time, but the end result is a more personalized home screen.

  1. First things first, open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. If the app is not available on your iPhone’s home screen, then search “Shortcuts” in the app library or install it from the App Store.
  2. Tap on the + icon at the top right corner of the Shortcuts app home screen.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  3. On the shortcut setup screen, you see a bunch of options and the Shortcut’s name on the top of the screen, tap on the name then select Rename it.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  4. Now tap on Add Action button.
  5. On the next page, you will see a number of customization options, to create app shortcuts search for Open app, then tap on Open App option.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  6. Select the fainted App box with blue text, placed next to the Open.
  7. Now you’ll see all apps installed on your iPhone, select the app for which you want to create a custom icon shortcut.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  8. Tap on the information icon (an “i” in a circle) available at the bottom center, or if you want to do it later, tap done.
  9. Select Add to Home Screen option.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  10. On the next screen, you have the option to change the name of the Shortcut and customize the app icon.
  11. To customize the app icon, simply tap on the icon under Home Screen Name and Icon. You will have a choice to instantly take a photo for your icon, choose any photo saved on your iPhone, or choose from the Files app. Select the option as per your preference.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  12. If you choose any existing image of an icon from Photos or Files, then you will see a highlighted box on your screen that refers to the icon area, simply zoom in or out as per your preference. Once done, tap Choose at the lower right corner.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  13. If it looks good to you, simply tap Add.
  14. Now you will see the app shortcut on your iPhone’s home screen.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  15. That’s it.

This if one of the easiest ways to add custom app icons on the iPhone.

Now whenever you open the app shortcut on your iPhone, you will see a shortcut banner notification at the top of the screen. Although, it will only be visible to iPhone users owning iPhone’s with a notch and home button. Yes, the notification banner will not pop up on the Dynamic Island iPhones.

How to Remove Shortcuts Banner for Custom Icon Shortcuts

If you own the older model and want to remove the shortcut notification, then you can do it, here are the steps.

how to change app icons on iPhone
  1. Open the Shortcuts app, then tap on the + button at the top right corner.
  2. Search for the Show Notifications shortcut, then select it and tap done.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  3. On the My Shortcuts screen, tap on the three dots option for the shortcut you created with the custom icon.
  4. Then tap on the Search option.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  5. Search for Run Shortcut and add it, then tap on the fainted Shortcut button.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  6. Select Show Notification in the Shortcut. Once done, drag and drop the Run Show Notification Shortcut and place it above the Open app action.
    how to change app icons on iPhone
  7. Tap done.

Once done, you need to disable the notifications for the Shortcuts application inside the Screen Time settings. Shortcuts will only be visible after you run it a few times, so make sure to open the newly created shortcut a few times first. Then, you can navigate to Settings, then select Screen Time > See All Activity, scroll down to the end, then tap Shortcut, if not tappable, select the previous day, then select Shortcuts and Disable Notifications.

how to change app icons on iPhone

Yes, the process is a bit tedious, so, I am linking a video you can watch and easily turn off the notifications banners for Shortcuts.

Now you know how you can manually create custom icons for your iPhone’s home screen, but how can I find some really cool custom app icons for my iPhone? Let’s find out in the next section.

What are the best places to find app icons for the iPhone home screen?

There are many third-party websites sharing icon packs for iPhones, Etsy is one of the most popular sources for custom icons since the release of iOS 14. However, you can also download a set of PNGs from third-party PNG websites like Flaticon or Icons8, and use them to create new icon shortcuts with custom icons.

how to change app icons on iPhone

You can also check our article on the best icon packs for iPhone.

If you are looking for some cool wallpapers, then you can check out our collection of amazing depth effect wallpapers and collection of dynamic island wallpapers.

iOS 16 depth effect wallpapers

How to Change App Icons on iPhone using Third-Party Apps

Nowadays, there are some theming apps available on the App Store with some pre-build themes. Yes, the theme includes a bunch of icons for stock apps and select third-party apps. So, there’s no need to manually create an icon for each application, there are a number of theming apps available on the app store. For this article, I am using the Moloko – themes & icons app.

how to change app icons on iPhone
  1. Download any third-party theme app on your iPhone, I am using Moloko for this tutorial.
  2. Open the app, you will find a bunch of pre-made icon packs.
  3. Select any icon pack that suits your personality, tap on the Get button.
  4. Scroll down a bit, then download icons for System apps and Third-party apps, by tapping the Download button.
  5. It will start downloading a profile on your iPhone, tap on the Allow button.
  6. Now go to Settings and tap on Profile downloaded option.
  7. You will see an Install Profile pop-up screen on your iPhone, simply select Install.
  8. Enter the passcode for confirmation.
  9. That’s it, now you can go back to your iPhone’s home screen to check the new home screen setup.
how to change app icons on iPhone

Why did I pick Moloko for the tutorial? It is a free application with a number of pre-made themes, you can also try alternatives like Home Screen Themes & Launcher by Theme Kit Aesthetic Icon Packs or Themely: Icon Changer + Widgets by Fancy & Aesthetic Themes Kit developer. You can also try paid alternatives if you want.

So, these are some easy ways to change app icons on iPhone, if you still want to know anything about app icon customization on iPhone, then leave a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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