Google Desktop Search Dark Theme appearing with new control Icon

About two months ago Google seen testing the Google Search dark theme on desktop. It changes the background to dark mode or night mode if users accept it in a pop-up. But since Google is currently testing this feature, only a few users got this new feature. And now, Google just added a new simple way to control the Google Search dark theme.

Google Search dark theme new Icon

The new dark theme control spotted in Google Chrome as well as Edge browser. We are not sure if it is the sign for the official release or still in testing. But we will update this article once it is available to more users.

Google is testing the dark theme for desktop search for a while now, but the controls were not available earlier. The new UI contains the icon (light/night) on the top right corner that sits just before the Google apps icon.

Here are some screenshots for the new Google search dark theme layout:

The new layout looks great as it easily lets us switch between light theme and dark theme. But as you know it is only available for a few users. Also, Google will ask users to enable this option with a prompt.

Google Search dark theme new Icon

Dark Theme is now available

Turn it on for a more comfortable reading experience while you search

You need to hit the ‘Turn On’ button (Important) and the new dark theme icon will be there when you search anything on Google. If you choose the No Thanks option, then you may not get the chance to test it out until the official release.

We checked different categories in the Google Search like News, All, Images, Videos, Shopping, Flight, etc. And the dark theme applies only to some categories.

If you also got the chance to try the new Google Search dark theme, let us know your experience. Also, make sure to test different scenarios to effectively test google desktop search dark theme. The feature is available for chromium-based browsers and that’s why you may find it also on the latest Microsoft Edge browser.

This feature is different from the Dark Mode option which you can enable on the whole browser from Chrome://flags. It is best for reading anything and don’t want to turn on dark mode everywhere on the browser. Don’t forget to share you experience.

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