Ashutosh Singh

8 Intriguing One UI 6.1 AI Features to Try on Galaxy Devices

March 28, 2024

Samsung has begin rolling out the One UI 6.1 to its 2023 flagship devices with many AI features.

Here are the top features of One UI 6.1 that you can look forward to try on your phone.

The feature let users search for anything on the page without going away from that page. Just draw circle around the object.

Circle to Search

Just like Pixel 8 series, 2023 and 2024 flagship Galaxy users with One UI 6.1 can generate AI wallpapers with the device.

Generative Wallpapers

The update brings real time call translation. The translation will be done on both side automatically if you opt for it.

Live Translation for Calls

With browsing assist, you can get summary of webpages and also in your language.

Summarize Webpages

With Samsung Keyboard you can make your text better. For example writing a tweet in a specific tone.

Writing Assist

Move, Remove, Resize people or object from photos. You can even generate or fill any missing space in the photo.

Generative Edit

With One UI 6.1, now its possible to change the playback speed of specific part of any video.

Edit Playback Speed

With new AI feature, you can now convert lectures, meetings and other audio files into text. You can even summarize it.

Transcript Assist