10 Best AI-powered Google Chrome Extensions for Better Productivity

What’s the most popular browser in the world? Well, it’s Google Chrome. Google Chrome has been, hands down, one of the most used browsers simply because it works perfectly well with Google services and it natively supports all types of websites and loads them without issues. To make your Google Chrome experience even better, you can make use of extensions.

While extensions are all great, there are a new set of extensions that are gaining popularity very rapidly. We are talking about AI-based extensions for Google Chrome. Yes, the extensions market now has a number of AI extensions that you can easily install on your web browser. So, if you’re someone planning to install these new types of extensions, you’ve come to the right place.

Best AI Extensions for Google Chrome

Now, let’s take a look at the best AI-based Chrome extensions that you can install on your Chrome web browser 

SciSpace CoPilot 

If you have wanted a personal research assistant, then you’ve come to the right palace. SciSpace is an AI research tool built on ChatGPT 3. Let’s assume you are reading through a research document either online or on a downloaded PDF file. Research papers tend to have a lot of pages that contain information and at times, can be difficult if you want to quickly understand the summary or basic idea of the research paper.

best ai google chrome extensions

Using SciSpace Copilot is simple and easy. Once you have added the extension to your Google Chrome browser, open up a page that has your research paper. You simply need to highlight your paragraph. SciSpace Copilot will detect the highlighted text and display a summary of the text right away on the same screen. Having trouble understanding tables and formulas? Highlight it and get your explanation right away. The AI tool can help you break down complex tables and make the data understandable in simple terms.

Get the SciSpace Copilot Extension from here for Google Chrome.


Now, we all use YouTube on a daily basis. There are tons of videos out there for you to choose from and watch. No matter what the topic or genre is, you will find all of it on YouTube. However, there can be times when you see a new YouTube video that has been uploaded by your favorite YouTuber but for some reason, you do not have any time to watch the video because it could probably be a really long one. So what do you do? Well, you would normally go through the comments section under the video or read the video description to find out the info.

best ai google chrome extensions

Now, with the Glasp AI Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT, you can easily get a summary of the video with just a few clicks. With the extension installed and YouTube opened on Google Chrome, on the right side of the video you will be seeing a Transcript and Summary widget.  Clicking on it, you will see the timestamps as well as the summary of what has happened in a particular section of the YouTube video. If you want to see the whole summary of the video, click on the summary icon. It will open up ChatGPT right away and you should be getting the summary of the video right away.

Get the Glasp YouTube Summary AI extension for Google Chrome.

GPT For Sheets and Docs

AI has now begun to make life simple and easy. While there are many tools that can help you research for information, there are a handful of tools that can help you improve your productivity at work. Many of us out here make use of Google Sheets and Google Docs to store and manage data. It’s simply because the service is offered by Google as its free wand can be accessible on any device that has a web browser. Now, there is an AI tool that you can use to manage your information.

best ai google chrome extensions

GPT for Work now is able to clean up lists,  convert docs to different formats, and easily summarize, translate, and classify such information easily. Once you have the extension installed, you need to type in =GPT(Say hi) in Google Sheets. This will invoke the AI to be available for use right away. If you plan to use it with Google Docs, simply type Say hi in your Google Docs to get access to ChatGPT on the same screen itself without having to change tabs.

Install the GPT for Work Extension For Google Chrome.


Are you someone that does a lot of meetings online via Google Meet? Well, you can now make use of an AI extension for your Google Chrome browser. Fireflies.ai is an extension that acts as a personal assistant for your virtual online meetings. Once you have the extension installed and are ready for a meeting via Google Meet, the extension will be activated automatically. This little extension will automatically begin to transcribe the meeting, 

best ai google chrome extensions

Once the meeting is done, you will find all of your transcribed text in a notebook. This is a notebook maintained by Fireflies. Simply access the notebook to see all the text that has been spoken in the meeting. Normally, Fireflies is set to auto-capture every meeting that takes place in Google Meet. You can choose to disable the auto-capture for certain meetings by simply switching the toggle off. Apart from meetings, you can also summarize docs and articles with just a  single click.

Install the Fireflies.ai extension for Google Chrome.

Compose AI

Want to speed up writing your articles and other docs? Well, you have an AI just for that. You see, Compose AI is an AI tool that will help you compose anything and everything you want- that too all for free. You can use Compose.ai to autocomplete your sentences, rephrase your sentences, and create your own personalized writing style. Apart from just managing your text and docs, you can also use Compose.ai to manage your emails. The ai tool can help you easily write up a fresh email and it can also help you with replying back to emails that you have received.

best ai google chrome extensions

The best part about using compose.ai is that it is completely free to use and it works well with major platforms. The advantage of using Compose.ai is that you can easily save time and not have to download any other separate program. All these functionalities work directly within Google Chrome itself.

Save your time by using the Compose.ai extension for Google Chrome.


We previously saw how Firefleis.ai is able to transcribe your Google Meet meetings easily. Now, what if we told you that there is an ai chrome extension that you can use to easily transcribe?  Otter.ai works perfectly with all types of meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. This little extension can transcribe all your meetings and present them in a simple, easy way. Otter.ai is also able to transcribe and note down different details from slides or presentations that are being displayed in your meeting.

best ai google chrome extensions

Another reason why you will like Otter.ai is that once your meeting has been completed, the ai tool will automatically compile all the data it has transcribed and quickly share it with all the members who were present in the meeting. This helps you to quickly share information without having to pick out time to manually do all of this work. You can choose between using the free version of Otter.ai or going for the paid plans every month.

Get the meeting assistant Otter.ai extension for Google Chrome


Having the right grammar, spelling, and sentence formation is an important part when it comes to writing. Whether you are writing up for your blog, your college assignments, or preparing something for a meeting. As humans, we tend to make a few mistakes here and there, and it’s common to see a few mistakes when writing out things. You can now easily get rid of such mistakes by making use of a generative ai tool called Grammarly. Grammarly checks your documents for any mistakes in what you have written.

best ai google chrome extensions

This ai tool works perfectly on a number of platforms out there. Whether you use Gmail. Google Docs, or even social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, Grammarly can help you compose correct sentences. It can also rewrite sentences to make it more simple and more concise. You can also highlight words to find out what it means. There is a free version that you can use. However, if you want all sorts of correction tools, a paid plan will be a suitable choice.

Correct your sentences with the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome.


As you can guess, this is a ChatGPT ai tool that you can use with your Twitter account. Now, this is not just some random AI tool for Twitter that is out there to proofread your tweet. Rather this is an ai tool that can be used to create customized tweets that you publish right away using your Twitter account.

best ai google chrome extensions

You easily create funny, informative, or any type of tweet that you know would work well with your audience and Twitter followers. The TweetGPT ai tool lets you choose the type of tweet you want, your desired language as well as the tone of the tweet. All of this with just a few clicks to post on Twitter seems like a great ai tool available by just using a Chrome extension.

Create fun tweets using the TweetGPT extension for Google Chrome.


With the Merlin ai Chrome extension, you can easily get access to ChatGPT on almost any website out there. Yall you need to do is involve the Merlin box in your web browser, and simply select what you want to do with ChatGPT. You can ask it to explain the article to you, summarize it, or maybe even ask ChtaGPT to do anything that you like. You can consider Merlin as a handy dandy tool for a lot of your work.

best ai google chrome extensions

Merlin can be tasked to compose an email,  generate email ideas, ask it to code, generate blog ideas, create social media posts,  generate video ideas for your YouTube channel, and even go one step ahead to create product descriptions on e-commerce platforms. You can make use of Merlin for free on a limited basis. For regular usage and full access, you will have to subscribe to a payment plan.

Get proactive and productive with the Merlin extension for Google Chrome.

Copyleaks AI

As we’ve stated earlier, AI tools have made life easier and better for a lot of people. However, it can also be seen that a lot of people are simply using AI tools to generate their documents or articles and presenting them as their own. The best way to combat all of this is to make use of an AI tool that will help you to detect whether a piece of information has been written by a human being or if it was written down by an AI tool.

best ai google chrome extensions

Copyleaks can be used to identify content posted on Social Media,  verify news articles,  check out reviews, check if school assignments are genuine and eventually know who has been the actual author of such content. Using Copyleaks is simple. All you have to do is paste the content into Copyleaks and press the check button. In a  few seconds, Copyleaks will display who has written the text. It will display whether it was written by a human,  written by ChatGPT, or if it contains a mixture of AI and human writing.

Check content legitimacy with the Copyleaks AI extension for Google Chrome.

This concludes the list of the best Ai tools that you can easily make use of in your Google Chrome web browser via browser extensions. Now, you might ask, why browser extensions? Well, it makes life simpler to use such tools with just one or two clicks. Plus, you can access these tools faster and most of the tools will work on the same tab itself.

If you have used any of the above tools or plan to use the tools, which pens are your favorite, and which other AI tools do you want to see on this list? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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