Google announces new features coming to Android Auto in 2023

Alongside announcing the new version of the Android operating system and its new lineup of devices for this year, Google has also brought in some changes for Android Auto. Android Auto is available in millions of cars and is used daily by people around the world. With Android Auto, drivers can navigate around easily, adjust their media as well as place and receive calls without having to be distracted by using their smartphones.

Today, we will be taking a look at the new things for Android Auto that have been announced at Google’s I/O 2023 event. Let’s get started.

What’s New Coming to Android Auto

Google is always making sure that drivers can easily access all the essential apps and get the necessary information in the minimum number of taps while driving. Driving requires you to be free from distraction and hands-free at all times. It’s also our responsibility to focus on driving every time we go for a drive. So let’s take a look at what is in store for Android Auto in 2023.

Attend Meetings In Your Car

Yes, you’ve heard that right. You can now attend your office meetings from your car itself, especially with cars that have Android Auto integration. No, we don’t mean that you use your phone to attend the meeting. Google is talking about making use of the popular video conference/meeting apps using your car’s existing head unit.

Google announces new features coming to Android Auto in 2023

Google is working to bring in meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco’s Webex, and also the ever-popular platform Zoom. You can easily attend meetings that have been scheduled for you. You can join your meetings via audio which is more than enough since you are in a car. Again, if you ever do end up using this feature, you must be alert at all times during the meeting. If not, you can always pull over to a safe place and attend your meeting without having to worry about the road.

Enjoy Your Favorite Videos On YouTube In Your Car

If your car has Google built into the head unit, then you will soon be able to access YouTube from your car itself whenever you are waiting in your car. You can now enjoy watching your favorite YouTuber, and Tv shows or watching your favorite music videos on the go on your car’s head unit via Android Auto. Here is a list of car manufacturers that will be getting this cool new YouTube feature.

  • Chevrolet
  • Honda
  • Polestar
  • Renault
  • Volvo
Google announces new features coming to Android Auto in 2023

Stuck In Traffic? Play A Game!

If your car has Google built into the head unit, you can now play small and fun games in your car with the help of GameSnacks. GameSnacks is a service offered by Google that lets you play small and fun games for free without having to download any game. You can simply use the touch screen of your car to play the games right away. Google has also stated that drivers will be getting some new games such as 

  • Arctic Pong
  • Beach Buggy Racing 2
  • Candy Farm
  • My Talking Tom Friends
  • Solitaire FRVR

Smart Suggestions By Google Assistant

Now, with Android Auto, you can easily see any text messages that you have received from your family members. With a new update, in Android Auto, Google Assistant will now be able to display smart suggestions- i.e. smart replies for the received message. All you will have to do is tap on the suggested message and you’re good to go. Google Assistant is going to make communicating with your family and relatives simple and easy, especially while on the road.

Google announces new features coming to Android Auto in 2023

Say Goodbye To Range Anxiety

Electric Vehicles have become popular as the day goes by thanks to the high soaring prices of petrol/gas and diesel. Now if you’re someone that owns an EV, you can easily make use of Google Maps to search for charging stations in and around your city. The best part about searching for EV charging stations is that you can use your favorite maps app, Waze. Waze now has all these features built-in. Plus, Waze is now rolling out globally and is available on the Google Play Store for all cars with Google built-in.

Google announces new features coming to Android Auto in 2023

This is everything available till now about what Google Plans to bring to Android Auto this year. All of these features are useful when driving. We hope to see some new interesting features also be announced later on during the remaining part of the year.

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