Download All In One FRP Unlock Tool for Android [Latest Version 2022]

Android is the most popular OS for smartphones, and most OEMs use Android OS on their phones. Thanks to Google, Android keeps getting better every year. Like in Android 10, the new security settings have been added for more privacy called ‘FRP’. FRP is also a part of Android Security, and it is known as ‘Factory Reset Protection’. If you want to bypass or remove FRP you need an FRP Remove Android tool. Here you get to download All In One FRP Tool to remove FRP from all Android devices.

All in one frp removal tool

The FRP feature on Android phones was introduced with the Android 5 Lollipop and has been successful since then. Most of the brands have embraced the feature and included it on their device for protection. The FRP on Android works using the Google account that you use on your Android phone. It comes into use when someone is trying to reset your phone without permission. It will not let other users wipe data on your phone.

What is All in One FRP Unlock Tool?

All In One FRP Tool is a powerful FRP Unlock software for the Windows platform to remove or bypass FRP from any Android phone. It is also known as FRP Remove Android All Device Tool. The FRP is used for theft protection to keep your phone and data safe. But sometimes we forget the password, and we can’t format our phones. So, in this case, All in One FRP removal tool can be used for all Android phones. Along with FRP removal, the tool also comes with a feature to remove the pattern lock from any Android phone.

There are many FRP unlock tools available for Android that we can use to remove FRP. But in my opinion, this one is the best FRP unlock tool. It can remove FRP from all Android devices, and there is no need to individually download Samsung FRP unlock tool or FRP unlock tool for other OEMs. Below we have included features of All in one FRP Bypass tool so that you can know more about the tool.

All In One FRP Unlock Tool – Features

Remove FRP: The tool allows users to remove FRP from Android devices. It is easy to operate the tool to bypass/remove frp from all Android phones.

Support Android phones: All In One FRP tool can remove frp from any Android phone that you have irrespective of the company. It can remove FRP from Samsung, Xiaomi, Micromax, Motorola, Oppo Vivo, Lenovo, and other Android devices.

USB Drivers: It also comes with all the necessary drivers that you can install on your computer with just one click. It gives the option to install drivers like ADB driver, Qualcomm driver, Xiaomi driver, Samsung driver, and Su2 Serial.

32 & 64 Bit FRP Unlock Tool: The tool support both 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows PC that you can use to remove/bypass FRP lock from all Android devices. For 32-bit FRP unlock switch to Menu-1 and for 64-bit FRP unlock switch to menu-2.

Remove Pattern: All In One FRP unlock tool comes with extra features like Pattern lock removal. In this mode, you can easily remove the pattern lock from any Android device while it is in Fastboot mode.

Read Pattern: It has an option to read the pattern lock of any supported Android phone. For this, you need to connect your phone with debugging on, and the tool will read the lock pattern, and you can use the same pattern to unlock your phone if you forgot it. This works on a limited number of phones, and it might work in your case too.

So, these are some interesting features of the All in one FRP unlock tool. There are a few more features that you will get on the tool like checking phone info, live time, and more. If you want this great tool, then in the next section, you get to download the FRP unlock tool.

Download All In One FRP Unlock Tool

It is a powerful tool, and once you have this tool on your device, you can use it for different phones. You don’t have to download the FRP tool for each brand as it supports all android phones. The All in one tool works on the Windows platform, and it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. You are definitely going to find the tool useful if you are trying to reset or remove the pattern from your phone. So, if you want to download the FRP unlock tool, then use the download link below.

File NameAll_In_One_FRP_Tool
File Size107MB
File TypeZip
Download MediumMediafire

After downloading the tool, you can easily access it on your computer. It doesn’t require installation to use it, like many other FRP tools. And so after downloading the FRP unlock tool, you are all set to use the tool. We will also provide a quick guide to use the All In One FRP Unlock tool for your convenience.

How to Use All In One FRP Tool

  1. First, open the All In One FRP Tool on your computer.
  2. Go to the Driver section and install the required drivers from the given options.
    All in one frp unlock tool
  3. In the tool, click on Menu-1 if your Windows is 32-bit and select Menu-2 if your Windows is 64-bit.
  4. Click on the correct option like the Xiaomi FRP tool, Samsung FRP tool, or other options.
  5. Now boot your phone into Fastboot mode and connect it to your computer.
  6. The tool will detect your phone when it is in Fastboot Mode.
    All in one frp unlock tool
  7. Now enter the correct number from the option like 1 or 2 to remove FRP from your phone.

So there you have the complete guide on All In One FRP Tool to remove/bypass FRP from all Android devices. In case you have any queries regarding the FRP Unlock Tool, then let us know in the comment section.

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