7 Fixes for Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

Is your Vizio sound bar remote not working properly or malfunctioning? If so, you are not alone, as many users have reported the same issue these days. But worry not; today you will see some troubleshooting ways to fix it.

Vizio has a wide range of soundbars available on the market, including single bars, with subwoofers and mini-tower speakers. Each Vizio soundbar comes with a remote control that users can use to power on or off the soundbar, make volume adjustments, and do other things. Similar to other electronic devices or soundbars, you may also face some issues with the Vizio soundbar and its remote.

One common issue that users are experiencing nowadays is the remote control of the sound bar not working properly. We have discussed with some users who previously faced the issue, were able to get rid of it, and concluded some best troubleshooting fixes for the Vizio sound bar remote not working problem.

What Caused the Vizio Soundbar Remote to Not Work Properly?

Before moving on to the troubleshooting section, you should know the actual cause behind the issue. While there can be several reasons for the problem, some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Weak or dead Vizio soundbar remote batteries
  • There is no clear line of sight
  • Software issues on the soundbar
  • The remote is damaged
  • The soundbar may not be powered on
  • Batteries are not inserted properly on the remote
  • The Vizio sound bar is not plugged in

Now that you know the actual reason behind the issue, let’s see how you can fix it in the next part of the article. Go through the troubleshooting fixes we have added below and see which one helps you get the soundbar remote working again, and let us know in the comments section.

Check the Line of Sight

Just like the Vizio TV remote control, their soundbar remotes also need a clear line of sight between IR sensor and the soundbar. Hence, if anything is blocking the IR sensor, you will not be able to control the soundbar through its remote.

To resolve the issue, remove obstacle that is blocking the path between Remote and Soundbar. If this was the issue, your remote should now work perfectly. Also, as the IR signals work up to a limited distance, move the remote close to the sound bar, then check if it’s working fine.

Power Cycle Remote

If there is a clear line of sight and the remote is still not working properly, you can try the complete power cycle. While it may seem like a cliche fix, it fixes the issue for most users. Here’s how you can power cycle the Vizio soundbar remote:

Step 1: Remove the batteries from the Vizio remote.

Step 2: Press each remote button two times, one at a time (to make sure buttons are not stuck). Then press and hold Power button for 20-30 seconds.

Step 3: Re-insert the batteries and you should be able to control the soundbar now with your Remote.

If not, then try the remaining troubleshooting methods.

Replace Remote Batteries

If power cycling the remote does not get the remote back in the working state, there are high chance that the remote batteries are dead or weak and need to be replaced with fresh ones.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

So, just replace the batteries on the remote, and you are good to use your remote without moving further. On the other hand, if the batteries are fine and the remote is still not working after inserting new batteries, let’s move on to the next fix.

Check for Bluetooth Apps

Nowadays, most Vizio soundbar models’ remote controls have an in-built Bluetooth compatibility feature that allows users to connect other devices to the soundbar via Bluetooth, but as a downside of the feature, compatibility issues are common with such devices, as your Vizio soundbar remote won’t always work with the streaming apps.

When you are streaming Netflix, Hulu, and others, the only problem with these remotes is that they will not always work with streaming apps, and you end up getting issues like the back button not working and uncontrolled content streaming to the soundbar.

So, if the soundbar remote works properly when you’re not streaming content via a streaming site, the remote is most probably not working because it’s incompatible with the streaming service.

Power Cycle Vizio Soundbar

There are many instances when the soundbar remote control is not the cause of the issue; it’s the soundbar that is causing the issue. In this situation, try power cycling the soundbar by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Turn off the Vizio soundbar.

Step 2: Unplug the cord from the power outlet.

Step 3: Tap the Power button for about 30-40 seconds.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

Step 4: Next, plug the cord back into the outlet.

Finally, turn on the soundbar and check if the remote control is working or not. If not, move forward with the next fix.

Update Soundbar

If even the power cycling does not help you fix the issue, you can try updating the soundbar firmware, as there might be some issues or bugs that are fixed in the latest version. Here’s how you can update it:

Step 1: Visit Vizio’s official website in a browser.

Step 2: Tap on Support to navigate to the Support page, then type in the soundbar model.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

Step 3: Scroll down till you see a result that has your model number with “firmware update” mentioned next to it. For example, “D39hn-D0 Firmware Update” and click on it.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to download the update.

Step 5: Once downloaded, transfer the file to a USB drive.

You can also get the latest software updates from Vizio customer support. Just call 877-698-4946 and tell them that you are looking for a firmware update for your Vizio soundbar, and they will send the file to your email. Once you have a USB drive with firmware updates for your soundbar, here’s how you can update your Vizio soundbar:

Step 1: First of all, make sure that the soundbar is connected to a power outlet, then press the Power button to turn it on.

Step 2: Disconnect the soundbar power cord while it’s on.

Step 3: Connect the USB drive and reconnect the soundbar power cord. As soon as you connect the power cord, you will see two lights flash up on the soundbar.

Step 4: Next, three lights will flash up, indicating the software update has started.

Step 5: Once the lights turn off, it indicates that the firmware update is complete.

Step 6: Unplug the USB hard drive, tap the Power button to turn on your soundbar, and check if your remote is working fine or not.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

Buy a New Remote

If none of the above methods helped to get your remote in working condition, you need to replace the remote control.

If your Vizio soundbar is under warranty, you can request a remote replacement from their website or by calling customer support.

Instead, if you purchased the soundbar more than a year ago, you will need to buy a new remote control for the soundbar. You can also try universal remote, if you have one in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do If the Soundbar Remote Still Does Not Work?

If the Vizio soundbar remote still does not work after trying all the troubleshooting fixes, you need to contact the Vizio support team. Just call 877-698-4946 and tell them your issue, and they will give you some solutions to try and also arrange a technician for you.

Why Isn’t My Vizio Sound Bar Remote Working?

There can be various reasons why your Vizio sound bar remote is not working properly. We have added a few troubleshooting methods above in the article that can help you fix the issue for sure.

So, that’s all the fixes that you can follow to fix the Vizio sound bar remote not working. When the sound bar remote is not working, you can always try to use an alternate Vizio remote. For the record, most Vizio remotes work well with Vizio soundbars. So, even if you have an alternate remote that is not the same model as the original soundbar remote that came out of the box, it may still work with your Vizio soundbar.

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