Best Stray Mods to Install and Enjoy (Puppy, Garfield, CJ and More)

Not even two weeks since its release, Stray has already picked up a ton of mods. Well, everyone’s talking about this new adventure cyberpunk-themed cat game. It’s a great game that is short, with an interesting storyline. Of course, you can’t keep replaying the game unless you plan to speedrun it.

While the in-game cat is a nice orange one, people were a bit disappointed that you couldn’t change or customize the cat. Thankfully, there is a large variety of mods that you can install. If you like to try different mods, here are some best Stray Mods you should try for interesting gameplay.

Apart from the variety of cats that can be installed in the game, there are also a few hilarious mods out there that you can try. Some of them are questionable in the sense that it’s either funny or scary to see these particular mods. Let’s take a look at the various character mods available for the Stray game.

CJ Joke Stray Mod

Remember Carl Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Well, he’s back! And he’s no longer cruising Grove Street. Instead, he now walks around on all fours It looks like a cursed mod. It is a fun mod to install and roam around the city. Do give it a try.

Stray Mods

Happy Puppy Stray Mod

Now, this is a cat game, right? What if, you are someone that loves dogs? Well, here’s a mod that lets you play Stary as a small puppy. Instead of meowing in the game, you can now bark! Get this mod if you love dogs.

Stray Mods

Disney’s Bolt Stray Mod

If you watched the Bolt movie from 2008, and you liked the dog, the modders have gone ahead to now let you play as Bolt in the game. Now, it replaces all cats in the game as dogs. So, if you play the prologue of the game, you will see other dog companions instead of the cats.

Stray Mods

Minecraft Pig Stray Mod

Minecraft is a very popular game and it’s loved by everyone. Now, if you’ve played the game, you know that all the characters in the game are made of blocks, right? So, if you thought playing as a pig in Stray sounds like a good idea, then this is the mod for you. This mod replaces all cat models with pigs from the videogame Minecraft.

Stray Mods

Splitscreen Mod Stray Mod

Stary is a single-player game. However, if you plan to play the game with your friends via local co-op as a couch game, this mod lets you enable this feature. For this to work perfectly, ensure that you have the big picture enabled on Steam and you have an extra controller. The mod lets one player use Mouse and Keyboard and the second player with a controller. We could see more updates that would let both players use controllers.

Stray Mods

Different Cat Stray Mods

Now, let’s take a look at the various cat mods available. These mods simply replace the type of cat that you play in the game. So, There is nothing much needed to explain. Simply download and enjoy the mods in Stray.

Stray Mods
Sailor Moon Cat

Garfield Stray Mod

The above mods were all different breeds of cats and if you love cats, you will like all the mods. Now, here’s your chance to play as Garfield. Yes, the Lasagna-loving cat. This is Garfield from the cartoon series here to play in Stray.

Stray Mods

Farting Stray Mod

Here is a mod that will make you giggle when you install it to your game. Sure, in Stray you can meow, sleep, scratch, jump around, and knock items off. Well, this modder thought it would be fun to make the cat fart around in different places. Give it a try to have a good laugh.

Stray Mods

You can install these mods easily by simply pasting the Pak files into Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks file path.

And these are the best and most fun Stray mods you need to install to bring in more entertainment while playing this cute little adventure game. If you know of any other mods for the Stray game, feel free to sgare them in the comments below.

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