Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List [All Weapons Ranked]

Dark Souls 3 is a game that was released back in 2016. This is an RPG game that has a number of characters, as well as weapons for you, to choose from. Now, if you are a seasoned player of Dark Souls, you might already know what characters you need to use and what weapons you should be equipping them with. However, if you are someone that is new to the game or for that matter, new to the world of RPG games, then we have a Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier list here for you that shows you the best to the worst weapons. 

This Tier list contains the name of the weapons as well as the type of weapons that are present in the game. The tier list starts with the S class which is the highest and the best weapons and tier F is the lowest class which basically means that you should be avoiding such weapons at any cost. So, if you are someone that wants to see their list of weapons from the game Dark Souls 3, you’ve come to the right place.

Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List

Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List

Tier Lists are important whether it is for characters or weapons. Picking up the best team and best weapons is the first thing that decides the result of the game. And also from Dark Souls 3 Weapons Tier List, we can know which weapons to purchase or mine in the game. So if you are a Dark Soul 3 player then this list will help you in many ways. Now let’s jump into the list.

Dark Souls 3: S Tier Weapons

Black Knight SwordGreat Sword
Corvian GreatknifeDagger
Crucifix of the Mad KingHalberd
Demon’s ScarCurved Sword
Four-Pronged PlowSpear or Pike
Frayed BladeKatana
Friede’s Great ScytheReaper
Gael’s Great SwordGreat Sword
Gotthard TwinswordsPaired Short Swords
Long SwordStraight Sword
Lothric Knight SwordStraight Sword
Murky Hand ScytheDagger
Pontiff Knight Curved SwordCurved Sword
Saint BidentSpear or Pike
Splitleaf Great SwordHalberd
ValorheartStraight Sword
Wolf Knight’s Great SwordGreat Sword

Dark Souls 3: A Tier Weapons

Anri’s Straight SwordStraight Sword
Aquamarine DaggerDagger
Astora Great SwordUltra Great Sword
Barbed Straight SwordStraight Sword
ClaymoreGreat Sword
Crystal Sage’s RapierThrusting Sword
Dark SwordStraight Sword
EstocThrusting Sword
Exile Great SwordCurved Great Sword
Follower SabreCurved Sword
Great Corvian ScytheReaper
Great Sword of JudgementGreat Sword
Gundyr’s HalberdHalberd
Harald Curved Great SwordCurved Great Sword
Heavy CrossbowCrossbow
Heysel PickHammer
Hollowslayer Great SwordGreat Sword
Lothric Knight Great SwordUltra Great Sword
Lothric Knight Long SpearSpear or Pike
Man Serpent HatchetAxe
Millwood Battle AxeAxe
Onyx BladeGreat Sword
Ringed Knight SpearSpear or Pike
Ringed Knight Straight SwordStraight Sword
Rotten Ghru DaggerDagger
ScimitarCurved Sword
Sellsword TwinbladesPaired Curved Swords
Spiked MaceGreat Hammer
Sunlight Straight SwordStraight Sword
Washing PoleKatana
Winged Knight TwinaxesPaired Axes
Yhorm’s Great MacheteGreat Axe

Dark Souls 3: B Tier Weapons

Bandit’s KnifeDagger
Black Knight GlaiveHalberd
Brigand AxeAxe
BroadswordStraight Sword
Butcher KnifeAxe
Carthus Curved SwordCurved Sword
Carthus ShotelCurved Sword
Chaos BladeKatana
Composite BowBow
Crow QuillsThrusting Sword
Dragonslayer Great AxeGreat Axe
Dragonslayer SpearSpear or Pike
Dragonslayer SwordspearSpear or Pike
Dragonslayer’s AxeAxe
Fume Ultra Great SwordUltra Great Sword
Gargoyle Flame SpearSpear or Pike
Great ClubGreat Hammer
Great MacheteGreat Axe
Great SwordUltra Great Sword
GreatlanceSpear or Pike
Irithyll Straight SwordStraight Sword
Knight’s CrossbowCrossbow
Ledo’s Great HammerGreat Hammer
Light CrossbowCrossbow
Lothric War BannerSpear or Pike
Mail BreakerDagger
Moonlight Great SwordGreat Sword
MurakumoCurved Great Sword
Old Wolf Curved SwordCurved Great Sword
Onikiri & UbadachiPaired Katanas
Reinforced ClubHammer
Ricard’s RapierThrusting Sword
Rotten Ghru Curved SwordCurved Sword
Tallbone Short SwordDagger
Wolnir’s Holy SwordGreat Sword

Dark Souls 3: C Tier Weapons

Astora Straight SwordStraight Sword
Bastard SwordGreat Sword
Battle AxeAxe
Black BladeKatana
ClawFists or Claws
Demon’s Great AxeGreat Axe
Dragon ToothGreat Hammer
Drakeblood Great SwordGreat Sword
Drang TwinspearsPaired Spears
FalchionCurved Sword
Farron Great SwordPaired Great Swords
FlambergeGreat Sword
Great MaceGreat Hammer
Great ScytheReaper
Hand AxeAxe
Lorian’s Great SwordUltra Great Sword
Lothric’s Holy SwordStraight Sword
Morion BladeStraight Sword
Morning StarHammer
Painting Guardian’s Curved SwordCurved Sword
PartizanSpear or Pike
Pontiff Knight Great ScytheReaper
Profaned Great SwordUltra Great Sword
Quakestone HammerGreat Hammer
Red Hilted HalberdHalberd
Repeating CrossbowCrossbow
Rotten Ghru SpearSpear or Pike
Short SwordStraight Sword
Smough’s Great HammerGreat Hammer
Sniper CrossbowCrossbow
Storm Curved SwordCurved Sword
Twin Princes’ Great SwordGreat Sword
Vordt’s Great HammerGreat Hammer
Winged Knight HalberdHalberd

Dark Souls 3: D Tier Weapons

Arstor’s SpearSpear or Pike
Black Bow of PharisBow
Black Knight Great SwordUltra Great Sword
CaestusFists or Claws
Carthus Curved Great SwordCurved Great Sword
Cleric’s CandlestickStraight Sword
Crescent Moon SwordCurved Sword
Dancer’s Enchanted SwordsPaired Curved Swords
Demon’s FistFists or Claws
Dragonrider BowBow
Drang HammerPaired Hammers
Earth SeekerGreat Axe
Executioner’s Great SwordGreat Sword
Firelink Great SwordGreat Sword
Golden Ritual SpearSpear or Pike
Great Wooden HammerGreat Hammer
Handmaid’s DaggerDagger
Immolation TinderHalberd
Irithyll RapierThrusting Sword
Large ClubGreat Hammer
Manikin ClawsFists or Claws
Morne’s Great HammerGreat Hammer
Parrying DaggerDagger
PikeSpear or Pike
Short BowBow
ShotelCurved Sword
Tallbone SpearSpear or Pike
Thrall AxeAxe
Warden TwinbladesPaired Curved Swords
White Birch BowBow
Winged SpearSpear or Pike
ZweihanderUltra Great Sword

Dark Souls 3: F Tier Weapons

Black Knight Great AxeGreat Axe
Blacksmith HammerHammer
Brigand TwindaggersPaired Daggers
Broken Straight SwordStraight Sword
Cathedral Knight Great SwordUltra Great Sword
Crescent AxeHalberd
Crow TalonsFists or Claws
Dark HandFists or Claws
Darkmoon LongbowBow
Dragonslayer Great BowGreat Bow
Follower JavelinSpear or Pike
Gargoyle Flame HammerGreat Hammer
Great AxeGreat Axe
Millwood Great BowGreat Bow
Old King’s Great HammerGreat Hammer
Onislayer Great BowGreat Bow
RapierThrusting Sword
Ringed Knight Paired Great SwordsPaired Ultra Great Swords
Rose of AriandelWhip
Scholar’s CandlestickDagger
SpearSpear or Pike
Storm RulerGreat Sword
Yorshka’s SpearSpear or Pike


And there you have it! The whole tier list of weapons that you should and should not be using while you play Dark Souls 3. Now, of course, each person has their own preference as to what weapon they really like according to their strategy. Could there be a possibility that a weapon you didn’t like ended up at the top tier? Or, could it also be the other way around? Well, for those answers, we would have to hear from you. And that can be achieved by you dropping out your thoughts in the comments section below.

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