Realme announces Android 12 based Realme UI 3.0

Earlier this month Google released the official Android 12. And soon after the release, other OEMs also started announcing their custom OS based on Android 12. Oppo, OnePlus, and Samsung have already announced the first beta with new features. And now as expected, Realme also unveiled the Android 12 based Realme UI 3.0.

The new Realme UI 3.0 announced at the October 13th event from Realme. It is announced globally outside of China. During the announcement, Realme showcased new features and an update roadmap. Realme UI 2.0 was not so great when we talk about a major update but with the all-new design on Realme UI 3.0, users can’t wait to get their hands on Realme UI 3.0.

Realme UI 3.0 Released

As you know Android 12 brings major UI changes undoubtedly the main feature on Realme UI 3.0 will be the UI changes. They are bringing new updated 3D icons, widgets, SketchPad AOD like Canvas AOD on OnePlus, Floating Windows 2.0, improved privacy controls, Phone Manager 2.0, and more. There are many things to talk about in Realme UI 3.0, so we have already prepared detailed information that you can check here.

Realme UI 3.0 Release Date, Eligible Devices, Expected Features, and More

Realme UI 3.0 Released

Realme has also disclosed the device list that will receive Android 12 based Realme UI 3.0 starting the year. The stable build of Realme UI 3.0 will be released in December and as per the beta Roadmap, it looks like Realme GT will be the first in the line. The device will get Realme UI 3.0 early access by this month. Realme has given 4 different timelines in the beta roadmap starting October followed by December and Q1, Q2 from next year.

Realme update rollout process is the same for all devices, first, you will get the application to apply for early access and then you will receive early access. And later Open Beta will roll out to applicants and later after one or two months you will get the stable update.

And as usual, the majority of the phones will receive updates next year after the announcement. We usually go through comments for various updates and it is no surprise that users are not happy with the update rollout from Realme. It is because most of the stable builds are like beta builds and they take too much time for the rollout. Let’s hope we all have a better experience with Realme UI 3.0 if your device is eligible.

If you are a Realme user, let us know how excited you are for the new Realme UI 3.0 update. And what do you think of the new design? Many new features are great and performance we can only test after the availability.

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