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OxygenOS 11 – Everything you should know (Release Date, Features, Eligible Devices)

Android 11 is the latest upcoming Android OS which is due for launch earliest in September. And all the brands which use custom UI on their devices are also ready to welcome Android 11. Such as Samsung is set to being OneUI 3.0 and OnePlus to roll out OxygenOS 11 after the Android 11 release.

We already shared about OneUI 3.0. And in this guide, we will focus on OnePlus OxygenOS 11. Here you will know OxygenOS 11 Release Date, Supported Phones, and Expected features.

Every year we get at least one major update from each brand that brings a lot of new features to adapt the current and upcoming smartphones. And the same we are expecting this year especially from the OnePlus as they have dropped some information that is creating hype among users.

OxygenOS 11 Release Date

OxygenOS 11 is already available for the latest OnePlus smartphone series in the form of Developer Preview. Most of the expected features are also out as these are present in the Developer Preview.

OxygenOS is a feature packed custom UI with almost all the necessary features. But it is missing one of the best and popular features called Always on Display. I am pretty much confident that you must be aware of this feature. But this missing feature will soon be available for OnePlus 6 and later devices. Well, we have planned to mention all the expected Oxygen OS 11 features in this complete guide.

OxygenOS 11 Eligible Devices

It makes sense to go through all the features and hype for the release date only if your device will get the update. And in case if you don’t know that then you will know all the device which are planned to receive OxygenOS 11 later this year or maybe starting next year.

This is an estimation after analyzing the data from previous updates. If we recall the update policy from OnePlus then any OnePlus phone is said to receive updates for at least 2 years. And this list of supported phones is based on the same update policy. As long as OnePlus stay up to their current policy all the device released after OnePlus 6 will get the update including the OnePlus 6.

It is obvious that the latest OnePlus Smartphone series will get the update first and then its predecessor and the chain will go on. So if you are an OnePlus user and want to know if your device is eligible for OxygenOS 11 or not, then check out the below list.

List of Eligible Devices for OxygenOS 11

OxygenOS 11 Features

OxygenOS 11 beta is already available for the OnePlus 8 series in the form of the developer preview for more than a month. And recently OnePlus rolled another preview with some changes and improvement in stability. Most of the features are already out and also Company has shared a glimpse of some features. The main focus where the company has invested time for the better experience is the one hand experience since most of the new phones have a larger display.

OxygenOS 11 Eligible Devices

The most awaited always on display feature is also coming to AMOLED devices with the OxygenOS 11 release. The new OxygenOS 11 UI is now more like the OneUI which is also great for one hand uses. Below are some expected as well as confirmed features coming to OnePlus phones with OxygenOS 11.

Always on Display:

As per the OnePlus officials the Always on Display landed in the given time. It is one of the most awaited features that everyone wants on their phones. Thanks to the OnePlus new features submission portal that allows users to put their opinion on which features should be included in the OnePlus update.

The Always on Display will be available in the Ambient display where we can customize the AOD. There are about 11 new clock styles that you can use for the Always on display.

New UI:

OnePlus has made a lot of changes in the OxygenOS 11 and it looks more like the OneUI from Samsung. It will be easier for one hand usages.

OxygenOS 11 Features

OnePlus has shifted down contents to the lower 2/3rd of the screen to easily reach all the clickable options. The visual changes are mostly done in the Launcher, Gallery, Notes, and Weather app.

OxygenOS 11 Features

New Live Wallpaper:

The latest OxygenOS 11 includes a new live wallpaper feature that will change the wallpaper according to the time of day. It is the new and unique live wallpaper that will add extra shots to your homescreen for a better setup.

OnePlus Sans Font: Android 11 based OxygenOS 11 developer preview 3 comes with a new font for better visibility and readability. It can be used as system wide. If you like to read comics or books then this font will enhance your experience.

Optimized Dark Mode:

In the OxygenOS 11, you get to customize the Dark Mode. You can turn on the option to turn on automatic dark mode control. Now you can also toggle the dark mode directly from Quick Settings.

Improved Zen Mode:

The OxygenOS 11 developer preview 3 gives new zen mode functions. Now we can use the Zen Mode with our friends. I guess only a few amounts of users use this feature on their phone. But still, improvement is an improvement even though it’s not useful for you.

Weekly Story:

Gallery will create weekly stories based on your photos and videos in OxygenOS 11. It will work after at least a week usage so you may not notice in the first few days of usage.

Everyone has their own thoughts on the new OxygenOS 11. Some don’t like the new UI and some appreciated the new design. Well, it all depends on your uses and comfort. I also have mixed thoughts about the upcoming OxygenOS 11.

OxygenOS 11 Release Date

Now here comes the most interesting part, the release date of OxygenOS 11. Every OnePlus user must have this question that when they can expect the OxygenOS 11 public release. Or how much they have to wait until they get to experience the latest OxygenOS 11.

We will try to provide the best answer as OnePlus has not provided any official release date till now. But we can always make guesses while keeping in mind the past update releases.

The OxygenOS 11 is a custom OS based on Android 11. And as for now, Android 11 is not out so we can not expect the release anytime soon. But the developer beta for OxygenOS 11 has already started and soon we can expect the public beta.

If we look into the past update schedules then OnePlus always chooses the last couple of months of the year to roll out stable updates. And this year too we can expect OxygenOS 11 to drop at the end of this year. The first rollout will be for the OnePlus 8 series and OnePlus Nord. And then later other supported OnePlus phones will receive the update.

So this is everything about the upcoming OxygenOS 11. If you have an OnePlus phone that is scheduled to receive OxygenOS 11 update then get ready to experience a whole new UI. In case if we missed any important information about OxygenOS 11, then let us know in the comment section.

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