Complete List of Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove

Samsung phones are dominating the Android market because of many reasons except bloatware or junk apps. A couple of years ago Samsung switched to a new UI aka One UI. And since then, it’s improved a lot on the performance and user interface side. But when it comes to pre-installed apps, the One UI has a bunch of them. These are mostly Samsung Stock apps and other apps that most users don’t even use. If you also want to remove such apps check the List of Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove.

Adding these apps by default is an earning source for OEMs as companies like Netflix pay them to inbuilt their apps. And the bigger problem for users is no uninstall option for many of these apps. But there are ways to remove bloatware from Android phones including Samsung. No, you don’t need to root your phone to remove these apps.

And once you figure out a way to uninstall bloatware from Samsung, you have to find apps that you can safely remove without harming your phone. There could be some apps that you think you are not useful, but it is being used in the background to support various activities. Don’t worry as we have a long list of Samsung Bloatware that you can uninstall from your device.

List of Samsung Bloatware Safe to Remove

You may have noticed new apps installed on their own after updating your phone. This is because of apk files stored in update files and these apps get installed when the update process is finishing.

It’s not only Samsung but most of the Companies put some apps that we don’t even use. But the amount of such apps has been increasing on Samsung phones, especially Samsung’s own services. And as most users prefer Google apps, these service apps are a waste and take up a huge space on the phone. With this being said, another reason to remove bloatware from your phone is to free up space on your phone. Here are a few more reasons to delete Samsung bloatware.

Advantages of Removing Bloatware from Samsung Phones

  • Improved performance: You will notice better performance like speed of your system right away after uninstalling the junk apps.
  • Increased Battery Life: If you are facing the battery drain issue, then bloatwares are to blame. And once you get rid of them the battery will last longer.
  • Free RAM: Although you don’t use those apps, some of them still run in the background and eat RAM which leads to sluggish performance. And so, removing those apps will free up the memory.
  • Clean Interface: This is something unrelated to performance but more of a user experience. Due to bloatware the app drawer feels messy and it will take time to look for the app you want to open. So uninstalling bloatware will give a clean interface.

Now let’s see the apps that are safe to remove from your Samsung phone. Remember that Samsung may include more new apps later on their phones so some apps might be missing from the list. But we will try to update the list regularly. Some of the apps from the list may not be there on your device as it varies by region.

Note: If you have any doubt that uninstalling a particular app will affect your device, then you can test it by disabling it for a few days. And if you don’t see any problem, you can uninstall it. Also, some apps from the list can be useful for you depending on the region and usage.

Samsung Phone Apps that are safe to Remove:

  • AppCloud
  • Bixby Service
  • Bixby Voice (Bixby Related all App expect Routines)
  • Carrier Apps (That you don’t want to use)
  • Customization Service
  • Dailyhunt
  • Device Security
  • Dictionary
  • Discover app
  • Discover Module
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook (all apps)
  • Flipboard
  • Galaxy essentials widget
  • Galaxy Store
  • Galaxy Themes
  • Galaxy Wearable (If you don’t use Galaxy Watch)
  • Galaxy Widget
  • Game Booster
  • Game Launcher
  • Gmail
  • Google
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos
  • Hiya Service (use google Dialer)
  • Internet (Browser)
  • IPS Geofence
  • Josh
  • LinkedIn
  • Lock Screen Stories
  • McAfee AV
  • Microsoft App (Any that you don’t need)
  • MX Takatak
  • My Files
  • My Galaxy
  • Netflix
  • Opera Max Pre Installed Data
  • PhonePe
  • Prism Games
  • Prism Books
  • Prism Music
  • Prism Store
  • Samsung Books
  • Samsung Checkout
  • Samsung Clock
  • Samsung Cloud
  • Samsung Email
  • Samsung Experience Service (known as Group Share on some devices)
  • Samsung Free
  • Samsung Galaxy Friends
  • Samsung Games
  • Samsung Global Goals
  • Samsung Health
  • Samsung Health Monitor
  • Samsung Hub
  • Samsung Keyboard (If you use other keyboard)
  • Samsung Kids
  • Samsung Max
  • Samsung Members
  • Samsung Message (If you use another Message app)
  • Samsung Notes
  • Samsung Pass
  • Samsung Pay (If you don’t use)
  • Samsung Pay-mini
  • Samsung Push Service
  • Samsung Reminder
  • Samsung Shop
  • Samsung Smart Call
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Samsung Text to Speech Engine
  • Samsung TV Plus (If you don’t use Samsung TV)
  • Samsung Weather
  • Secure Folder
  • SettingsBixby
  • Snapchat
  • Travel Widget
  • Trell
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yahoo News
  • Yahoo Stock
  • YouTube
  • YT Music

Thanks to Yash Agarwal, a member of Samsung Community & Tech Talk. You can also thank him on the linked page.

How to Uninstall Bloatware: If you are using adb to remove or uninstall apps from Samsung phones then it is great. But in case you are not aware of the uninstall process, you can check out our detailed guide here.

Now coming to some tips and tricks you can use while removing bloatware from your Samsung device. As you know the Samsung Store keeps showing notifications and suggests apps to install that are not of your use. So, if you are also irritated with those trash notifications, you can follow this tip to disable them. Of course, you can uninstall it, but in case you decide to keep it, you can follow these steps.

Stop Galaxy Store Suggestions:

  • Open the Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone.
  • Now go to Settings and Disable marketing choice/Get news and special offers.
  • And in the Auto Update apps option select Never. Also disable Get news and special offers.
  • Now head to device Settings > Privacy > customization service and disable Galaxy Store.
  • Also disable Receive Marketing Information in Privacy Settings.

If you ever update the Galaxy Store app, reset the Galaxy Store app, or reset your device, make sure to open Galaxy Store and uncheck all the suggested apps. And when you click Continue, it will ask to set Language. Along with language, you will also find the recommendation option, so uncheck it as well and Click Done.

Stop Phone from installing apps during update:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Now go to Apps settings and look for AppCloud (if you haven’t uninstalled it already)
  • Disable the AppCloud app.

So that’s all on the List of Samsung Bloatware that are safe to remove. We have also included some tips that you can follow to stop the irritating notifications and auto-installation of bloatware. In case we missed any bloatware which can be removed without any problem, feel free to share with us in the comment section. I hope you find this article helpful. Share it with your friends who want to remove unused apps from their Samsung phones.

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