One UI 4.0 Eligible Devices, Features, Release Date, and More

Last week, Samsung unveiled its newest mobile OS custom skin, in the form of the One UI 4.0. Obviously, the new One UI 4.0 is based on the top of the Android 12. The latest skin is already available for a couple of premium galaxy phones, such as the Galaxy S21, Z Flip 3, and Z Fold 3. And it goes official with a flurry of new features like revamped user interface, widgets, custom color pallets, and more.

Here you can check all details of the One UI 4.0 including features, release date, and list of eligible devices or supported devices.

one ui 4.0 eligible devices

Samsung has been working diligently to release new updates to the Galaxy phones. Speaking of the Android 11 updates, then Samsung is one of the select OEM’s which fulfill its promise of rolling out timely stable updates to their smartphones. And we can expect that the company can do the same thing with the One UI 4.0 based Android 12 update.

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and want to know whether your smartphone will get One UI 4.0 update or not, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about One UI 4.0 eligible devices, expected features, release date, and more. So, let’s dive right into the details.

One UI 4.0 Release Date

On 26th October, Samsung has officially unveiled the One UI 4.0 custom skin at its annual developer conference event, known as the Samsung Developer Conference 2021. While the first beta was released on the 14th September for the Galaxy S21 lineup. As always, Samsung shared information about the beta testing program in its recent forum post.

Samsung Galaxy Android 12 beta

One UI 4.0 based Android 12 is available for the Galaxy S21 series and anyone with the device can enroll for the beta. While sharing the information on its community forum, the company has also confirmed some of the new features in One UI 4.0.

Samsung has just confirmed that the beta program will be available for Sprint, T-Mobile, and unlocked models. As per the new poster shared by the South-Korean tech-giant, users can take part in the beta program by tapping on the banner available in the Samsung Members’ app.

one ui 4.0 features

If you want to check the complete list of eligible aka supported devices, then you can check it in the next section.

One UI 4.0 Roadmap

After successfully rolling out the stable Android 12 (One UI 4.0) upgrade for the Galaxy S21 series. Samsung has officially shared the One UI 4.0 Roadmap through its Samsung Members app in India. Here’s the One UI 4.0 official roadmap, listing all phones which are going to get Android 12-based One UI 4.0 upgrade in the coming months.

December 2021

  • Galaxy Z Flip3 5G – Dec 21
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 5G – Dec 21
  • Galaxy S21 5G – Dec 21
  • Galaxy S21+ 5G – Dec 21
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G – Dec 21

January 2022

  • Galaxy S20 – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S20+ – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S20 FE – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S10e – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S10 – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S10+ – Jan 22
  • Galaxy S10 Lite – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Note 10 – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Note 10+ – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Note 20 – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G / LTE – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Fold – Jan 22
  • Galaxy Z Flip – Jan 22

February 2022

  • Galaxy Tab S7 – Feb 22
  • Galaxy Tab S7+ – Feb 22
  • Galaxy A52 – Feb 22
  • Galaxy A52s 5G – Feb 22
  • Galaxy A72 – Feb 22

April 2022

  • Galaxy Tab S6 – April 22
  • Galaxy A71 – April 22
  • Galaxy A51 – April 22
  • Galaxy A32 – April 22
  • Galaxy F62 – April 22
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE – April 22

May 2022

  • Galaxy Tab S6 (5g) – May 22
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – May 22
  • Galaxy A31 – May 22
  • Galaxy A22 5G – May 22
  • Galaxy M31 – May 22
  • Galaxy M21 – May 22
  • Galaxy M31s – May 22
  • Galaxy M21 2021 Edition – May 22
  • Galaxy M32 – May 22
  • Galaxy M32 5G – May 22
  • Galaxy M42 5G – May 22
  • Galaxy M52 5G – May 22
  • Galaxy F22 – May 22
  • Galaxy F42 5G – May 22

June 2022

  • Galaxy A21s – June 22
  • Galaxy A22 – June 22
  • Galaxy M51 – June 22
  • Galaxy F12 – June 22
  • Galaxy F41 – June 22
  • Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) – June 22
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite – June 22

July 2022

  • Galaxy A03s – July 22
  • Galaxy A12 – July 22
  • Galaxy M01 – July 22
  • Galaxy M02 – July 22
  • Galaxy M02s – July 22
  • Galaxy M11 – July 22
  • Galaxy M12 – July 22
  • Galaxy F02s – July 22

One UI 4.0 Eligible Devices (Supported Phones)

Back in 2020, Samsung promised to push three years of OS updates to select Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy phones released with Android Pie 9.0 or newer in 2019, come under Samsung’s three-years of OS updates policy. And as per the new policy, a big list of Galaxy phones are going to get the anticipated One UI 4.0 based Android 12 OS update.

Before moving to the list of eligible devices, let’s take a look at the devices which are already under beta testing. Samsung kicked-off the beta testing program for Galaxy S21 series in the month of September and the device has already received three beta builds. Talking about the other models, then, last week, the premium Galaxy Z-series phones – Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G and Z Fold 3 5G received One UI 4.0 beta access in South Korea, India, US, and some other regions.

Here’s the complete list of Samsung Galaxy phones which are eligible for One UI 4.0 update.

Note: The official list is not out yet, we’ll update the list once Samsung officially confirms the eligible devices, this list is based on the previous trends and three-years OS upgrade policy.

Samsung Galaxy S series

  • Galaxy S10 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy S10e (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy S10+ (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy S10 5G (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy S10 Lite
  • Galaxy S20 (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy S20+ (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy S20 FE (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy S21 (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy S21+ (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra (4G / 5G)

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

  • Galaxy Note 10 (4G / 5G – Last OS update)
  • Galaxy Note 10+ (4G / 5G – Last OS update)
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  • Galaxy Note 20 (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (4G / 5G)

Samsung Galaxy Z Series

  • Galaxy Fold (4G / 5G – Last OS Update)
  • Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  • Galaxy Z Flip (4G / 5G)
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy A series

  • Galaxy A01 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A02 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A02s (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A03s
  • Galaxy A11 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A12 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A12 Nacho
  • Galaxy A21 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A21s (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A31 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A41 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A51 5G
  • Galaxy A71
  • Galaxy A71 5G
  • Galaxy A90 5G (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy A22
  • Galaxy A22 5G
  • Galaxy A32
  • Galaxy A32 5G
  • Galaxy A42 5G
  • Galaxy A52
  • Galaxy A52 5G
  • Galaxy A52s 5G
  • Galaxy A72
  • Galaxy A Quantum
  • Galaxy Quantum 2

Samsung Galaxy M series

  • Galaxy M02 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M02s (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M12
  • Galaxy M21 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M21 2021
  • Galaxy M21s (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M22
  • Galaxy M31 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M31s (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M31 Prime Edition (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M32
  • Galaxy M32 5G
  • Galaxy M42 5G
  • Galaxy M51 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy M52 5G
  • Galaxy M62

Samsung Galaxy F series

  • Galaxy F02s (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy F12
  • Galaxy F22
  • Galaxy F41 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy F42 5G
  • Galaxy F52 5G
  • Galaxy F62

Samsung Galaxy Xcover series

  • Galaxy Xcover 5
  • Galaxy Xcover Pro (Last OS update)

Samsung Galaxy Tab series

  • Galaxy Tab A7 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy Tab Active 3 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy Tab S6 (Last OS update)
  • Galaxy Tab S6 5G
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • Galaxy Tab S7
  • Galaxy Tab S7+
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Last updated on 17th November 2021, we’ll keep updating the list, so stay connected with us. So, this is the list of Samsung Galaxy devices that will get the One UI 4.0 based Android 12 update. Now let’s take a look at the One UI 4.0 features.

One UI 4.0 Features

Samsung acquired the anticipated user interface changes from the Android 12 for its newest custom skin. Yes, the One UI 4.0 comes with a new visual design, darker icons for dark mode, new Android 12-inspired widgets, dynamic theming color pallets, and more. Read along to know more about the One UI 4.0 features.

Samsung Galaxy Android 12 beta

Dynamic Theming

The wallpaper theming is one of the notable visual changes in the One UI 4.0. The Galaxy users can now match the home screen icons with the color of wallpaper, the color pallets feature is live in the latest beta build. Apart from the home screen icons, the new dynamic theming also works with the stock Samsung apps.

one ui 4.0 features

Visual Changes

Apart from the dynamic wallpaper theming, One UI 4.0 has a bunch of small visual changes including the new charging animation, notification panel, new media output option on lock screen, and more. If you’re using Dark mode, then you can notice darker icons as well. Apart from that, there are some changes in the stock Samsung apps as well.

one ui 4.0 features


Samsung adopts the Android 12 widgets layout in the One UI 4.0. Samsung also updates its default app’s widgets as well, there are a couple of new clock widgets, weather app also gets an updated widget, Calendar, Gallery app, and a few more. These widgets look impressive on the Galaxy S21 running on One UI 4.0 beta.

one ui 4.0 features

Camera app features

The Galaxy owners can now scan any QR, directly from the camera app of the device. Samsung also replaces the tree-icons on the camera app with the zoom levels. Apart from that, the Pro mode of the app gets a bunch of different controls. Samsung enhances the video recording option as well, it’s more snappy in comparison to the older version.

Improved Privacy and Security

Android 12 comes with a big list of privacy controls. Now users can see the camera or microphone icon on the top right corner of the screen when an app is using it. And the best thing is users can easily change the permission of the app by tapping on the camera or microphone indicator. Google also adds a Privacy Dashboard. This feature will show you details of any app that is using any permission like Camera, Microphone, Location, or any other sensor along with the timeline.

Talking about the other changes, then the Keyboard app gets Grammarly integration, users can now combine two emojis, a new option to make video and photo collage directly from the Gallery app, improvements in AOD, and more. Apart from these changes, users can access the essentials of Android 12 as well.

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