How to Fix Missing OEM Unlock in Developer Options on Samsung Phones

Trying to unlock bootloader on your Samsung device but OEM unlock option is missing? If yes, you don’t need to look further as here we will share different methods to fix no OEM unlock in developer options. This can happen for many different reasons on Samsung devices. But luckily there are some tricks that you can follow to get back the missing OEM unlock in developer options.

OEM unlocking is a feature on Android devices that allows you to unlock bootloader and lock bootloader if it’s already unlocked. This option can be accessed from the developer options which is a hidden Setting on Android phones including Samsung devices. You can enable developer options by tapping 7 times on the build number on your Samsung phone.

In the last couple of years, Samsung improved its mobiles security which are not unlocked bootloader friendly. Unlocking bootloader trips Knox, and also void the warranty. And another setdown is Samsung doesn’t allow unlocking bootloader on devices powered by Snapdragon in many regions. However, you can unlock bootloader on Galaxy phones powered by Exynos. But if there’s no OEM Unlock in developer options you cannot unlock bootloader before bringing it back.

Reasons to Unlock Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. It lets users flash custom ROMs, Recoveries, Kernels, or even root their phones. It is useful especially for an old Android phone as you can get the experience of the latest Android from different custom ROMs and you will not be dependent on the OEM to release regular updates. Another reason can be to get system-level customization which is not possible when OEM unlocking is disabled.

Why there is no OEM Unlocking in Developer Options

As this is a common issue on Samsung devices, here we will be sharing the reasons for Samsung. Samsung has a 7-day lock period, which will restrict you from unlocking bootloader unless you are logged in on your Galaxy phone for at least 7 days. If you don’t know Samsung does not allow unlocking on Snapdragon powered phones in some regions, so also in that case you may not see the OEM unlock option on your phone.

How to Fix No OEM Unlock in Developer Options

Whatever the reason in your case for the OEM Unlock missing, you can always try different methods to get back the option. Remember this will not work on models which are restricted from unlocking bootloader which is the Snapdragon powered phones in North America. Well, you can still give it a shot if you want as we don’t know when Samsung starts allowing everyone to unlock the bootloader.

Method 1: Fix OEM Unlock Missing by Changing Date

This can be useful if your device is new and OEM unlock is missing from developer options. All you need to do is turn off the Automatic date and set an older date. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First open Settings on your Galaxy phone.
  2. Head over to the General Management > Date and Time.
    No OEM Unlock in Developer Options
  3. In the Date and Time section turn off Automatic date and time.
    No OEM Unlock in Developer Options
  4. It will now show the Date and Time that you can manually set.
  5. Now set any date from the last month or even before that date.
  6. Go back to the main Settings and then go to About Phone > Software Information.
  7. Tap 7 times on build number to enable developer options.
    No OEM Unlock in Developer Options
  8. Now open developer options on your phone.
  9. Look for the Auto Update System and disable it.
    No OEM Unlock in Developer Options
  10. Next go to Settings > Software Update and disable the ‘Auto download over wifi’ option. Now check for updates manually. Ignore the error message if you receive any.
  11. Once done, reboot your device.
  12. Now go to developer options and you will find the OEM Unlocking option.

So this is an easy way to fix no OEM unlock in developer options. Now let’s move to the next method in case it didn’t work for you.

Method 2: Fix No OEM Unlock by removing SIM

In case if the first method didn’t work, you can make some changes to the first method itself to test it again. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Remove SIM from your phone and reset your phone. You must be ready to reset your phone as OEM unlocking will reset it anyway.
  2. Now reboot and connect your phone to WiFi to go through the setup process.
  3. During the setup skip gmail and samsung account login (In case if it didn’t work also try logging to both accounts).
  4. And now follow all the steps from method 1.
  5. The OEM Unlocking will now appear in Developer Options.

Method 3: Fix OEM Unlock Missing by flashing Firmware

Sometimes flashing the same firmware or firmware from different regions can also fix the OEM Unlock missing from the developer options. This can cause a bootloop if there are any mistakes in the flashing process. So make sure you are aware of the process to recover from the bootloop just in case.

Download the Firmware that you want to flash (Try flashing the firmware from the same region). You can use Frija, Samsung Firmware Downloader, etc. for downloading firmware.

You can download the Odin Tool to flash the firmware. Make sure to select CSC and not the CSC Home. Check the steps in detail here.

So that’s how you can fix no OEM unlock option in developer options. It may not work on locked carrier devices in some regions. It works mostly for the Exynos variant. I hope the guide works for you. In case of any issues, let us know in the comment section.

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    • I removed sim and did a factory reset. Then did an offline set of phone without a sim card/no carrier codes to block oem unlock. OEM unlock will then be active. Select OEM lock and DEbug. Now, go through bootloader unlock process and bam! Unlocked!! Now you can shut the phone off insert the sim card and go through normal new phone setup process with the bootloader already unlocked. Root a will.

  1. Figured it out. Tried installing by doing setup and skipping setup. If you skip setup then option will not be available. Tried twice both ways to make sure.


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