How to take a screenshot in Incognito Mode on Google Chrome [Android]

If you’ve ever tried taking screenshots of webpages opened in incognito mode, then you should see a notification, “Couldn’t save screenshot”. But there’s a workaround by which you can capture screenshots of webpages opened in incognito mode.

Back in 2018, Google removed the support of taking screenshots in incognito mode. The feature was removed from the incognito mode due to the privacy concerns. But the newer Google Chrome 89 has hidden flag stashed inside developer tools that lets people take screenshot in incognito mode. In this article, we will show you how to take screenshot in Incognito Mode on Google Chrome.

Recently, Google added a bunch of new functions to the Chrome including Tab Search, preview webpages, grid view, and a few more. Now the popular web browser is all set to get yet another feature in the form of incognito screenshot. Though, for the time being, users can only enable it from hidden flags. But we can expect, Google could soon re-introduce the incognito screenshot feature in the coming days.

Now let’s take a look at the steps by which you can take screenshot in Incognito mode on Google Chrome in Android.

Enable Incognito Screenshots Flag in Google Chrome on Android

The experimental flags is one of the best ways to try the features which are under testing. And if you’re using the latest version of Google Chrome (version 89), then you can enable the Incognito Screenshots from the experimental flags.

Earlier, the flag is limited to the Chrome Canary 88. But now, the public version of Google Chrome (88 or 89) comes with the useful flag support, in case you’re using the Chrome in Incognito Mode, then you can follow the below steps and starts taking screenshots on your device.

  1. At first, Open the Chrome Browser (version 89) on your Android smartphone.
  2. Now type this “chrome://flags” address in the address bar of Google Chrome.
  3. Under Chrome flags page, you need to search for the flag which you want to enable.
  4. For this guide, you need to type, “Incognito Screenshot” in the search bar or you can directly enter this URL in the address bar “chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot”.
    How to take screenshot in incognito mode on google chrome
  5. You can enable the Incognito Screenshot flag from the available section.
  6. To grant access, tap on dropdown button with default label, and select Enabled.
    How to take screenshot in incognito mode on google chrome
  7. Choosing enabled will bring tab search functionality on your Chrome browser.
  8. You can restart it by clicking the relaunch option available in the right bottom, or you can manually re-open the browser.
  9. That’s it.

Note: Make sure to update Google Chrome to the newer version.

Now you can start capturing screenshot while using Chrome’s incognito mode on Android.

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