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How to remove Google Chrome’s Reading List Feature on Windows and Mac

Google has been working hard to bring new functionalities to the Google Chrome. Recently, the browser received the features such as Preview webpages on Android and Grid View Tabs.

The latest version of Google Chrome (V89) knocks up with a new feature – Reading List. The Reading List is listed in the right side of the bookmark bar, if you’re using the Google Chrome as your primary browser, then you may have noticed the Reading List in the bookmarks bar. If you want to disable reading list, then here’s how to remove reading list feature from Google Chrome.

Talking of the Chrome’s Reading List, then the feature let users save pages to read later. Although, the service is similar to the bookmarks, but the Google will sync the Reading List pages across all of your devices including your smartphone or PC. If you don’t like the Reading List section in the bookmark bar, then you can remove it from your browser. For the time being, the feature is available for the Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad users.

You can easily remove the Reading List feature from Google Chrome in Windows and Mac, now let’s dive right in the steps.

How to remove Reading List from Google Chrome

At the moment, there’s no official way to disable reading list feature from the browser, there’s a workaround which lets you remove it from your browser. Yup, the Chrome flags let you disable the latest reading list feature. The flags on Chrome is one of the best functions which let users enable or disable the features which are under testing or not stable.

Below we list the steps by which you can disable or remove reading list from Google Chrome. The method is same for both Windows and Mac users.

  1. At first, Open the Chrome Browser on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Now type this “chrome://flags” address in the address bar of Google Chrome.
  3. Under Chrome Flags page, search for “Reading List, then this screen will appear.
    remove reading list from google chrome
  4. In the available section, you can see the Reading List flag.
  5. You can click on drop down section with Default naming, and then click on Disabled option.
    remove reading list from google chrome
  6. Choosing the disable option will remove the Reading List from bookmark bar. Once done, you need to restart your browser.
  7. You can restart it by clicking the relaunch option available in the right bottom, or you can manually re-open the browser.
    remove reading list from google chrome
  8. That’s it.

With these simple steps, you can disable Google Chrome’s reading list feature. If you feel that this feature is useful for you, then you can re-enable it in the future.

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