How to get Preview Webpages feature in Google Chrome on Android

Earlier this week, Google Chrome received a significant update on the Android and other platforms. It’s one of the most popular browsers on Android, and the Google Chrome 89 is sowing with a stack of new features on Android. And one of the noteworthy features is, the new preview webpages option. The feature let users to preview any webpage without loading a full-fledged page. It’s a pretty handy feature for users who want to compare information for two websites. In this article, you will know how to use preview webpages in Google Chrome on Android.

Google has been testing the preview webpages feature in Chrome since 2018. Until now, the feature is available for the Beta and Canary users via Chrome flags. Now Google seeds it to everyone with Chrome V89. The preview webpages feature was first spotted by 9to5Google on version 89 of Google Chrome on Android. Not only preview webpages, but the latest update also bags WebNFC support (NFC for web apps), WebHID, Native Web Sharing on the Desktop, along with some other features.

Preview Webpages in Google Chrome on Android

If you’re using Google Chrome on your Android smartphone and want to get access to the preview webpage feature, then make sure to update the Chrome to its newest version. The feature is available for every Chrome user running on version 89.

After upgrading Google Chrome, you can simply long-press on any hyperlink on a webpage, then you can access the preview webpage option from the content menu. The preview page option appears between Open in incognito tab and Copy link address. After tapping on the preview page, it will slide-out the webpage with select options such as the favicon of website, page name, open in new tab icon, along with the close button.

How to preview pages in google chrome on android

The tap bar of the slide sheet also has a bar at the tap, which let users open or close the preview page into a fully-fledged webpage. Yes, users can simply swipe down to close the page or swipe down to open. There’s also a close button “X” by which users can manually close the preview page window, while the arrow button allow users to open the preview page in the new tab.

If you want to access the preview page feature, then you can simply update the Chrome to 89 on your Android smartphone. After upgrading to the newer version users can also access the afore-listed Chrome 89 features on their Android device.

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