How to Sign Out of Netflix on Roku Devices

Roku-enabled TVs and Streaming devices are popular and used by everyone to watch and stream content. Why? Because of the price as well as the wide range of streaming services available on the platform. One of the popular streaming services in the world is Netflix which is also available on Roku to enjoy a wide range of Movies and TV shows in different languages. In case if you are already using Netflix on Roku and want to log out, this guide is for you. Here is a guide on how to sign out of Netflix on Roku.

Now, why would you want to sign out of Netflix? There could be many reasons. Maybe you no longer have an active subscription to Netflix, uninstalling Netflix from your Roku TV, or you might be signing in with a new Netflix account. There could be many possible reasons why you might want to log out of Netflix on Roku TV. Anyway, if you want to sign out of Netflix on your Roku device, read on to know the guide.

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku

Now, there are various versions of Roku devices available. So the process to sign out will be a bit different. Nothing complicated just different steps. Read on to know more.

Log out of Netflix on a Roku 1 Device

If you have the older Roku 1 device with you, here is how you can sign out of Netflix.

  1. Power on your Roku 1 device.
  2. Now, use your Roku 1 remote to open Settings menu.
  3. Scroll and select the Netflix Settings option.
  4. Select the Deactivate this player from my Netflix Account option.
  5. In the end, you will have to select Yes. This now confirms the removal of the Netflix account from the particular Roku device.

Log out of Netflix from Roku 2, LT, XD and, XS

If you have any of the above-mentioned Roku devices, follow these steps to sign out of Netflix.

  1. Switch your Roku device on.
  2. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  3. It will now open the home screen of the Roku device.
  4. Navigate and select the Netflix app.
  5. Press the Star button on your Roku remote.
  6. You will now see a remove channel option. Select it to remove the Netflix channel.
  7. Now that the channel has been removed from the Roku device, you have been signed out of the service.

Log out of Netflix on the Roku 3 and Roku 4 device

Finally, if you have the latest versions of the Roku devices, you can follow these steps to sign out of Netflix.

  1. Power on your Roku device and make sure it is connected to a wireless network.
  2. Using the remote, navigate and open the Netflix channel.
  3. You might be asked to choose a screen. Select any if applicable for your Netflix account.
  4. Now, simply navigate towards the left of the app to bring up the menu screen of the app.
  5. Scroll down in the menu and select the Get Help option.
  6. With the Get help screen open, simply select the Sign Out option.
  7. The app will ask if you wish to sign out of the app. Click on the Yes option.
  8. And that is how you can sign out of the Netflix account on your Roku 3 and Roku 4 device.

Sometimes, you might not see the Get help option in the Netflix app. So what do you do? Well, there is a way to sign out of the app using a combination of key presses. All you have to do is open the Netflix app and press the Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. When you use this combination, you will be signed out of the Netflix app on your Roku device.

These are the different ways you can follow to sign out of Netflix account on Roku TV. Which one of the methods worked best for you? Also, let us know if the key combination method worked for you or not. Of course, you could also simply remove the Netflix channel from your Roku device. You can read more about removing channels by heading here.

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