How to Get Local Channels on Roku TV for Free

Cable TV used to be the only source of watching content on TV. Be it local, national, or international content. With TVs becoming smarter day by day, the cable network is slowly falling away. Thanks to the availability of the internet and tons of ORR services free and paid, you can watch all sorts of content on your TV without the cable. Smart TVs with RokuOS have a lot of local channels for you to watch for free right away. If you have cut the cable connection, here is a guide on how to get local channels on Roku TV.

Why would you want to view local channels on Roku? Well, because it could be the best source of information about your locality or area, you also get to view events and happenings taking place locally. However, with your Roku TV and an internet connection, you can get access to all of the local content. Read along to know how you can get local channels on your Roku TV for free.

How to watch local channels on Roku TV

Since Roku TVs are smart TVs, you will have multiple methods to add external services like Local Channels. And as you know, this guide is all about local channels, so we will share different methods to add & watch local channels on Roku TV.

How to watch local channels on Roku TV

Watch Local Channels from Roku Channel Store

The Channel Store on Roku TV has many free channels that you can use to watch a lot of content. You can access the Channel Store by scrolling through the menu and selecting Streaming Channels. From movies to news to weather, you will find apps that you can use to free stream the content that you want to watch. Installing the Roku Channel App is the best when you want to enjoy free content right away. This is the easiest way to get local channels on Roku for free.

Use various TV apps and subscriptions

While the Roku Channel has a lot of content for you to watch, a few apps themselves will let you stream a lot of channels, including local channels. Some of the apps are free, while some require you to have a monthly or yearly subscription.

Services such as Hulu, fuboTV, and Sling TV have a huge catalog of TV channels that you can watch. However, these services require that you purchase a subscription plan to have unlimited viewing benefits and access to all sorts of content. There are also free apps that provide tons of local content. NewsON and HayStack Local & World News bring you at least more than 200 channels for you to browse through. You get to search for channels location-wise. All of these channels are free to download to your Roku TV. If you wish to listen to your local radio news, you can use TuneIn and iHeartRadio services to get all the local news and information that you need.

How to Get Local Channels on Roku TV for Free

Connect an Antenna to Roku TV

Maybe you do not want to use the internet to stream and watch content, or maybe because your internet speeds aren’t incredible. The TV Antenna comes in super handy. However, this method will work best if you live in an area where you might get more than a hundred local channels. Antennas are cheap and easy to set up. Of course, your location also matters, which means that the number of broadcasts that it can pick up could be a lot or a little. Also, Antenna placement and height is another factor to be getting the best range for you. You can find a lot of these Antennas available on Amazon.

Use the YouTube TV service

One of the best ways to stream off local content right away is by using the YouTube TV service. The service is a paid one every month but will give you access to more than 85 channels. The plus point? The service is available nationwide and has just one single monthly fee and no other charges such as local channel fees, DVR fees, or even broadcasting fees. And what’s best about YouTube TV is that you can share the account with up to six family members at no extra cost. You can even use the free trial period to see how the service works best for you.

Screen Casting Content from Mobile to Roku TV

Sometimes, it could be possible that you might not find that particular app that provides local content on your TV. Or, it could also be that someone has developed an app available for your Android or iOS mobile, and you have to make use of that app itself to get all the local content. In this case, screen mirroring the app should be the best option. However, if the app has a built-in cast to TV option, then you could also cast to your Roku TV right away. You can follow this guide to know how to mirror or cast from an Android or iOS device to your Roku TV.


So, there you have it! Various ways to watch local channels on Roku TV for free. With TVs being smarter every day, it also matters that you have a smarter experience, thanks to the internet and digital life. If we missed any useful method, then let us know in the comment section.

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