How to Reset Roku Remote easily [Easiest Way]

Roku TVs are popular as they let you make the most of being able to watch content online. Also, many brands have the RokuOS on their TVs and, even the fact that you can purchase a Roku streaming box and connect it to any TV to make it smart. With all electronics, there is always an issue in terms of it not responding or not functioning at all. This can be said in the case of the Roku Remote. Today’s guide is all about knowing how to reset Roku Remote easily.

The remote is a very important device as you use it to navigate and control your device. And, when it is a TV remote, it is an important device. However, these devices are delicate and then they can run into some issues which can be small but very annoying. Of course, you could make use of your mobile phone as a remote for the Roku TV, but then having a physical remote is always the best. Since these are remotes one can expect a few issues with it and performing a reset would be the best solution. Read along to know how to reset a Roku Remote easily.

How to Reset Roku TV Remote

Before we go into how to reset the Roku Tv remote, you need to know what kind of remote you have. There are two kinds of Roku remotes; a simple one and a voice remote. The voice remote will have a voice button on it. However, the process to reset the remotes are the same.

how to reset roku remote
  1. First things first you might want to remove the battery cover and the batteries for your Roku remote. It is the same for both Roku Remotes.
  2. Disconnect your Roku device. Whether it is a Roku TV or a Roku Streaming device you will need to disconnect its power source and wait around for a few seconds.
  3. After 20 seconds or so, you can now reconnect your Roku Streaming box or TV.
  4. Getting back to the Roku remotes, simply insert the batteries and press the pair button.
  5. The button will be present at the back of the remote.
  6. When you press the button, you will see a flashing light on the remote.
  7. If you have an older remote, you won’t be able to see the flashing light.
  8. With the button pressed, your Roku Streaming Box or TV will now display that it is ready to pair a Roku remote to itself
  9. Wait for a few seconds while the remote begins a wireless connection between itself and the Roku TV or Streaming Box.
  10. When both devices successfully connect, you will see a message on your TV screen stating that the pairing process has been successful.

Reasons to Reset Roku Remotes

Well, since it is an electronic device, it could have a few issues that might cause it to not function properly. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why you might want to reset your Roku Remotes

  • There could be an issue that the device does not respond to the input from the Roku Remote.
  • The functions do not perform as indicated on the remote. For example, pressing the volume up button begins to decrease the volume and vice versa.
  • Sometimes, the remote might simply begin to be hot or warm when not being used.


And this is how you can reset your Roku Remotes. However, even after resetting and re-pairing it the remote doesn’t work, it might be time to get a new remote. But before that, make sure to test it with newer batteries. Also, if these are the Pro or enhanced remotes, ensure that it’s connected to a 5GHz wireless network. If all else fails, it might be time to get yourself a new remote. In the meantime, you can always make use of your mobile phone as a remote for your Roku device.

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