How to Get Help in Windows 10 [Detailed Guide]

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS for years and also the most popular one. Microsoft keeps adding new features on Windows 10 on a regular basis. And as of now, there are tons of features you will find on your Windows 10. In case you are having trouble using Windows 10 or any app in Windows, you can get help directly from the OS. Windows 10 comes with the built Get Help feature. Here you will know how to get help in Windows 10.

Windows 10 packs a lot of features and so it is possible that you may not be familiar with some features. And also, there can be some bugs or issues that users get to deal with after updating Windows or even apps. And in all these cases you can get help in Windows 10 to fix these issues.

Here in this guide, we are sharing different ways to get help in Windows 10. In case you want to get help in File Explorer, check out this guide.

Make use of Get Help App

Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt get help app that a user can use to resolve any queries or issues regarding Windows 10. By default, the app allows users to chat with Microsoft Virtual Agent. The Virtual agent works great if you have some simple queries. You can ask your question and it will show you some links with the solution to your queries.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

But there are many questions and queries that the Virtual agent may not understand. And in that case, you can also talk to a real person to fix those issues. To do so you can ask the virtual agent that you want to talk to a human.

To open the Get Help app, open the Windows search bar and type the Get Help. It will appear on top of the list, open it. And wait for it to be connected. Now you can ask about your queries.

Get Help using F1 button on any App

Most of the apps, especially the stock apps that come by default with Windows 10 have the option to get help.

Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

So in case you encounter any bug or issue or you just want to know how to use any function on the app, then you can use the Get Help option. And to trigger the Get Help in any app, press the F1 key on your keyboard. This is also a method to get help in Windows 10.

The F1 help option on every app routes you to the get help service provided by specific apps like Chrome, File Explorer, Microsoft Office, and more. So, this is another way to get help in Windows 10.

Get Help using Tips App

Windows 10 comes with a Tips app that many users don’t know about. Many users who know about it may not even use it. It is a pretty useful feature that contains many tips to make Windows 10 better.

Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

To get help in Windows 10 using Tips, first search for the Tips app on the Windows search bar. Open the app from the result and you will find a bunch of tips you can follow to improve your Windows 10 experience.

Tips app gives you a brief overview on various topics like new features in the latest updates, Keyboard shortcuts, Windows 10 tips, Word templates, Tips for Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Remote learning, and more. It has a huge collection of tips that users can access to get help in Windows 10.

Find Settings Quickly

Windows 10 is a vast operating system with tons of features and options. And it is possible that you may not find some features or settings in your Windows 10. In that case, you think of getting help in Windows 10. Here comes the role of this section.

Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

You can easily find any settings or features you are searching for. Open Settings on your Windows PC and on the Settings main page you will find a search bar. Now type the keyword of the Settings you are looking for. It will appear in the drop-down, so select the required settings.

Same you can perform in the Windows search bar. For e.g., you want to change the Windows theme to dark, then you can search for Dark and it will show the Settings with Dark Mode option. It will not help if you are searching for anything from a third-party app.

Do an online search to get help in Windows 10

The Web is the place you will find anything. And it can also help you with any queries regarding Windows 10. Using Windows 10 is easy but I can bet you don’t know all the features and tools of Windows 10 even if you have been using it for years. Also, Windows gets new features and UI changes with major updates.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

If you find some challenges while using any app or any feature in Windows 10 you can always get help using the Web. Although you can search for your query in any browser, the easiest way to get help in Windows 10 from the web is the Bing search.

To do a quick web search for your query, open the Windows search bar and just type your question. It will show the results from the web that you can read. Make sure you have an active internet connection for this.

Microsoft Support Page

Windows is a Microsoft product and probably the most profitable one. And like any other big tech giant, Microsoft also provides support to its users. And there you can reach out to customer support for any type of problems or queries related to Windows.

How to Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

Microsoft is a big website where you can ask for support for any of its products. But if you specifically want to get help in Windows 10, then check out the Windows support page from Microsoft.

Check FAQs and Forum

No matter what are your queries, FAQs are the common way to find the solution for any topic including Windows 10. Every app, OS, games, tools anything you say has FAQs either on their sites, apps, or tools. So do check out FAQs to find answers to your query. You can check Windows 10 FAQs here.

Get Help in Windows 10 Guide

Forums are also another way to get help in Windows 10. In Forum, you can ask your queries and even look at queries from other users. This way you can also check if other users have the same issues as yours. And it is possible that you can find answers to your queries without even posting them to the forum.

So these are some ways you can get help in Windows 10. Getting help in Windows is easier than before, you can use any method you like to contact support. Or if it is a query that can be solved without contacting support, you can check FAQs and tips in Windows 10. There can be more ways to get help in Windows 10. And if we miss any important tips, please let us know.

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