How to Flash OTA Firmware on Huawei Phones (All Phones)

Huawei is a big smartphone brand which also includes honor series. There are many popular phones available in the market including some flagship devices, budget phones, and mid range phones. After the conflict with the US, Huawei will no longer support Android 10 OS on its phones. Starting with upcoming Huawei devices will run on Harmony OS and it will not support Android Apps. But in case if you want to manually install the update then the process will be the same for both OS. Here you will know How to Flash OTA Firmware on Huawei Phones.

Most of the time the update rolls out in batches which means most of the users get the update late. And in this case, we have few options to get the update early on our device. You can either flash full firmware using the Huawei flash tool or you can manually install OTA firmware on your device. It is a bit complex method but you can install it easily if you follow the guide carefully. How to flash OTA Firmware on Huawei phones

When Huawei releases an update the file gets leaked or officially available in zip format. It is called OTA firmware that you can download and install immediately on your phone. This method will work for Huawei and Honor devices like Huawei P30, Honor View 20. So let’s jump into the steps to get the latest updates.

How to Flash OTA Firmware on Huawei Devices

On this page, you will know instructions to install OTA firmware on Huawei devices. We are going to share the official method which is safe and it will not delete any data on your phone. Once you have downloaded the OTA Firmware for your phone you can begin the flashing process. There is one more thing you have to follow which is the requirement that you need to go through.


  • Take a full backup of your phone (just in case)
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • Download the correct OTA Firmware for your device (for method 1)

Method 1: Steps to Install OTA Firmware on Huawei/Honor Phones (for Old devices)

  1. Extract the OTA Firmware on your PC and check the file inside the folder. There should be system.img file. And if there is system.img file then copy the zip file (same zip that you extracted) to your phone storage. And rename the zip file to
  2. And if inside the extracted file there is an file then copy this file yo your phone storage.
  3. Make sure the file is stored in the root folder (outside of every folder) of your phone. You can also use the SD card where you can copy the file.
  4. Check if you have enough storage space (more than the update file) on your phone.
  5. Turn off your Huawei or Honor device. Then boot your device into recovery mode (press & hold Volume Up + Power button).
  6. It will take to a screen with an Android icon, then press the Power button once and it will bring the Recovery menu on your phone.
  7. In the Recovery menu, press the volume down button to navigate to ‘Apply Update from SD Card’ and select it by pressing the Power button once.
  8. Locate the file on your phone and press the power button to start the installation process.
  9. It will now install the latest update on your Huawei or Honor device.

Remember that the above method will not work if you are downgrading your device. The above guide works for older Huawei phones. And in the new phones, the recovery menu has been changed and the option to apply update from sd card has been removed. So now you can follow the below method to install the latest update without any issues.

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Method 2: Steps to Install OTA Firmware on Huawei/Honor Phones (for New devices)

  1. Connect your Huawei phone to an active internet connection.
  2. Then install the Firmware Finder for Huawei on your phone. How to flash OTA Firmware on Huawei phones
  3. Now open the Firmware finder app and it will detect your phone model and list on top.
  4. Click on your phone model and it will show all the available Firmware including the latest update. How to flash OTA Firmware on Huawei phones
  5. Click on the latest update firmware that you want to install.
  6. It will take you to the next page where you will find various update options. Click on the IN-APP PROXY. Then click on OK to pass the alert message.
  7. Now it will show information in rServer. Like rServer: localhost Port:8080. Remember both server and port number as we have to use it.
  8. Minimize the App (do not close) and make sure the proxy server is running (you can check in the notification panel).
  9. Now open Settings on your phone and go to WiFi to which your device is connected. Modify the network and enter localhost in server and 8080 in port. You need to enter the same server and port that you found from the Firmware finder app. I have used Localhost & 8080 just for an example. How to flash OTA Firmware on Huawei phones
  10. Once your device is connected to WiFi with custom server and port, go back to Settings.
  11. Go to Updater and there it will show the latest available update.
  12. Click on Update to start updating your Huawei phone to the latest version.

That’s all reboot and enjoy the latest update. You can follow the same process to update any above build number. This will work with all the new phones in which stock recovery is different. Whenever you read or hear about the new update just go the firmware finder and update your Huawei phone.

So there you have it the complete guide on How to Install OTA Firmware on Huawei phones. This guide is for all Huawei phones including old and new. In case if you have any question on your mind, then let us know in the comment section.

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