How to Fix Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

The remote is the most important device as it’s used to control and operate the basic functions of any smart TV. It’s always best to have them working. However, there can be times when the remote suddenly stops working or functioning. If your smart TV’s remote is not working properly and you are looking for some solutions to fix these issues. So, in today’s guide, we will be taking a look at the best ways you can follow to fix your Toshiba Amazon Fire TV remote that is not working or not functioning.

Fix Toshiba Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working

If you have a Toshiba Fire TV remote that seems to not be working, you might want to follow these troubleshooting methods that can help solve the d Fire TV remote. You can try each of these troubleshooting methods to see if they solve the issues.

How to fix Firestick TV Remote not working

Check if the Remote has Damages

Remotes for any and every device out there are super delicate. The same goes for the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV remote. Check for physical damages on the remote such as dents, cracks, or even broken panels. Next, you need to check for internal damage by shaking the remote. If you do hear a lot of noise coming from the remote, it’s time you get a new one. If there’s no physical damage, you might want to follow the next step.

Are The Batteries Dead?

Since these Toshiba Amazon Fire TV remotes require batteries in order to be working perfectly, it’s best to check whether the batteries inside them are fresh and not dead. Also, it is worth noting that if there is any damage to the batteries, you might want to dispose of them safely and insert clean and fresh batteries into the remote.

Clean The Remote

The Toshiba Amazon Fire TV remote works on infrared to communicate with your TV. So, make sure that the top part of the remote is clean. If not, make use of a soft and dry cloth to clean out the sensors. With a clean sensor, the remote will be able to easily function with no issues whatsoever.

Check For Obstructions

Because these Fire Tv remotes work on the line of sight method, you need to make sure that the Toshia Amazon Fire Tv’s front panel is not covered or blocked by anything. If there are a few things there, you might want to remove them as well as clean the front panel with a soft and dry cloth. Once you have removed anything that is in the way of the TV and have cleaned the font panel, your remote should be working just fine.

Remove Interfering Objects

Sometimes, wireless devices that are present in the rm=oom may cause some interference between your Toshiba Amazon Fire TV remote and the TV unit itself. So, identify what devices are in your house and try to keep them either in sleep mode or simply just powered down. This can help reduce wireless interferences and disturbances between the remote and your Toshiba Fire TV. Now you can check and see if the Toshiba Fire TV is responding to the remote or not.

Perform a Factory Reset on the Remote

Now, if none of the above troubleshooting methods have worked for your remote, it’s time to give it the good old factory reset. Factory resetting the remote brings the remote back to its factory settings. This means that the remote will be set up just as it came out of the box when you purchased the Toshiba Amazon Fire TV unit.

We have a detailed guide on how you can reset your particular Fire TV remote. You can check out the reset guide for Fire TV and FireStick remotes by heading here.

 Use Fire TV Remote App

Thankfully, even if you have n remote with your Fire TV or it’s no longer working, Fire TV has the ability to let you use the Fire TV app as a remote on your mobile device. This is quite useful and can be a time and life saver for a lot of people. Here are the steps to set up the Fire TV app on your mobile device.

how to pair new fire tv stick remote without old remote
  1. Download the Fire TV for your Android or iOS device.
  2. Make sure that your Toshiba Fire TV is turned on and already connected to your existing WiFi network.
  3. If not, you might want to connect a USB mouse or keyboard and navigate to commencing your Fire TV to the wifi network.
  4. Now, launch the Fire TV app on your mobile device and sign in with the Amazon account that has been used on the Toshiba FireTV.
  5. You will be able to select your Amazon Fire TV on the screen.
  6. The Fire TV app will now display a few remote controls on your mobile phone’s screen.
  7. Simply tap on the buttons to control your Toshiba Fire TV right away.

Get a Replacement Remote

If nothing works best for you, it’s time that you get yourself a replacement remote. Or better yet, a universal remote.  A universal remote is a better option as it is able to function with almost any sort of TV out there. You will have to enter a code to program the remote to your Toshiba Fire TV. once the programming has been done, you can easily use the remote as if it was the original Toshiba Fire TV remote.

This concludes the troubleshooting guide on how you can fix the remote for your Toshiba Amazon Fire TV that is not working. Because remotes are delicate, it is always best to keep them safe at all times. Alternatively, if you might be having a mobile device, preferably an Android one with Infrared built into the device, you can easily use the mobile device to control the TV right away.

To conclude, it’s best if you are able to take care of your remote and at the same time, ensure that you have a spare or replacement remote for your Toshiba Fire TV in case anything ever happens to the original or main remote. If you have questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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