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We are here with a new wallpaper collection from OEM ‘Google’. Prior to this, we shared wallpapers collections for Samsung and OnePlus. It is more like an inventory or archive of all the Google Pixel wallpapers we have shared before. The main reason for this archive is you can navigate to any Pixel phone wallpapers right from here. So get ready to explore Google Pixel Wallpapers Collection.

Google always includes amazing wallpapers on its devices including Smartphones, Chromebooks, etc. And along with devices, Google also shared wallpapers frequently on their Twitter handle on various occasions. And Android OS wallpapers are also part of the Google wallpapers collection, but we will have a dedicated archive for those walls. Google is a big tech giant and we expect high-quality products and even wallpapers, luckily they never disappoint at least with wallpapers.

Google Pixel Wallpapers

So if you are a Google fan or even like to try different wallpapers on your phone, then you can’t miss this collection. Here you get to download wallpapers of recently announced Google Pixel 6, Pixel 5a, Pixel 4, and more. So empty your storage to make space for new high-quality wallpapers. Let’s start with some latest Google Pixel Wallpapers collections.

Google Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 Series is releasing on October 19 but its wallpapers are already out. As of now, there are only a few wallpapers available in Google Pixel 6 collection, but once the device is official we will share all the wallpapers. This time Google is going to release a Pro model instead of the XL model that we have been seeing in the past till Pixel 4 XL. As Google Pixel 6 will run on the Material themes and so you also get to see different wallpapers that suit well with the concept. Pixel 6’s Plant wallpapers are also available here.

Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5a is the latest budget smartphone that Google released just after announcing the Pixel 5. It is a 5G phone that continues the Pixel 4a dominance. Along with the chance to enjoy the Pixel experience on budget, the phone also brings a couple of cool wallpapers. As usual, one wallpaper is the colorful 5a branding and another one is abstract wallpapers. You can check out the preview below with the download button.

Google Pixel 4XL

Google introduced Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL in 2019. Pixel 4 XL was the last flagship phone from Google and the flagship title will now go to the Pixel 6 series. Pixel 4 comes with a bunch of cool wallpapers including some doodle wallpapers. And similar to 5a, it also has P4 branding wallpapers. If you like Pixel wallpapers, then Pixel 4 wallpapers will be a great addition to your wallpaper collection. You can download it from the given link. That’s not it, Pixel 4 also comes with live wallpaper that you can get here.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 was released in 2020 as a budget phones. Pixel 5 was the only model that Google released and skipped the XL model. Talking about the Pixel 5 Wall, it comes with some amazing set of wallpapers. Some wallpapers include cartoon drawing, Pixel 5 branding, Music theme and more. So if you like to try some different wallpapers Pixel 5 collection will not let you down. Pixel 5 also comes with some live wallpapers that you can download from here. Now let’s see the preview of Pixel 5 Walls.

Now let’s move to the list of all Google Wallpapers that you can visit right from the archive.

Google Pixel Wallpapers Collection

Other Wallpapers from Google:

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We will keep updating the Google Pixel Wallpapers archive, so in case if you are looking for wallpapers for any specific phones, you can check this list. So that’s all on the Google Wallpapers. In case of any doubts feel free to drop comments.

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