Download 1000 Darn Good Earth Landscape Wallpapers from Google Earth for Free

Google Earth is one of the great programs by Google which shows the earth’s 3D representations. It uses satellites to deliver original view of the earth and you can take a look at any place from Google Earth. Google Earth offers original wallpapers of earth and all the wallpapers are really astonishing. And recently Google Earth updated with new 1000 landscape wallpapers for everyone which is free and no words to describe the appearance of wallpaper. It defines how beautiful our earth is. The wallpapers contain Earth landscape, scenery, oceans, islands and all other beautiful places which look stunning. Here to get to Download Earth Landscape Wallpapers shared by Google Earth.

Google Earth has a different website called earth view where you will find amazing earth landscape wallpapers in high quality. It is all free and the landscapes are from across all over the globe. Earth View site is customized in a way so that users can access wallpapers of any place they like in a click. Gopal Shah who is the Product Manager at Google Earth shared the collection of new Earth wallpapers through a blog. Everyone enjoys the landscape when flying in an airplane, you can also get the same view on your device home screen.

Google Earth allows us to explore the earth and you can see all the wonders captured in the photos shared by Google Earth on their Earth view site. We can filter the photos in earth view by color, countries, colored dots to find wallpaper according to your interest. These are the perfect wallpapers and takes a lot of work, but the google earth team has done an amazing job and now they have more than 2500 wallpapers in the collection. Below you will know how to download earth wallpapers.

Earth Landscapes from Google Earth

Google Earth keeps sharing amazing earth wallpapers and it allows us to download thousands of wallpapers directly from the earthview site. Once you go through the gallery available on the earthview, you are definitely going to keep scrolling the Earth wallpapers. The gallery contains almost everything like rocks, oceans, mountains, rivers, forests, roads, and much more.

Make sure to check out the preview of some cool earth landscapes which we have added below. It will give you an idea about which type of wallpapers are present in the earthview.

Earth Wallpapers Preview

Download Earth Wallpapers (Landscapes)

Google Earth View is an amazing web place that every one likes to visit to get original earth wallpapers taken by satellite. No need to worry about quality as all the earth wallpapers in earth view are in 1800 x 1200 resolution. Downloading wallpapers from earth few is so easy and convenient and takes no time. If you want to explore the wonders of earth you can download wallpapers in a few steps.

  • Go to Google Earth View site and click on Explore Now.
  • It will take you to Earth Wallpaper Gallery.
  • Now you can slide the gallery to view amazing wallpapers.
  • If you come across a wallpaper that you like then click on the Download icon and download it.
  • If you want to filter then click on Show Map and slide color or select any point to open the wallpaper.

So there you have it the complete guide on download Earth wallpapers by Google Earth. Google Earth is an amazing source to explore the beauty of the earth’s nature. In case if you like to get more wallpapers then make sure to go through Stock Wallpapers.

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