OxygenOS 12 Release Date, Eligible Devices, Expected Features, and More

The next major update for Android phones is Android 12 which is already available in beta. And as per the official Android 12 rollout plan from Google, it is going to release soon. With the Android 12 nearing launch OnePlus is also working on their OxygenOS 12. Yes, OxygenOS 12 is the next update based on Android 12 for OnePlus devices. Since there is only a couple of months left, here we are with OxygenOS 12 release date, eligible OnePlus phones, expected features, and more.

OnePlus’s OxygenOS was probably the favorite OS for most users because of its customization while maintaining the stock-like experience. But we can’t say the same anymore since the big call from OnePlus to change the UI similar to One UI. And as Android 12 marks one of the biggest UI changes, we can expect some good news from OnePlus. Yes, the new Material based UI can also be a positive element on OxygenOS 12.

With Oxygen OS 12 things will be in favor of OnePlus fans. We are expecting many features and big changes that will be coming to OnePlus phones with Android 12 based Oxygen OS 12. If you have a OnePlus phone and want to know if the OxygenOS 12 will release for your phone, then here your search ends. We will also be sharing OxygenOS 12 release date and expected features.

OxygenOS 12 Release Date

OnePlus partnered with Google and released the Android 12 developer preview for the OnePlus 9 Pro. But it only includes a few features of stock Android 12. As per the Google release plan, Android 12 is coming somewhere in August and September. And looking at the history of the previous Oxygen OS releases, it comes within a month after the Android 12 release. It means the OxygenOS 12 will release in October 2021. Obviously, OnePlus will first roll out OxygenOS 12 for its latest flagship phone which is the OnePlus 9 series.

OxygenOS 12 Release Date

Remember this is an expected release date which can vary on different factors such as the Android 12 official release as well as OnePlus test build performance. Now let’s move to the next section for eligible OnePlus phones.

OxygenOS 12 Eligible Devices

It doesn’t make sense to go through all the information of Oxygen OS 12 if it is not going to be available on your OnePlus phone. And so you must be willing to know the list of OxygenOS 12 supported phones. It is the most frequent query that we get on the comment section and social media.

Earlier this year, OnePlus revised its update policy for OnePlus devices and according to that new policy we have the revised list of OxygenOS 12 compatible phones. OnePlus is going to release OxygenOS 12 to most of its latest OnePlus devices. Since there is no official list, it’s our speculation based on the latest update policy and previous OnePlus updates. The official list may or may not vary from the list mentioned below.

List of OnePlus Phones Compatible for OxygenOS 12:

  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus 8
  • OnePlus 8T
  • OnePlus Nord 2
  • OnePlus Nord CE
  • OnePlus Nord
  • OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren
  • OnePlus 7T Pro
  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 7 Pro (exception)
  • OnePlus 7 (exception)
  • OnePlus Nord N200

These are the OnePlus phones eligible for OxygenOS 12. The OnePlus 6 series already got its last update as OxygenOS 11 (for now as beta).

OxygenOS 12 Eligible Devices

OnePlus Nord N100 and OnePlus Nord N10 are eligible for only one update up to Android 11. And so both the new Nord N series phones are not eligible for OxygenOS 12 update. Now if your OnePlus device is eligible for an Android 12 update and wants to know the features you get, check out our expected features list.

OxygenOS 12 Features (Expected)

Visual Changes

Android 12 is one of the biggest updates in years which brings major UI overhaul. It brings features like a new set of widgets, a new quick settings panel, notification panel improvement, etc. And we expect from OnePlus to adopt these changes as it is already available on the Android 12 developer beta for the OnePlus 9 Series. Rounded corners are another major highlight in the user interface that changes visual appearance for Notifications, Recent apps, and more. So get ready to experience the new UI on OxygenOS 12.

OxygenOS 12 Features


OnePlus recently made it official that they have merged with Oppo. Both Oppo and the OnePlus team will be working on updates together for better software update management. Although OnePlus declines that OxygenOS will not merge with Oppo’s ColorOS, the changes will eventually reflect in OxygenOS. The changes include a new Settings UI which looks very similar to OxygenOS but a bit different in options placements.


The OnePlus camera app is good but it misses out on some main elements which open room for improvements. And with the upcoming OxygenOS 12 we will get an improved Camera performance as well as some new options. Also, Oppo’s ColorOS camera will replace the stock camera on OxygenOS. It has better control option placement as you no longer need to tap twice to switch the different camera resolutions.

Theme Store

It will be one of the most awaited features that can make its appearance in OxygenOS 12. OnePlus has also shared that soon we can see a theme store. And what could be a better chance than including it in the major OxygenOS 12 update. It may not be a theme store like MIUI with tons of themes, fonts, wallpapers, but it will keep improving. With the new OnePlus Theme Store you will have more customization options.

New Canvas and AOD Style

OnePlus introduced the Canva feature and AOD with some new styles for the lockscreen. And with the next OxygenOS 12 we can expect more styles that we can set to show in the lock screen. Always on Display can receive some new features that will improve the user experience.

Dynamic Wallpaper Effect

Google announced the Dynamic wallpaper effect in Android 12 which changes the theme color of the phone. It changes the color of most of the elements such as app icon colors, quick settings, and more. There could be an option if you want to disable this feature.

Disable Throttling

Some of the new OnePlus phones have a throttling performance that drastically increases the benchmark scores. OnePlus stated that their R&D team is working on the option that will let users enable or disable the optimized mode that throttles the performance on the phone. And they will be delivering this new option to disable optimized mode with the first build of OxygenOS 12.

Improved Security and Privacy

This is one of the areas which gets updated with every major Android release. And also included in custom OS like OxygenOS. In Android 12, Google added a long-awaited feature which is to show the used permission icons like microphone, camera, location, etc. And it also lets you directly control these permissions from the quick settings. It is a useful feature that OnePlus will add to OxygenOS 12.

OxygenOS 12 Features

These are some of the OxygenOS 12 expected features. Since these are not officially confirmed by the OnePlus itself, there can be changes in these features. But the disabling throttle option is coming for sure.

Last updated on 25th July 2021, we’ll keep updating the list, so stay connected with us. So, this is the list of OnePlus devices that will get the OxygenOS 12 based Android 12 update.

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