15 Best Games like Valheim for PC and Mobile

A new game was released on Steam and picked up the storm rapidly. A survival game in 2021 that is perfect in every way, sold around 20 million copies – Valheim. Valheim is a co-op survival game that lets you plan your battle, and explore various areas solo or with up to 10 players. Well of course the game is currently in its Early Access stage and should be out of it by 2022. Anyways, if you love survival games and don’t want to play Valheim just yet, here are the 15 best Games like Valheim for PC and Mobile (Android and iPhone).

Valheim is picking up speed not because it’s a one-of-a-kind survival game, it’s also because of the daily upgrades and patches that keep rolling out to the game. Things like this are what bring in more players and even more development being done for the game. Now, if you enjoy such kinds of survival games, we have listed out 15 of the best games like Valheim to play on PC and Mobile.

Games like Valheim for PC

1. Raft

Want to be on a raft with your friends in the middle of the ocean and looking for an in-game survival experience? Raft is the game you should be playing. Since you are out on an open sea, you have to look for resources and food to keep yourself and your friends alive. It’s a survival game like Valheim, but on an ocean. You have to build tools such as a hook to be able to fish out various items floating on the ocean and other equipment to survive and stay alive at all times.

Games like Valheim

Apart from just sailing on a raft, you can also dive into the water and look for items and even go ahead to explore. While things might seem quite a lonely place apart from your friends, there is danger lurking around waiting to attack at any moment. Hence the need for weapons to be always available. Raft has been developed by Redbeet Interactive and released in 2018.  You can purchase the game on Steam for $19.99.

2. Eco

What happens when a meteorite comes crashing? Well, everything is destroyed and one has to rebuild everything to get back to regular life. This is a game where any activity you perform will result in some type of consequences whatsoever. For example, if you throw waste in the rivers, the water will flow into your farms and damage all the crops. So, it’s an environment management game with survival as the main goal. Of course, you can build machines and production factories, but you will have to keep the after-effects of nature in your mind.

Games like Valheim

Climate and weather are important factors and they will change according to the situation. A small mistake can end up in a huge natural disaster, which in turn reduces your survival chances. You and only you are the government. Everything matters in your actions. Eco has been developed by Strange Loon Games and released in 2018. Get the game on Steam for $25.49.

3. Rust

Here is an MMO Open World survival co-op game that has been around for a long time. Rust is all about fighting and surviving. Everything on the island feels like it has been cursed and only destined to attack you. From the people living there to the wildlife, everything has just one goal to kill you. The game has a wide variety of vehicles and a huge train network too. Of course, there is farming and the building of various kinds of houses to shelter yourself and your friends.

Games like Valheim

With whatever resources that you have you will have to make the best use out of them. Apart from that, you can also trade with other players, or if you wish, you can simply go ahead and attack their base and kill them. The game is more enjoyable if you have friends that also play this game since it will be more fun teaming up. Rust has been developed by Facepunch Studios and released on Steam in 2018. Rust is available on Steam for $39.99.

4. Grounded

The next-pick in the list of best games like Valheim is Grounded. This is a game that puts you into the perspective of little insects and how they see the world. You play as a regular human but shrank to the size of a mushroom or rather an insect. The game is in first-person, meaning that you will be able to enjoy it as well as explore the world and most importantly save yourself from various enemies that will try to attack and kill you. Whatever you do, the insects will react to it quite quickly. There is everything you expect in a survival game made available in this game.

Games like Valheim

Building shelters, crafting weapons, importantly of all, play around with your friends with the online co-op mode. The campaign mode in this game lets you play the game’s story and even let you explore various parts of the world i.e. a backyard. Grounded has been developed by Obsidian Entertainment and was released in 2020. You can play Grounded on Steam for $29.99.

5. Terraria

Terraria is an open-world sandbox survival game that lets you build and craft various items with one goal to survive. There are lots of worlds that get generated for you to explore and fight around with various enemies. You can even go ahead and build your world.

Games like Valheim

It is similar terms to that of Roblox. And, considering the online co-op multiplayer, this is a fun game in all aspects, Terraria has been developed by Re-Logic and released way back in 2011. Well, yes, the game still receives new content updates to date. Though it’s an old game, you will always find between 15 to 20 thousand players at any given single time. It is one of the best similar games to Valheim. Get the game on Steam for $9.99.

6. Conan Exiles

Remember Conan the Barbarian? Yes, this game takes place in the same place as Conan the Barbarian. You now fight for your clan to claim all the lost lands and also to ensure the survival of yourself as well as the other members of the clan. It is set up in an open-world environment, that lets you explore as many areas as you can. Also, there are a lot of enemies for you to fight with and lots of ancient civilization ruins for you to explore. The game also has its online co-op multiplayer mode where you can enjoy exploring the area with your friends.

Games like Valheim

Of course, you can choose to play alone too. And, if you like to spice things up a bit in the game, you can always make use of mods created by the community for this game. Conan Exiles is developed by Funcom and released in 2018. You can purchase this game on Steam for $39.99. Well, the game is still being updated with new content and events so it’s a worthy purchase in 2021.

7. ARK Survival Evolved

Imagine being stranded on a mysterious island called ARK all by yourself, ARK is an island filled with various kinds of creatures and dinosaurs. And what do you do with the dinosaurs? You tame and train them to be your friends. You can also heal the wounds of the various creatures in the game, move around through various jungles with the animals, attacking enemy bases and run around behind other wild animals that you can hunt down to feed yourself and your dinosaurs. Now, this is a survival game, so of course, you have to have food and shelter as a basic need fulfilled to survive on this island.

Games like Valheim

Collecting resources to build your shelter and other tools is equally important. Customization is the main key factor in this game, as you get to customize your weapons, armor, and clothes too, you can play the game online with your friends and create various tribes and even share resources and villages in-game The game has huge maps that you can explore around with friends and have a good time hunting around various animals. ARK Survival Evolved is developed by Studio Wildcard Q and was released back in 2017. The game is always updated with new content and is available on Steam for $8.89.

8. Satisfactory

Well, the name might seem nothing much, but it’s a game all about setting up your life on an alien planet. You get to install factories and produce various goods with the vast number of resources available on the planet. With all the goods being produced you will have to set up your supply chain of trucks and trains to make your products available far and wide. Where is the survival aspect? You will find it when out exploring new areas and resources and will come face to face with various kinds of wildlife that will be ever ready to attack you.

Games like Valheim

You need to survive when on these explorations so that, later on, the newly found areas and resources can be put to use. There is safety gear available for you to use just in case, there is a lot of customization options available in-game from building a factory at whatever altitude you want or making it look according to your taste, the choice is all yours.  Satisfactory is being developed by Coffee Stain Studios and released in 2020. You can play this fun game on Steam for $29.99.

9. Astroneer

Astroneer takes place in the future- the 25th century in outer space. Players can team up to form various bases, build custom vehicles to travel and explore, and craft tools that will be needed to collect various resources that will be beneficial for their survival. The solar system that is left for you to explore has around 7 planets to explore at different levels whatsoever. Each planet is unique in its way. Building and connecting various items is simple by snapping them together. Astroneer gives you a lot of customization options from your base, vehicles, and your character too.

Games like Valheim

You can join many other servers easily or stick with a group of four friends and explore the vast space, once you have figured out everything about the planet, you can then confirm and settle your crew on the planet and begin work on it right away. The game is however in an early access stage and gets updates and fixes regularly. Astroneer was developed by System Era Softworks and released in 2016, The game will cost you $29.99 on Steam.

10. The Long Dark

When your plane crashes into the Canadian wilderness and you are caught up with the heavy winter snows, you have only one thing to do- Survive. The Long Dark has its gameplay divided into various episodes with three of them already available to play. With the supplies in your bag nearing their end, you will have to act quickly before you die. There is also a survival mode where you are put into a sandbox and all you have to do is survive. Since this is a game with Permanent death, you have to start over from the beginning.

Games like Valheim

This is a game that you will enjoy in single-player for a lot of hours, yes, the first and second episodes have gameplay of around 16 hours which might seem less, but hey, there is a reason why the survival mode and other challenging modes are available to play. The Long Dark is a good alternative to Valheim and it costs you $29.99 on Steam. This game has been developed by Hinterland Studio Inc and released back in 2017.

Games Like Valheim for Mobile

1. Exile Survival- Craft, build, fight with monsters

You play as a barbarian in an open-world apocalyptic setting where you need to survive. From building various shelters to crafting weapons and equipment and gathering resources and food to survive, it has everything you want in a survival game, there are lots of battles for you to take part in your own choice. To survive, you will have to put in the wild hunting for prey as well as even shooting in some cases. Want to move around the open world? Craft yourself a motorcycle and you should be ready to ride around.

Games like Valheim

The game is based on realism. So, if you don’t let your barbarian have food and drink water from time to time, you might end up killing him and beginning the game from the start. Apart from just exploring around, other characters in the game will also help you finish quests and give you information about the past civilizations. The game has simple and easy on-screen controls. You can play Exile Survival on Android for free. Exile Survival has been developed by Pride Games.

2. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Here is a game similar to that of Valheim in terms of the survival aspects. You get to build your settlements and brave the harsh weather paired with vicious monsters. The game is more around a simulation in which you have to manage workers as well as resources for everyone to survive. The whole civilization relies on you for their survival. One wrong move can hinder your civilization completely.

Games like Valheim

The game has a lot of areas to explore which then later and slowly unlocks as the game progresses. Apart from the regular gameplay, you can also simply enjoy the landscapes and feel good about them The Bonfire has been developed by FredBear Games Ltd and is available for purchase on Android and iOS.

3. Stormfall: Saga of Survival

As it says in the game’s title- you have to survive. Stromfall has elements of an MMO RPG game as you have fantasy elements such as being able to learn sorcery and make use of it as and when you can. You have to survive and protect yourself at all costs. WHich means crafting weapons to defend against enemies and build a shelter so that you can stay from the wild.

Games like Valheim

There are monsters in the game which you have to defeat. You can also take a few animals and keep them as pets. Like, you could take a horse to be yours so that you can ride it wherever you want to explore the vast world. Well apart from just feeding yourself, fighting, and surviving you also have to build up your clan and protect them at all costs  Stormfall is a free-to-play game developed by Plarium Games Ltd and is available on Android as well as iOS.

4. Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Soul is a dark fantasy MMORPG where you will be out and about collecting resources and survive the longest in the dangerous land. Of course, you do get to explore various other parts and areas of the game and craft up weapons and tools that are to be used in battles against the most dangerous inhabitants of Plaguelands.

Games like Valheim

There are also elements where you can have a horse, build its stable, and ride it to wherever you wish to go to. Also, you have various mysteries that have to be solved and tons of rewards to be collected too. This is a free-to-play game developed by Kefir! You can lay this dark fantasy MMORPG survival game on Android and iOS.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there for PC, Mobile, and Xbox. This is a fun sandbox game where you not only have to build things, but also resources and defeat various other enemies.

Games like Valheim

Yes, it is a survival game as you will have to always be on the lookout for creeps who will always be happy to attack and kill you whenever they feel like it. The game is so popular that the single mention of the word Minecraft should itself be enough for people to know what the game is all about. You can buy Minecraft on PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS.


So, here we conclude this list of games for PC and Mobile that are similar to Valheim. Of course, survival games are all about strategic planning and management of various kinds of resources. Yes, these games are fun and the sales volume of Valheim shows it all. These games are enjoyable to the max when you are playing with friends as it is fun to see how other people can manage and make the best use of resources to survive.

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If we’ve missed your favorite Valheim alternative, then let us know in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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