15 Best Games like Animal Crossing for PC and Mobile

Animal Crossing is a popular game that blew up in 2020, all thanks to the pandemic and the lockdowns that took place. It became one of the most popular and downloaded games in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossings is one such game that you can play in a relaxed manner but is still not available on PC. However, on mobile, you can always play Animal Crossings Pocket Camp, which kind of does the trick. So, you have a PC or a mobile and want to play games like Animal Crossing? Here is a list of Games like Animal Crossing that you can play on PC and Mobile (including both iPhone (iOS) and Android).

Animal Crossing is no doubt a very fun and interesting game. It lets you build up your area, get furniture, go fishing, and all that. In all fairness, the game has fun gameplay, multiplayer modes and it’s got the cute factor overall. Well, there are however some games available out there that have a few similarities to that of Animal Crossing, so read on to know what are similar games to Animal Crossing and on what platform will you be able to play them.

Games like Animal Crossing for Mobile

1. Seabeard

The list of games similar to Animal Crossing begins with Seabeard. Everything about the game is about you being a pirate exploring various islands and doing whatever you wish to do. And being a pirate, you can set sail on the seas and look for new islands. There are different tribes that you will meet along the way plus the ability to build a crew that will assist you in sailing, cooking, and even in combat.

games like animal crossing

Well, you can customize your character in the tons of options available, and the best part? You can play with your friends in multiplayer online mode. Visit their islands and have a good time helping out each other. Seabeard is a free-to-play game available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

2. Happy Street

Happy Street has a similar take on Animal Crossing. You get to do all the regular things such as building up farms, constructing different shops and explore the natural beauties of the area such as the hills and mountains. Well, you can even have the popular monuments of the world such as the Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and many others right into the game.

games like animal crossing

There are no human characters as such in the game, the inhabitants of the village are all animals. Well, you can even customize their look and even play and trade with friends. However, to do that, one must have a Facebook account login to play online. Happy Street is a free-to-play game developed by Limebolt and is available on Android and iOS.

3. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The Harvest Moon series of games have been around for a while both on PC and Mob. For the 20th anniversary celebration, they have released this special edition of Harvest Moon games. What’s the game all about? Well, you are a survivor of a shipwreck and have landed yourself in a harbor town. Here is where your new life begins by building up a farm completing quests from the residents of the town and even take part in various kinds of fun festivals out there.

games like animal crossing

Keeping these things aside, you must also save the town and even rebuild the lighthouse so that it can act as a beacon of hope for those who have lost their way in the sea. With all of these elements in-game, the game is tuned to chase at your own pace, giving you a relaxing and chilled-out gameplay. Harvest Moon is available on Android and iOS for $14.99. It is one of the best alternatives to Animal Crossing. The game has been developed by Natsume Inc.

4. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked

Here is a game that is more similar to Harvest Moon: Light of Hope than Animal Crossing in terms of story. The only difference is that instead of a harbor town, you’re left upon a tropical island where you must learn to live for yourself by farming, crafting, and even building a palace for you to stay and survive. If you don’t have shelter and the basic things, the tropical weather out there will be ready to challenge on with some rough weather which might eventually get you killed.

games like animal crossing

Once you’ve got everything ready for you to live on the island, you can then build up a boat of your own and set sail across the ocean, and be on the lookout for new places to explore and settle. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked has been developed by Klei Entertainment and is available on Android and iOS devices for $4.99.

5. Animal Camp: Healing Resort

Judging by the game’s title, you might think it could be a version of Animal Crossing, but it isn’t. Yes, it’s got animals all around and similar game elements, but is a different game. In Animal Camp, you have to build and own a resort as well as farm, collect materials and also bring in various other animals as visitors to your own designed resort. You could think of it as a game where animals all take a vacation and head over to the resort to enjoy and have a fine vacation as well as being able to heal up from the day-to-day happenings of the real world.

games like animal crossing

Your main goal is to have a healing resort up and running, a resort where your visitors don’t have to worry much. In the resort, it is you who has to go fishing, prepare food and provide camping facilities for your visitors. A chill and relaxed game that has been developed by Poom games. A free-to-play game is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best games like Animal Crossing and you’ll love to play it on your iPhone or Android.

6. New World: Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise rides the same shipwreck boat story as Harvest moon and Don’t Starve. You find yourself on an island after your ship gets wrecked due to a thunderstorm. Once on land, you have to begin a new life by exploring the place and start tending to yourself so that you will be able to survive. Apart from all that, you can also look around for cargo that has been lost from ships that might have ended up on this island.

games like animal crossing

This gets more fun when you have friends to play thanks to the multiplayer mode. You and your friends can complete quests and unlock various characters to play in the game. There are lots of rewards for you to collect as you complete the various quests. So, New World: Castaway Paradise is the next pick in the list of games similar to Animal Crossing. This is a free-to-play game from PopReach Incorporated and is available on the Play Store.

7. Castaway Paradise: TownBuilder

If you visit this game’s page, it clearly says If you like Animal Crossing, this is the game to play. Fair enough because the main game is available only on the Nintendo Switch. So, what is this game about? Well, it’s all about you taking a vacation on a tropical island where you will have to Collect bugs, go hunting, fishing, and even dress up. Yes, you do get to grow plants here, customize your characters, and even decorate your slang, just like how you would do in Animal Crossing.

games like animal crossing

There are even various festival-specific events that take place all around the year. These events upon completion give you various rewards which can be sued for other items within the game. And similarly, to Animal Crossing, you can help out other people with quests they have for you which in turn they will reward you. One might say it’s a copy of Animal Crossing, which is no doubt but has different elements altogether. The game is free to download and available on the App Store. The game seems to be taken down from the Google Play Store.

8. Stardew Valley

The next pick in the list of best games like Animal Crossing is Stardew Valley. This is a fun farming simulator type of game where you are given an old plot from your grandfather. You will have to turn this overgrown field into something beneficial for you. Armed with a set of tools, you have to learn to live off the produce that you grow. With a once lively and active town, Stardew valley has now come to a halt all because of the Joja Corporation, it is up to you to bring the valley back to its former glory.

games like animal crossing

The game has a lot for you to explore around. Such as raising farm animals, exploring caves, crafting various kinds of tools that will help you on your farm. What’s even more fun is that you can play around 3 other players with whom you can share various resources. We’ve also shared a list of games that are similar to Stardew Valley, check now. You can play Stardew Valley on Android and iOS for $6.99.

9. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Well, this is an Animal Crossing game, but not as full-fledged as the ones available on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, it will be missing out on a lot of things, or else the game would not be a free-to-play one that too for Mobile devices. It’s a fun game nonetheless. You can visit various locations, solve quests, build furniture, collect fruits and even hunt out for bugs and fish. Oh, and you do have your campsite which you can use to place in the furniture that you built or any other site that you might have purchased from the marketplace.

games like animal crossing

Also, there is a nice area where you can customize your vehicle which you use to drive around to different maps. Well, it doesn’t give you the whole Animal Crossings experience, but it seems fine enough for now at least. The game is free to download on Android and iOS.

Games like Animal Crossing for PC

1. Forager

Forager also has elements such as crafting, farming, and exploration. And it fits first place in the list of best games like Animal Crossing for PC. There are various roles that you can play within the game. You can choose to be a gatherer, merchant, farmer, adventurer, or even a builder. The game is super fun and at first, glance might feel like it’s a kid’s game due to the graphics and the character’s design.

games like animal crossing

As you progress along, you can level up, fight various kinds of enemies, solve puzzles, uncover secrets and even enter various dungeons. If you simply want to play a fun and child out the game, Forager is the game to play. Developed by HopFrog and released in 2019, you can purchase the game on Steam for $19.99.

2. Hokko Life

In Hokko Life, you have to build up the village fresh. Equipped with few tools, you start by building up various houses. You are the main planer for Hokko village. The game lets you hunt, craft, build, and even fish for survival if you have played Animal Crossing New Horizon, then you surely know where this game takes its inspiration from. Even the graphics are quite on pat with Animal Crossing and it might make you think while playing the game for the first time that you are playing Animal Crossings itself.

games like animal crossing

The game has been developed by Wonderscope and has the same publishers as that of My Life at Portia- Team17. The game has just been released in June of 2021 and is currently under the early access program. Available for PC on Steam for $19.99.

3. World End Diner

With World End Diner, you are the last restaurant on the last island. You get to farm, manage and cook food for the animals that come over to your diner. There are tons of food items waiting for you to be prepared and fed to the animals and robots as well. And the humans? Well, they have been wiped off the face of the Earth and it’s up to you to survive and tend to the animals.

games like animal crossing

There are plenty of places that are waiting to be explored. As you progress through the game your character gets various upgrades and even new skills are unlocked. The game is fairly new with its June 2021 launch date. World End Diner has been developed by Andymente and is priced at $14.99. You’ll love playing this Animal Crossing Alternative on your PC.

4. Verdant Skies

Here is a game that has taken inspiration from 4 different games including Harvest Moon. This is a proper life simulator game that requires no explanation. It’s just a game that’s based on things you would do in real life. You can customize your character based on how you would want it to be.

games like animal crossing

There are a lot of things for you to do in-game such as being able to date someone, decorate your home grow crops, and everything else other games on this list can do. Verdant Skies is developed by Howling Moon Software and released in 2018. You can purchase this game on Steam for $19.99.

5. My Time at Portia

If you wanted anything remotely close to Animal crossing, My Time at Portia is what you should be playing on PC The story is simple, you inherit an old farm from your grandfather and now it’s your job to bring the farm back to life. Of course, you can do other things around the town considering it’s been set up in a post-apocalyptic world. You can even build your workshop which can be used to craft out various kinds of tools that you might need to use later on.

games like animal crossing

Of course, your character will skill up as the game progresses. Apart from just building and farming, you can also explore ancient ruins and caves plus, fight head-on with various enemies. The game has been developed by Pathea Games and was released in 2019 for Steam. You can purchase the game for $29.99.

6. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

A free roam open world game where you get to fish and farm? Yes, it is! On the island of Yonder, you get to choose what you want to be either a chef, a tailor, or a farmer. This is a slow-paced game that you can play in a relaxed mood. Also, you can customize the character with a large range of options available to choose from. As a hero of the island, you set out to explore the vast open world as well as be on the lookout for sprites and use their power to help restore your island’s beauty to its former glory.

games like animal crossing

In terms of dynamics, there is a lot of it starting with seasonal weather changes which play a role in the climate as well as animals migrating to and from various places as well as an ever-evolving weather system. The game has been developed by Prideful Sloth and released in 2017. Play Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on Steam for $24.99.


Well, these are the games that you can play on PC, iOS, and Android, if you enjoy Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. There could hopefully be a day when we get to see the full game be made for mobile and PC platforms, as not everyone would want to buy a Switch to just play that one particular cute game.

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If we’ve missed your favorite F1 2021 Mobile alternative, then let us know in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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