12 Best Games like Teardown for Android, iPhone, iPad, or PC

There are plenty of simulations games out there for players to choose from. Why are simulation games popular? Well simply because you get to experience a more detailed world and highly realistic environment. You could be an animal, a professional, or anything for that matter. Teardown is a heist simulator with a destructive world sandbox. Your main goal in Teardown is to rip apart walls with explosives and vehicles. You call it a wall-breaking simulator if you wish. The game has got tons of positive reviews and this shows that people tend to enjoy such games that have a sandbox mode. Let’s take a look at best games like Teardown for Android, iPhone, iPad, or PC.

In Teardown, you are on a roll in being a damage perfectionist. You go ahead stealing cars, setting up explosives, and destroying various buildings and making use of tools, and playing with elements such as fire and water. Apart from getting job orders from your company, you pick up jobs from other shady organizations and individuals because you are good at it and also get paid for it. If you want to look for sandbox games similar to that of Teardown, you are at the right place. Read along to know the 12 best games like Teardown for Mobile and PC

Games like Teardown for PC

1. BeamNG Drive

BeamNG isn’t your regular car simulation game. It’s more than that. It’s a lot more than you’ve expected it to be. In BeamNG Drive, you get to drive around tons of cars to choose and drive from. Well, the game has realistic driving and crash physics which you can experiment with. Want to do something with a car that is not possible in real life or will just cost way too much? You can try all of it here.

games like teardown

This is one of the best car sandbox games you’ll ever come across. Heck, you can even see what happens to vehicles if you put them on various planets and the sun as well. This sandbox game has a lot of things that you can learn from simulating real-life accidents and other things that you simply wish to try for reasons unknown. BeamNG Drive is developed by BeamNG and released in 2015. You can buy BeamNG on Steam for $24.99.

2. Demolish and Build 2018

Second to this list is Demolish and Build 2018. The game leans more onto the destruction element of Teardown. As your company seeks to expand into the global zone, you need to create an impact for the company by taking up most of the demolition projections and make the company known to everyone. In this game, you can build various buildings and even demolish a lot more. And, you can also buy various kinds of land properties that you can later use to build new projects.

games like teardown

Your job is to also hire workers from all over the world to get your project up and ready. Upgrade and make use of a wide variety of construction equipment and vehicles that you will need all along the way. Of course, you have to manage the company as well, how else would you be able to run and assign and accept various projects? Demolish and Build has been developed by Noble Muffins and released in 2018. Purchase this game on Steam for $9.99. It is one of the best alternatives of Teardown.

3. Concept Destruction

Wanted to drive cars made out of cardboard and see how they end up when you crash into other cardboard cars? Well, Concept Destruction fulfills your dreams by letting you drive miniature concept cars. It’s a pretty small yet fun game. More into the relaxing gameplay kinds as you don’t have to stress out on anything at all. There are four modes to choose from in this game.

games like teardown

Championship mode is all about being the best and staying at the top at all times whereas survival is all about how long your car lasts and works with all the damage that it receives. The longest surviving damaged car is the winner. There is metal music playing out in the background while you go ahead crashing into other cars. This fun game has been developed by Thinice games and released in 2020. Concept Destruction will cost you $2.99 on Steam.


Here is an unusual one on the list of games like Teardown. Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with vehicles or destruction of any sort. What it has is an open-world sandbox game where you get to experiment with vegetation. Your role in the game is a sage who lives on a deserted island filled with various kinds of potions, mystical vegetation, and tons of secrets. The game has over 30 kinds of plants that are unique and have their properties which are then used to brew various kinds of potions.

games like teardown

With over 40 potions for you to choose from, you can experiment with them on your farm. You can use these potions to help other people or use them for yourself while you are out and about exploring the area. Since you are the sage, people will come to you with kinds of problems and you will provide them with potions as a solution to end their problems. HIIS has been developed by Bottled fantasy Games and released recently in 2021. You can purchase this vegetation sandbox game for $9.99 on Steam.

5. Eggineer

Yup, it’s got things for you to do with eggs in the game. You have to build various kinds of vehicles for nothing else but an egg. You will be first given an objective that you have to complete. Once you have seen the objective, you will be then taken into an editor where you will have to build a vehicle with the egg centered. You have to transport the egg that sits on the chair to other places. There are a lot of things that you can use and you can let your imagination run wild.

games like teardown

Make use of wheels, cannons, explosives, rockets, and thrusters to build up the vehicle. There are around 27 vehicle parts to choose from and 36 levels for you to play through. Once you have completed your vehicle build, you can watch your vehicle start and take off and see the parts blast and fly all around. Eggineer has been developed by AquaStduios and released in 2021. You can buy this fun vehicle sandbox game on Steam for $8.99.

6. Destructo

Finally, a game that matches around with the gameplay of Teardown. Destructo is a sandbox destruction game that lets you destroy lots of buildings, cars, and anything else that you can find in the way. While Teardrop makes you use trucks and explosives, Destructo lets you use various missiles, guns, and even tanks to rip buildings apart. There are various kinds of collectibles for you to find which will help to unlock more weapons and even new game modes.

games like teardown

There is the added customization of being able to customize the sleeves and gloves of the character. There is even a night mode map and four kinds of game modes for you to play in Normal, Survival, Time Attack, and God Mode, Destructo has been developed by Kaira Deepware and has been released recently in 2021. The game is available on Steam for $6.99.

7. Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox is BeamNG but for space and the planets, and it is the next pick for our list of best games like Teardown. This is a sandbox game where you can experiment, destroy and interact with elements of the space. You play around with gravity, mess around with planets and stars and lets meteors and asteroids collide with each other. You can experiment with these elements all to your heart’s content. Want to create something impossible in reality? Simply plan them out in the game and watch it happen. Apart from that, you can also create your solar system, build planets out of Hydrogen, water, iron, and rock.

games like teardown

The game gets even more interesting if you have a VR headset, you can immerse yourself into space and enjoy watching stars age and even grab and throw planets around. This fun game was developed by Giant Army and was released in 2015. Universe Sandbox will cost you $29.99 on Steam.

8. Total Miner

Love RPG games? Now, combine RPG elements with a sandbox-building game. In Total Miner, you will be able to clear out large blocks of land to make space for paths, rivers, and walls. Use more than 25 types of texture packs to customize your blocks to the style that you prefer. It is incomplete with the main RPG elements, i.e. character customizations. Around 74 avatars and NPC choices are available with the option to customize their behavior and dialogues too.   

games like teardown

Gaining XP is also an RPG element that is present in this game which increases when you upgrade your skills and perform various kinds of activities. You can also farm various kinds of crops and take advantage of the day-night cycle as well. The game originally came out for the Xbox 360 and is still in an early access stage for PC. Total Miner has been developed by Studio Forge Ltd and was released in 2017. You can purchase Total Miner on Steam for $2.99.

9. Minecraft

This list would be incomplete with the mention of the most popular sandbox game of all time: Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that requires no explanation whatsoever. The game gives you the freedom to create what you want and how you want it. There are several worlds for you to explore and build various things. You can build, small homes, castles, and even whole length monuments and cities.

games like teardown

The game has a lot of servers for you to play online with your friends. Minecraft is available on every platform that you can think of. You can purchase Minecraft from the Windows Store for $26.99. Also available on Android and iOS.

10. Roblox

Many people might consider Roblox as a kids’ game and might just ignore it. However, the game has a ton of stuff that you can. From exploring millions of worlds to creating your own little experiences. There are so many things for you to do in Roblox, such as being able to customize your avatar with tons of options to play around with friends in the various open-world sandbox universes that have been created.

games like teardown

Many people have created experiences that are being visited in thousands every day and some of them are even able to earn from it as well. This is an absolutely fun game that you can play for free on Xbox, PC, Android, and iOS. What more could you ask from a game that is free to play.

Games like Teardown for Android and iOS

When it comes to mobile games similar to teardown, there are quite a few games. Well, Minecraft and Roblox are also available to play on Android as well as iOS devices.

1. Destruction Simulator: Teardown All

Welcome to a world where you get to destroy everything on your path. Destruction Simulator is the first game in the list of best games like Teardown for Android. From blowing up houses and cars to bits. The game does boast of realistic physics and destruction effects which should be pleasing to enjoy. You play the role of an engineer who has one job: to destroy the houses in the best way possible.

games like teardown

Before you begin to demolish the house, you get to enter and explore the house. You don’t make use of trucks or heavy tools to destroy houses. Instead, you make use of various kinds of weapons, basically point and shoot at the house to destroy it Destruction Simulator has been developed by Mironoff games and is free to play on the Google Play Store.

2. Building Destruction

Building Destructor is similar items of gameplay to that of Destruction Simulator.  You make use of guns to destruct various buildings and other objects in the environment. However, in terms of the graphics, it is quite good and the developer itself has stated that the game will run fine on high-end devices, suggesting that one might find issues on low spec devices.

games like teardown

The only thing that makes this game stand out from Destruction Simulator is the use of the environments that have been inspired by the original Teardown game and from Rainbox Six Seige. Developed by 180°, Building Destruction is a free-to-play game on the Play Store. You’ll love playing this teardown alternative on your smartphone.


So, this concludes the list of games similar to Teardown. While there are a lot of PC games that have a destructive world and an open-world sandbox, the mobile platform has very few titles. We hope to see more destructive environment games be released ‘out for mobile platform as it will be a good time pass playing such a game either while traveling or waiting for public transport. Do play some of these open-world sandbox destructive games and tell us your experience. If you know of a few games similar to these, you can let us know about them in the comments.

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