12 Best Games Like NHL 21 for Android, iOS, & PC

Sports games have been around for quite a long time. However, when it comes to Hockey, there hasn’t been much, apart from EA’s NHL hockey games series. Be it regular hockey or ice hockey, they’ve got quite a small number of games. If you’ve thought that the only hockey games available are the NHL ones, then you are quite wrong. We’ve put together 12 games like NHL 21 for Android, iOS, and PC.

While the NHL games never made it to PC since 2009, one can never be sure if there would be a new NHL 22 release for PC. With that being said PC gamers will be looking around for NHL alternatives and hope that EA decides to release a PC version of the NHL game. Moving on now, there are a few games that you could play on PC, which are along the lines of NHL. The games could have traditional hockey gameplay or even mixed ones but sure are fun to play nonetheless. Let’s take a look at 12 games like NHL 21 to play on PC and Mobile.

Games like NHL 21 for PC

1. Slapshot Rebound

First on the list of hockey games in this arcade-style hockey game. Currently, in early access, Slapshot Rebound lets you enjoy the game of hockey like you’ve never enjoyed it before. You do all the regular things like controlling the puck, shooting, and passing it to your teammates to score a goal. Of course, you’ll have the opponents coming at you to take the puck away from you and also try to score a point.

Games like NHL 21 for PC

While the game is in early access it has been stated that the game will be free to play for all until any further notice. And to make things a bit more fun, there’s the added online multiplayer that you can play with your friends or other players online in the game. Not bad at all for a hockey game that is free to play and has multiplayer options as well. The game has been developed by Odd Shot Games and was released on Steam in 2020. The game is free to download and play.

2. Super Blood Hockey

Here’s where things get violent in-game. Super Blood Hockey is a fast-paced sports game like NHL 21 that takes place on ice. You get to do a lot of things apart from just playing ice hockey such as being able to create your own team. You can also control your team diet plans, exercises, and everything else in between. There are different kinds of modes available for you to play such as a 4v4 game, manual goalie control, a 12v12 mega rumble as well as a turbo mode.

Games like NHL 21 for PC

There also is a global showdown mode where you have to lead your team to victory. In case you aren’t able to win calls for your execution- more like a do or die situation here. Well, there is even a 4-player local coop multiplayer game mode that you can enjoy with your friends right away. Super Blood Hockey was developed by Loren Lemcke and was released in 2017. You can buy the game on Steam for $3.74.

3. Mini Hockey Champ!

Now this isn’t anything like EA’s NHL games that they have been releasing almost every year. Mini Hockey Champ! is a fun little action-packed game that lets you play a 1v1 arcade match. Whether you know everything or nothing about hockey, this game brings in a lot of entertainment. You will be able to play with players who’ve got various skill levels. The game is even more fun when you have your friend around.

Games like NHL 21 for PC

It’s a couch multiplayer game alternative to NHL 21. You can pass around your controller to let your friends play. Be it a split screen or a shared PvP game mode, the fun won’t stop. There are two game modes arcade and championship. With the arcade mode, you will be able to unlock big head mode, a fire puck, and other characters. The game was developed by 26k and was released in 2017. You can find this game on Steam on sale now for $4.99.

4. Franchise Hockey Manager 7

Sports managerial games have been getting out popular and it’s the same when it comes to sports like hockey. This is a 2D simulator managerial game where you get to manage around historical and popular tournaments that have taken place in the past. Of course, there are NHL as well as non-NHL players in the game. You will even get to see teams from the cold war era as well!

Games like NHL 21 for PC

The ability to customize your own custom league setups such as being able to add any number of leagues that you wish to have. Now be able to create more drafts and have more control over your farm team. Your in-game players will also show off real-life stat, player value as well as keeping a few players from being traded as well. Developed by Out of the park developments and released in 2020 the game is currently on sale on Steam for $9.99.

5. Bush Hockey League

Bush Hockey league is a 5v5 game like NHL 21 that was popular back in the early days. If you enjoy sports without following almost all of the rules, then this is the game. From not wearing helmets to hitting your opponents with hockey sticks there is everything you can do to be as aggressive as you can while hitting the puck into the goal. When your team gets excessively aggressive, the opponent will stop playing and start getting into fights with your team.

Games like NHL 21 for PC

Bush Hockey league is a mash of a hockey game and a fighting game and a good alternative to NHL 21. If you wish you can even annoy the goalies, and irritate the referees. The best way to win the game is to injure and attack your opponents in such a way that they just give up altogether, making you the winner of the game. However, you will have to use a controller to play the game. Keyboard and mouse input aren’t supported. Developed by V7 Entertainment and released in 2017, you can purchase the game on Steam for $11.99.

6. Canvas Hockey

If you’ve wanted a good party game similar to NHL 21 to enjoy around with a bunch of friends, look no further. Canvas Hockey is there to liven up the party. This top-down arcade-style game lets you enjoy single-player and multiplayer co-op tournaments.

Games like NHL 21 for PC

There is even a Co-op campaign mode to play around with. The game has an old-school art design with everything in 2D. Local multiplayer can have a 1v1 or a 2v2 mode while custom tournaments can have up to 12 players to enjoy the game. Canvas hockey is developed by Brandon Alexander holt and was released in 2020. You can purchase the game on Steam at a current sale price of $4.99.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

7. Big Win Hockey

Looking at the mobile platform side of games, there are quite a lot of games similar to NHL 21 available to play. Big Win Hockey is one such game where you will enjoy playing around various games mode online with your friends or playing a few matches in the quick mode. You can also customize your team by getting new jerseys for the team to wear at matches and also be able to upgrade and boost your player’s skills.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

There are various kinds of cards such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze that you use to unlock more and new players. You can also use those cards to make changes in the outcome of a player while on the field. The game has been developed by Hothead Games and is available as a free download on the App Store and the Google PlayStore.

8. Hockey All Stars

If you like to create your team, customize them, to your liking, and taking your team right to the top, then this is the game you should be playing. It is one of the best games like NHL 21. It’s a casual hockey game that plays as expected.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

You can go ahead and play head-on with other people in the Online League. However, when it comes to upgrading your team and its players you will have to collect and use cards for these upgrades and boosts. And yes, you can also go ahead and customize your own Hockey Arena. Hockey All-Stars has been developed by Distinctive games and is available on the Google PlayStore and App Store.

9. Arcade Hockey 21

Here is yet another game by the developers’ Distinctive Games and it is an alternative for NHL 21. This is a 3v3 hockey game that has no rules whatsoever. You can go as wild you wish to battle in the arena and win the game. You can choose to play across 5 different leagues and play around in various kinds of areas within the game. Create a crazy team that you can put to use by fighting around with various bosses.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

The game has a progression method and based on the progress level you earn rewards. There are also daily rewards and battle pass rewards for you to collect. This is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases with which you can choose to buy various in-game items. The game is available to play on Android and iOS devices.

10. Stickman Ice Hockey

As it can be seen within the game’s name, it’s all the stickmen playing ice hockey. Just because it’s a stickman character doesn’t mean it will just be a regular normal game. The game has a lot of features such as being able to choose from 48 national as well as international hockey teams, playing without ice, and offside rules. All these features accumulate it to be NHL 21 alternative. The game has 4 different difficulty levels as well as the option to have automatic or manual input to move your characters i.e. stickmen around.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

There are two game modes, Quick Game, and Training. With all that you have various seasons to play and all of that in good 60 FPS. They could even implement support for higher refresh rate phones as well in the future. Stickman Ice Hockey has been developed by Djinnworks GmbH and is available on Android as well as iOS.

11. Rumble Hockey

Most of the games on this list of games like NHL 21, be it PC or Mobile usually have human characters involved. With Rumble Hockey, however, you can play with various animated animals who act as players on the field. This is more of a game to play while you want to pass the time around. The game lets you join various clubs and together raise your club to the highest level. The game has real-time multiplayer modes and cards that you can unlock to upgrade your characters.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

You can even play private and public matches with your own club members, take part in weekly special events as well as earning various rewards. If you have played games like Clash Royale, you will surely know how Rumble Hockey plays. Rumble Hockey has been developed by Frogmind and is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Available on Android and iOS.

12. Hockey Nations 18

This is Distinctive games’ third hockey game to feature on this list of games like NHL 21. It is a 3v3 game with a choice from 3 regions. There are various game modes available alongside rewards that you can earn by winning matches. You can choose from 40 North American teams, 27 Russian League teams, 19 International teams, and 2 All-Star teams. There are indoor ice arenas as well outdoor ones with a special Outdoor Series Championships event. The game is free to play and is currently available only on the Google PlayStore. There are in-app purchases and ads as well.

Games like NHL 21 for Android & iOS

There aren’t many games related to Ice Hockey, but you can try these games from the list. Luckily there are also some games like NHL 21 for Mobile which you can try on your Android or iOS device. You can always try the other version of NHL, but including those in the list will not make sense as those are from the same series.

So there you have it, the list of games like NHL 21 for Mobile and PC. Let us know your favorite alternative to NHL games.

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