7 Best Games like Among Us to Play in 2020 (List)

We have seen many Games that became famous instantly because of fun and interesting gameplay. Among Us is a new game of this kind and it gained popularity in no time. It is an interactive online game available for different platforms. And if you are also a fan of the popular game ‘Among Us’ then this guide is for you. Here we are going to share the best games like Among Us that you should try.

Among Us was released back in 2018 but recently the game started getting recognition from players. It has been developed by game studio InnerSloth which is also the publisher of this game. The game is an online multiplayer social deduction game that is unique as there are not many games like this. But after some research, we managed to find some games similar to Among Us.

Games similar to Among Us

The gameplay contains two different sides, Crewmates, and Imposters. In the game, each of these sides has to stop the other team by not letting them complete their tasks. It is fun to play the game because of its animations, and unique gameplay. And the Space theme is another reason for the game success. Let’s now jump to the list containing games similar to Among Us.

Games like Among Us

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Games like Among Us

Fall Guys is a new game released recently for PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms. Although its genre is different from Among Us, but it is similar to Among Us in many ways. Some aspects that make Fall Guys similar to Among Us are Animation, Unique gameplay, and theme.

Fall Guys is a kind of battle royale game where players need to qualify each round and become the winner or team winner once all the opponents are knocked out. There are various maps in the game in which players will be left free and they have to qualify by reaching the last bypassing obstacles.

Town of Salem

Games like Among Us

Like the Among Us game, here’s another game that you should try to get similar experience as Among Us. Town of Salem is also an online social deduction game which was released back in 2014. It is available for different platforms but the computer version is great.

Town of Salem gameplay is nearly similar to the Among Us game. The game starts with seven to fifteen players, each having a different role and abilities. And these players will have to eliminate others in order to gain control over the village or town.

Mafia or Warewolf (Online)

Games like Among Us

Mafia which is also known as Warewolf is a social deduction game. You can count Mafia as one of the best games like Among Us. It is one of the old games and probably the first popular social deduction game. The game is based on the elimination criteria same as Among Us.

The game takes place between two different sides, the evil team and villagers. Both teams have their own set of missions. Evil team will kill other players in night time with their killing powers. And on the day players debate will take place in which they will identify and eliminate a suspect. Enjoying the list of best games like Among Us? Keep reading as there are more interesting games that you need to try atleast once.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Games like Among Us

The Unfortunate Spacemen was released this year on Steam and it is almost the same as Among Us but with 3D graphics. It is a multiplayer shape-shifting game that involves the elimination of imposters or the spacemen depending on the task you have been assigned.

Unfortunate Spacemen is another game option for those who love Among Us. In the game, players will be assigned a role of either Spacemen or Imposters. It is kind of a horror game as imposters will shift their shapes to monsters. And to avoid this, the Spacemen team has to find and eliminate the monster. You will get to vote for suspects to take them down. Try Unfortunate Spacemen if you like the Among Us on your device.

Project Winter

Games like Among Us

Love the Among Us game but want a game that has better graphics and more betrayal. Here it is the Project Winter which is among the best games like Among Us. It is an 8 person multiplayer survival game that takes place between good and evil sides, same as any other game in this list.

You will be joining the game with your friends and traitors. But you will not know who can be the traitor so don’t trust anyone in the game which is a key to survival. Traitors will be weaker in the beginning but with continuous progress, they can become powerful with different powers that they can use against you and your team. The game is available on the Steam store.


Games like Among Us

Here’s another game like Among Us based on survival and social deduction. The game comes with the same theme as Among Us in which you will be tested for trust and instinct skills. Deceit is an action-packed multiplayer game which is available for free on Steam.

In the game, players will be spawn as either survivors or infected. And the survivor needs to find the infected player and kill that player before he knocks out all survivors. And the infected player needs to manipulate and take out all the survivors without letting them know about the identity. Check out the Deceit game if you lime Among Us.


Games like Among Us

If you like Among Us then you should also try Barotrauma once. It is a side-scrolling role-playing game. This game gives Among Us vibe with 2D game design. The game has been developed by the gaming studio ‘Undertow Games’. Like other games in this list, Barotrauma is also a mind game that will test your trust and detective skills.

The game set in a distant future on a submarine traversing the inhospitable ocean of Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon. To survive in the game players need to work with other crew members to achieve goals and defeat traitors which are onboard with players in the ship.

Social Deduction is a unique game category and so you will not find many games like Among Us. But still, there are some games that can entertain you with the same gameplay as Among Us. And now you know 7 good games like Among Us that you can play on your Computer and other gaming platforms.

There are more games like Among Us that we didn’t cover in this list. But if you think we missed any popular game then feel free to share in the comment section. We will add the game in the list. And for more games related articles stay connected with us.

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