Best Marvel Games for Android and iOS [2020]

Marvel is the biggest superhero cinematic universe that is now popular everywhere such as comics, movies, games, and more. If you are a Marvel fan and love to play mobile games but never played any marvel game, then you are missing a lot of fun and adventure. Here you will know the list of best Marvel Games for Android and iOS Smartphones. 

Smartphone gaming has changed a lot in the past few years and so the number of Marvel fans. Most users prefer playing games on their smartphones instead of choosing portable consoles or non-portable gaming machines. At present we have Xbox, PlayStation, PC but playing games on our phones are still more comfortable and portable. Smartphone gaming has been evolved a lot including Marvel signed games.

Best Marvel Games for Android & iOS

Marvel games bring all your favorite Superheroes and Supervillains to your mobile for unlimited fun. You can play with your Superheroes to take down powerful supervillains for entertainment and enjoyment.

Here I will list down amazing Marvel games for mobile phones running on Android and iOS. As most of the games are available on both platforms so I will mention Marvel games for Android and iOS in the same section.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

The first game that comes in my mind when I speak about Marvel games is the Marvel Contest of Champions. It is because the game packs with amazing graphics, interesting story and side quests, rewards, and many other things that make it a great game. It has almost all the popular heroes and villains in the game and they just look real like we have seen in movies.

Best Marvel Games for Android & iOS

It is a 2D versus fighting game where you can jump into the Quests or Arena with your champions to take down champions on the opposite side. Each hero and villain have unique powers that we can use with strategies to win even tough and challenging fights. So if you are interested in Marvel games for mobile then you should try the Marvel Contest of Champions.

2. Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is probably the first Marvel game released on the Android and iOS platforms and has a big player base. It also has almost all the known heroes and villains. The roaster in this game is even bigger than the Marvel Contest of Champions but with a cost of graphics.

Best Marvel Games for Android & iOS

It is a 3D team fighting game that allows you to explore the various maps with your choice of champions. In the game, you can upgrade your champions and tune them with available gears for more power. Champions on this Marvel mobile game can be leveled up by gaining experience. Go through different side quests and stories and defeat bosses and their bot armies. It is undoubtedly one of the best Marvel games for Android and iOS.

3. Marvel Strike Force

Another impressive Marvel mobile game based on an epic RPG battle game with tons of available roasters. In the Marvel Strike Force collect different champions in the game and take them to the 3D arena to fight evil forces. The game depends on progression and how much you give time to the game.

Best Marvel Games for Smartphones

You can assemble superheroes and villains to fight in the Arena to complete quests and story mode. Each champion has special abilities that you can upgrade each of these for more damage. Besides upgrading, you need to use different strategies to win tough fights to progress in the game. Like the other two games, this also has different maps that are used as an arena for epic fights. Let us know if you like this Marvel game on your Smartphone.

4. Marvel Super War

There aren’t many Marvel games available for Android and iOS, but the available ones are great and you can enjoy these games. Marvel Super War is one of the best MOBA titles available for smartphones. If you like to play games like DOTA, League of Legends, then you should definitely try Marvel Super War.

Best Marvel Mobile Games

The game is available in limited countries such as Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Newland. It is a mystery, that they didn’t release the game globally while many users want to play but can’t because of unavailability. The game progression is similar to other Marvel mobile games where a player needs to assemble heroes and villains to take down the opponent. If you are looking for the best Marvel games for Android or iOS then you can try Marvel Super war if it is available in your region.

5. Realm of Champions

In the future, we can expect the release of many Marvel games for Android and iOS platforms. But if we talk about the present then the latest Marvel game which is coming on Android and iOS is the Marvel Realm of Champions. After the success of the Marvel Contest of Champions, the developer company KABAM is coming with another big title.

Best Marvel Mobile Games

The game is already available as a beta in some countries but soon it will release globally after successful testing. The game is pretty much similar to Marvel Future Fight in which you need to fight with opponents champions with your squad. You can collect roasters and upgrade than with gear of your choice for the benefit in the arena.

6. Marvel Spiderman Unlimited

Marvel Spiderman Unlimited is one of the best Marvel games for Android and iOS. This game is specific for Spider-verse but it is as fun as the other Marvel games with whole Marvel universe characters. The game is developed by Gameloft SE which is a popular company when it comes to Games.

Best Marvel Mobile Games

The game has all the characters from Spider-Verse including heroes and villains like Green Goblin, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, etc. In the game, all you have to do is the Spiderman thing. And you know what it is, use your spider web to fight with enemies and clear tasks and stories. So take your favorite hero on the run and defend the earth.

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7. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Along with Marvel if you are also a fan of LEGO then here’s a game title for Mobile phone which is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The game has many superheroes and villains in the Lego animation. There are over 90+ characters in the game that is playable in the quests and matchups. It is developed by the Warner Bros International Enterprises team and available globally.

Best Marvel Games for Mobile

The gameplay is similar to other Marvel mobile games that we mentioned in this list. You can unlock characters by progressing in the game. Collect your heroes and villains and take down the evil characters and save the world. Every character has special abilities that will help to defeat enemies.

8. Marvel Puzzle Quest

In case if you are into Puzzles then also we have a Marvel mobile game title for you. Yes, you can play Puzzle combined with all the Marvel characters in the Marvel Puzzle Quest. You can imagine the level of fun when Playing puzzles will have interesting turns.

Best Marvel Games for Mobile

Collect powerful superheroes and supervillains in the game and upgrade your champions to fight with powerful enemies. You can control your champions and their special power with the puzzle. Believe me, you will find the game more interesting than it sounds. If you are looking for a small Marvel game for Android and iOS platforms.

There are many Marvel-based games that we get in the future for our smartphones running on Android and iOS. In case, if we missed any interesting Marvel game title then let us know, we are open to suggestions.

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