20 Best Offline Action Games to Play Without Internet

Games have always been the best entertainer whether it is outdoor or indoor. And when it comes to indoor most of the users prefer Mobile gaming compared to console as it is available for everyone. And the online games are now trending all over the world like PUBG, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Ludo King, and more. And in between, there are many users like me who also want to play offline games, and nowadays, it is hard to find offline games. Here we will share 20+ best offline Action games to play without the internet.
There are tons of Action games available for Android & iOS, but finding offline games is not easy. It is because most of the recommended games in Play Store and AppStore are online games. But don’t worry here your search will end as we will list top 20+ paid & free offline Action games for android.
Back in the days when internet data used to be limited, it was fun to play action games offline on Android phones. The main advantage of offline games is that we can play it anywhere, either there is an internet connection or not. Another big advantage is we don’t have to deal with Ads.

Are you looking for low MB offline action games?
If yes, then this guide meets your requirement as we will separate small size and big size offline action games. So in case if you change your mind and want to play big size games then also we got you covered. Also, we will mention which offline games are free or paid to make your search easier. So are you ready to deep dive into the action games list? If yes, then let’s begin.

Best Offline Action Games under 100MB

1. NOVA Legacy (48MB)

If you are looking for an offline action game under 50MB, then NOVA Legacy is the best game for you. It is a product of a trusted and popular publisher called Gameloft SE. NOVA Legacy comes with offline as well as online gameplay options.

best action games
It is also a shooting game that has a large number of machinery and maps, and all of this is just 50MB. The game offers multiplayer deathmatch mode in case if you decide to try online action game. However, you can play the Campaign mode offline to complete missions and collect different types of guns.
Nova Legacy is an fps shooting game specially made for low-end devices so that everyone can experience the high graphic games in limited specifications.
Try NOVA Legacy (Free)

2. Ramboat 2 (65MB)

If you love 2D action games, then the Ramboat series might make your day entertaining. This is a game from Genera Games, the same publisher from Cover Fire, which is one of the best offline action games. There are many 2D games that are even better than 3D games, and Ramboat is one of these games.

best action games
The Ramboat gameplay starts with a quick guide on how to play Ramboat and so you will not have to watch any Gameplay video at all. Once you play the Ramboat game, you will feel like its a big size game, but it is only available under 100MB.
Both Ramboat is military based games in which you have to clear different missions/levels by defeating enemies. It has a large collection of guns and military weapons in the game inventory where you can unlock or upgrade weapons. Want to try this offline action game? If yes, you can refer to the below link.
Try Ramboat & Ramboat 2 (Free)

3. Takashi Ninja Warrior (96MB)

Not only shooting action games are fun, but non-shooting games also provide the same joy. Takashi Ninja Warrior is an offline action game in which we fight using Swords and other weapons that Ninja keeps. I looked over the Play Store, and this is the best sword game that we can play in Offline mode.

Best offline action games
Thanks to Horizon Games Ltd for this amazing game, which packed with powers and unique story missions. Once you play the game, you don’t even think that this type of gameplay we can get under 100MB. And so it makes the game as the best offline action game under 100MB.
Takashi Ninja Warrior offers innovative gameplay where we can collect various Ninja abilities that we can use against corrupt forces. Takashi is the main character that we lead in the game, which is known as a warrior who can take on evil enemies. The game set in medieval age with hack & slash elements.
Try Takashi Ninja Warrior (Free)

4. Shadow Fighter (38MB)

If you like to play a 2D hack and slash action game, then here we have a recommendation, which is Shadow Fighter. There is also the next version of the game called Shadow Fighter 2, which is also playable in offline mode.

offline action games free
The game is based on Ninja fighting skills means the game is full of different abilities and weapons like Swords. The game also counts in the best offline RPG games.
Both Shadow Fighter and Shadow Fighter 2 have similar gameplay and almost come in similar size. In the game, players need to fight with evil enemies and defeat them to clear different stages and unlock new abilities.
Try Shadow Fighter (Free)
Try Shadow Fighter 2 (Free)

5. Deer Hunter 2018 (89MB)

You must be like finally a hunting game, yes how can the offline action games list completes without a hunting game. So here is the one called Deer Hunter 2018. Don’t go to its name. It’s not an outdated game. It keeps receiving updates in the interval of a few months.

offline action games free
The game is full of nearly a real hunting experience that you will get to notice after trying the game. It is also an Editor’s Choice game so you can blindly go for this game.
Deer Hunter 2018 has various hunting modes and allows us to hunt various animals in different conditions like underwater and land. We can also take Dogs as companions to hunt in the wild.
Try Deer Hunter 2018 (Free)

6. Plants vs Zombies (98MB)

Plant vs Zombies is a popular game series that is available for many other platforms other than Android. For Android, it is free and runs without an internet connection. It’s now time that Plants rather than humans take on Zombies.

offline action games for Android
The concept of the game is simple, where we have to stop Zombies from reaching the house. There are various Plant species available, with each having different abilities like shooties peas, defender potato, Lava Guava, and more.
It is equally hilarious and entertaining while taking on zombies with a variety of plants. Collect suns/energy and grow plants on the lawn and stop zombies from passing the lawn. There is two Plant vs Zombies game where the latest one provides better graphics but comes in big game size.
Try Plant vs Zombies (Free)
Try Plant vs Zombies 2 (Free)

Best Offline Action Games under 500MB

7. Cover Fire (326MB)

An action game is that which gives you the best shooting or fighting experience, and Cover Fire is exactly the kind of Action game that most players like to play. It is a shooting game that provides unique and amazing gameplay.

best action games
The offline game is available under 500MB and offers an intensive graphic visual that looks stunning. It comes with many missions and a bunch of inventory items like Guns, Characters, and more.
It charges Energy for each mission and comes with 10 energies by default that refills over time. The advantage of using energy is the limited gameplay that keeps us away from addiction, which is harmful to our health. I personally like the final blow of the gun when shooting at the last enemy of the mission.
Try Cover Fire (Free)

8. Dead Trigger (194MB)

Do you love Zombie based action and shooting games? If your answer is yes, but you have limited data or no internet connection. The Dead Trigger is the game that can entertain you with its amazing gameplay. It is a very popular game, and if you are using Android phones for a long time, then you must have already head about the game.

best action games
It is one of the best offline action game to kill Zombies that you can play without WiFi or internet connection. There is a successor of this game which is called Dead Trigger 2. But the second part of this game is not suitable for offline gaming.
Now coming to the Dead Trigger gameplay, the game offers an intensive killing action experience. The game comes with different missions and levels to provide a better gameplay experience. And on top of it, the game also includes the Boss mission, where we need to fight and kill Zombie bosses to clear the stage. We can upgrade weapons or buy weapons to make it effective while fighting with Zombies. If you enjoy these types of games, then try it, and don’t forget to share your experience.
Try Dead Trigger (Free)

9. Brother in Arms 3 (450MB)

Are you looking for an offline action game? But don’t want to compromise with graphics and its gameplay. Then we have a great game for you, and it is called Brother in Arms 3. It is a power-packed action war game from Gameloft SE.

offline action games
Brother in Arms 3 can be played offline as well as online with other players from all over the world. So it gives us an advantage that whenever we want to play an online game, we can play the Brother in Arms 3. But as here we are talking about offline games, the Brother in Arms 3 is a masterclass.
It follows very simple gameplay based on War, where all army brothers take down enemies to win the war. The game has various guns like Snipers, Rifles, and even rocket launchers. It allows the player to upgrade weapons to face enemies and their military tanks. Visual effects will keep you intact with the game and provides a lot of fun.
Try Brother in Arms 3 (Free)

10. Overkill 3 (450MB)

Here’s another popular action game that we can play in offline mode as well as online mode. As you know, nowadays, most of the games need a strong internet connection, but Overkill developer knew that the addition of Offline mode would be beneficial. And it is great for both players and developers.

offline action games
The graphics of the game is not that intriguing, but the gameplay where it beat other games. It wouldn’t be wrong if i say it one of the best popular offline action game that you must try. We can compare it with the Cover Fire, which is also a good action game that we can play offline.
There are many modes in the game, but for offline, the modes are limited. But story mode itself is big and takes time to complete. We can upgrade different weapons to take down the evil force of enemies to complete in-game missions. It is a free offline action game and available in the PlayStore.
Try Overkill 3 (Free)

11. Shadow Fight 2 (143MB)

Shadow Fight 2 is a popular action game from NEKKI that we can play in offline mode. It is a 2D fighting game with a very unique and different game design. As its name suggests, the fights take between shadows. There is also a successor to this game called Shadow Fight 3, but it requires an Internet connection, so we will not include it to our offline action game list.

offline action games
Coming back to our Shadow Fight 2, the game is a mix of RPG and classical fighting with bare hands, swords, and other items. The game comes with a story mode, which i personally felt that the game is a bit hard. It may be because I am a noob but still who doesn’t like to play a tough game.
In the beginning, one shadow gets assigned to the player that he will master and fight with other shadows in the tournament. We can learn various moves that we can use during fights against more powerful shadows. The game has various lethal weapons that we can buy or get after winning fights.
Try Shadow Fight 2 (Free & Paid)

12. Sniper 3D: FPS Shooting Game (112MB)

How can we miss shooting games when we are talking about offline action games. Here’s the best sniping game called Sniper 3D that you must try on your Android device. The game also has an online mode, so if the internet connection is available, then you can switch to online mode.

offline action games
Sniper 3D is an action game with rich visuals and snipping effects that looks intriguing. It offers stunning 3D graphics that hold players in the game.
Sniper 3D is easy to play as it comes with convenient controls. In the game, we get different missions to shoot bad guys and free hostages. We can upgrade and buy different snipers in the game.
Try Sniper 3D (Free)

13. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D (153MB)

After browsing deep in the Play Store, we managed to find a helicopter-based offline action game. It is for players who enjoy playing planes and helicopters battles. It is a 3D action game which comes with multiple game mode.

offline action games free
The only difficulty that we get while playing a Helicopter game is the controls. And once you master controls of the game, you start enjoying it more than other offline action shooting games.
The game has various collections of helicopters and fighter planes that you get by completing missions and collecting cash. So are you ready to engage in a helicopter combat mission? Try out the Gunship battle, which is free in the Play Store.
Try Gunship Batlle: Helicopter 3D (Free)

14. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight (119MB)

Here we have one more 2D hack & slash game in the offline action game list. It is similar to Shadow Fighter, but it offers better graphics and gameplay due to bigger game size. It is based on a stickman fighting game with unique gameplay.

best action games
The game offers much more than the power pack action like different types of weapons and abilities. Like the other offline action games, you can also play it anywhere without an internet connection.
So take your Ninja in an action-adventure fight and defeat the dark force of enemies. Collect weapons and abilities for higher stages. You can also play the game online if you wish to take your talent to the next level.
Try Shadow of Death: Dark Knight (Free)

15. DEAD TARGET: Zombie Shooting Offline Game (116MB)

There are many zombie killing games available for Android phones, but only a few of them are promising. And Dead Target is one of them, and in fact, it is an Editors Choice game.

Android offline action games free
The 3D Zombie game provides full action-packed gameplay that makes it one of the best offline action game. Like other Zombie games, you need to kill zombies to survive from these dead monsters.
The motive of the game is to finish all the Zombies to survive the apocalypse with the help of the assigned team. There are varieties of Zombies, some are easy to kill, and some take a lot of bullets to die. If you like Zombie games, then try Dead Target, which is free.
Try Dead Target (Free)

16. Metal Squad (130MB)

Are you bored of playing 3D action games and want to try some old school games like 2D shooting game? If yes, then consider Metal Squad: Shooting Game as your next mobile game. It is an offline action game with classic 2D gameplay.

offline action games for Android
The game also has an online mode to take on other players from all over the world. But here we will only talk about the offline mode in the game. It follows a simple game control like jump, move, tackle, and shoot.
Metal Squad provides a bunch of options to choose characters, weapons. Level up your character and weapons to defeat enemies and clear stages. It also has boss fights, so save yourself from pawns and be ready to fight bosses.
Try Metal Squad (Free)

17. Death Race (345MB)

If you have watched the Death Race movie and dreaming about yourself being in the race which is impossible, but you can experience the same race with this offline Android game called Death Race.

offline action games for Android
Yes, the concept is from the movie itself, and you are going to enjoy this offline action game on your Android phone for free. It is a game from the same publisher Genera Games from the Cover Fire game.
The game lets you enjoy the intense racing with full action and shooting. In the game, we get missions to take on other players based on movie characters and defeat them or destroy their vehicles to win the race.
Try Death Race (Free)

Best Offline Action Games under 2GB

18. Into The Dead 2 (1.27GB)

If you like the Dead Trigger, then here we have another Zombie game that you can play without the Internet. It is a big game, and so are the game missions. The game comes with stunning graphics that will make you keep playing the game for a long time.

offline action games
There are two games in the Into The Dead series, where the first part is a small game, but the gameplay is similar to its successor. So if you don’t want to download a big game, then you can try its predecessor. It will give nonstop action gameplay, which is more than what we can expect from a small game.
The gameplay for both games is similar in which players need to finish the long run of Zombie killing with different guns and tactics. Collect cash by killing zombies to but or upgrade weapons. You will also get a Dog as your companion who will be on Missions along with you. There is also an endless mode, it means you can bet with your friends on who will survive for more time and who will kill more enemies in the endless run.
Try Into the Dead & Into the Dead 2 (Free)

19. Gangster Vegas: World of Crime (1.8GB)

How can we forget our school days games GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas? Yes, Gangster Vegas is a Crime game from Gameloft SE, and it is similar to GTA games.

offline action games free
You must have already guessed that the game takes place in Vegas, and you are free to take on Vegas and make it your city. If you are missing the GTA series, then try out the Gangster Vegas, which is free. Well, the GTA San Andreas is available for Android, but it is paid, and also graphics are not good as Gangster Vegas. No wonder tha GTA rules in console gaming but not suitable for Android games.
You can expect similar free roam and open world gameplay in the game. Make your gang, take missions, and complete it to earn money and other items. And of course, you can steal money from anybody if you don’t want to go on missions.
Try Gangster Vegas: World of Crime (Free)

20. Injustice: Gods Among Us (1.6GB)

We are missing something, aren’t we? Yes, we didn’t mention any games based on Superheroes. There are a bunch of Superheroes games, but most of them are either online games or just trash. But Injustice: Gods Among Us is an offline action game that you can try.

offline action games for Android
The game has most of the DC universe characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, and other characters as well. There is also the second part of this game available but only playable if an internet connection is available.
It is a 3v3 based 2D fighting game where we can take our 3 best characters from roaster to defeat the opposite side characters. We can collect many characters and level them up to increase their strength.
Try Injustice: Gods Among Us (Free)

More Offline Action Games:

  • GTA San Andreas (Paid)
  • Gunship Strike 3D (Free)
  • Gun War (Free)

The game size mentioned in the games can vary as per the updates, but it will not differ much. There are still many offline action games available that we didn’t cover, so make sure to check PlayStore if you want to play more offline games for free.
We are going to end this article, leaving the decision on you to choose your favorite game from the list. I hope you enjoy playing these offline action games. And soon, we will also share other offline games from different categories. Meanwhile, you can also check our other Articles on games.

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