COD Black Ops is the first COD game to feature a battle royale gamemode. It is called Blackout. Its the game from the same title as Warzone and so you may also find it similar in many ways. Warzone is a full game that comes with many additional in-game modes.

COD Black Ops 4


Fortnite is one of the popular battle royal game with additional modes like Save the World. Maybe the PUBG have is ruling the Mobile gaming but when it comes to PC, the Fortnite is a big name. It has unique gameplay that allows building walls, stairs that can hold a bullet for a while. Its a game with lots of fun.


PUBG is the game that started this whole Battle Royale revolution. It is not the first battle Royal game but it is the first to create a spark. If you like multiplayer games then you must have heard about it. The game is also available for Smartphones.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is also a Battle Royal game that is free to play and it is more like COD Warzone but without players' abilities. The Game contains a set of players each with some unique abilities that we can use as tactics. The graphics of the game is on the animation side while the COD is more realistic but both games are equally good. You should give this title a shot if you like COD Warzone.


Valorant a new game that is still in beta but it's already in the popularity tag line. It is not a battle royale game but a multiplayer game more like Counter-Strike. The game has some characters and each character has a special ability. Valorant is a 5v5 battle game with a few different game modes.

Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale an underrated game which delivers gameplay that most of the players like. The graphics in the game may not be good as other popular battle royale games but the game is really good because of Character's ability and different gameplay.

Last Oasis

Last Oasis is based on Survival and you need to make sure you are alive in the game and enjoy all the fun. You can travel to different areas and join clans and fight for territory. In the game we can, we can build ships that can be used on lands too. You should try if you are looking for games like COD Warzone.

Games like COD WARZONE