Download Maui Meta Tool to Repair IMEI [All Versions]

Here is the guide on Maui Meta Tool along with download links. Maui Meta Tool is a small software for Windows platform that allows users to repair or write IMEI on MediaTek phones easily. There are many other features that are available on Maui Meta Tool for multiple tasks. The tool supports Mediatek powered smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. Here you get to download Maui Meta Tool for Windows PC.

MediaTek is a popular chipset used on most budget smartphones. And in the last couple of years, MediaTek has introduced great chipsets. And these chipsets are even being used in popular phones like the Redmi Note 8 Pro. But if you are doing a modification on a MediaTek powered device like rooting, then the chances to lose IMEI are high. But don’t worry, we can fix & repair IMEI on our own. And here, we have to use Maui Meta Tool to repair IMEI on Android phones.

What is Maui Meta Tool?

Maui Meta Tool

Maui Meta tool is small utility software for the Windows platform to fix or Repair IMEI on Android phones. The tool is capable of writing IMEI on MediaTek powered Android phones. Other than fixing the IMEI Maui Meta tool is also used for multiple tasks. We can use the Maui Meta tool to fix IMEI on both 3G, 4G, and 5G devices.

Losing IMEI while flashing ROM or even while rooting a device is common. And in these cases, tools like Maui Meta save us from IMEI missing issue.

Maui Meta Tool – Features

Write & Repair IMEI – The tool helps users to write & repair IMEI on Android devices. To repair the IMEI, we can flash IMEI using the Maui Meta Tool and the correct database files that come along with the device.

Restore IMEI – Maui Meta tool allows us to restore the IMEI on MediaTek phones easily. It worked like a backup and restore method, in which first you have to take a backup of IMEI and then restore it at any point in time.

Support MediaTek Devices – It supports only Mediatek powered Smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. The tool covers almost all the available MediaTek devices, including the latest phones.

Flash NVRAM – Along with the IMEI, the tool also allows us to flash or repair the NVRAM on Mediatek devices. NVRAM is an essential part of the device if you want good performance on the phone.

Small Tool – It is a small tool that doesn’t take much space on the computer. Despite being lightweight, it is a powerful tool for multiple tasks to operate and modify MediaTek devices.

Download Maui Meta Tool

Maui Meta is a useful tool for users who have MediaTek devices like Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme C2, Motorola One Macro, Nokia 2.2, Realme 3, and more. In case if you lost the IMEI after flashing a ROM or rooting your phone, then you can easily fix or restore the IMEI. But you should know the IMEI or make are you have a backup of the IMEI. And then, you can flash it or repair IMEI using Maui Meta Tool. Below we have included all versions of the tool, so if the latest version is not working, then you have many other versions to try.

The tool comes in the form of an installer, so after downloading the tool, you can easily install it on your computer. The tool works on all Windows platforms like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Below we have also added a guide to install the tool.

How to Install Maui Meta Tool

  1. First, copy the downloaded Maui Meta Tool file on your computer.
  2. Now extract the file on your computer. Also, install the MTK USB driver on your pc.
  3. And once all done, open the extracted Maui Meta tool.
  4. In the extracted folder, you will find MauiMETA Setup.exe, so run the tool to begin the installation.
  5. Now click on Next and then select the location to install and click Next again. Maui Meta Tool
  6. Wait for the installation process, and after installing the file, you can use the Maui Meta tool.

So this way, you can easily install the Maui Meta tool on your Windows PC, and you can easily fix or repair IMEI on your MediaTek phones. The tool features many multiple functions that are useful for MediaTek phones.

So there you have it, complete guide on Maui Meta tool with the download link. If you know any of its alternative that is better than this, then let us know in the comment section.

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