10 Best Mods For Cities: Skylines II to Take Advantage Of

Cities: Skylines 2 is one of the best city buildings and managed games made for PC. The newer Cities: Skylines game has been improved in several ways, making it worthwhile. Dynamic weather conditions, better graphics, and even the rat infestation realism make it a great simulation game. While all of this is great, the option to make use of mods

Yes, the developer of the game. Paradox Interactive has ensured that users will be able to create and use mods with the game, just like how it was possible in the previous Cities: Skylines game. Mods are the best way to bring in a more immersive and fun gameplay experience without running anything the game was made for. So, if you are interested in trying out some fun mods for your games, you have come to the right place.

Best Mods to Use in Cities: Skylines 2

The list of mods that we have listed below are mods created by people. Mods from Paradox Interactive are said to be coming soon and are currently undergoing beta testing.


This is a mod manager. A mod manager is essential for any game when you will be dealing with mods. Whether you plan to install new ones or uninstall new ones, having a mod manager makes it a simple and easy process instead of having to dig through tons of files and folders in the File Explorer.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: r2modman


Do you have a slow or low-end system but want to create fancy cinematic videos from Cities: Skylines II? With the CinematicRendererMod you can now take beautiful cinematic videos of your map and city without any lags, stutters, or any sort of strain on your system’s hardware. This mod will let you export footage quality at 4K 60.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: CinematicRendererMod


While planning out and expanding your city in Cities: Skylines II, you need to build up various amenities. One such kind is the educational institutions. With this mode installed, you can make the number of schools required in your city more balanced and more realistic instead of having way too many or way too less number of schools in your city.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: SchoolCapacityBalancer


Having a good idea about the number of unemployed people in your city is important. With such statistics, you will be able to not only build up more areas that create job opportunities but will also ensure that the city is developing from time to time so that everyone can enjoy all the amenities present in your city. There will be more features added to this mod such as detailed workplace availability and also education-specific unemployment statistics.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: UnemploymentMeter


Cities: Skylines has a predefined set of maps that you can use and build your city on. But, if you are bored with the pre-designed maps and layouts, you can thank the modders. The new Oslo map, the capital of Norway can now be used as a map for Cities: Skylines II. The map has been designed with a 1:1 scale with lowered terrain and outside connections via road, air, sea, and rail.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: OsloMap


Since Cities: Skylines II has not added rats to the game, the modders have decided to have some fun by creating a rat named Radio Station. With the Rat-themed EDM radio station, you will be able to listen to 25 different EDM tracks when you choose the CityRatNetwork EDM Radio station.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: CityRatNetworkEDM


Want to get better tree and prop placements in Cities: Skylines II? The DucksInARow mod is the perfect one for you. With this mode, you can easily arrange, place, and rotate your tires and various props across the map. This mod also helps to adjust the spacing between props and trees which helps to create eye-pleasing cities.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: DucksInARow

Road Wear Remover

Are you tired of the wear marks on the roads that you have built? If that is you, get this mod for Cities: Skylines II. This helps to get rid of the shaders that will usually add to the wear and tear stains of your roads.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: Road Wear Remover

Magical Hearse

So, you know that once your characters die there are various amenities that take care of such dead persons. If you like to be a bit evil, you can simply choose to install the Magical Hearse mod that will remove anything to do with death – i.e. crematoriums, cemeteries, etc. The minute a citizen of your city dies, they will vanish away. The need for a hearse is no longer required.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: Magical Hearse


Are you tired of the pedestrians in your city just walking anywhere and eventually getting run over because they choose to walk or cross unsafe spaces? Fear no more! The BetterPedestrianPathfind mod helps you ensure that your citizens will always and only walk and cross in safe and designated areas of the city. Helps reduce deaths and unwanted issues in your city.

Best Mods For Cities Skylines 2

Download: BetterPedestrianPathfind

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the list of the best mods that you can currently make use of in Cities: Skylines II. The mods help improve your gameplay experience and can also help in building a better city that you can use to show off to your friends. Mods are great for those who care about every element and aspect of city building.

If you know of more mods that should be a part of this list, feel free to mention them below.

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