Cities: Skylines 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, System Requirements, and more

Everything you need to know about Cities Skylines 2

This is it! Cities: Skylines 2 is the sequel to the already existing Cities: Skylines game. Yes, the sequel for Cities: Skylines has been confirmed and we are all excited. Colossal Order – the developer for the game has finally shed some light on their new game. Let’s take a look at what details the developer shave revealed for the game and also what more can we expect from the game.

Let’s be clear about it. Cities: Skylines is a fun city-building game that lets you test out theories and create fun stuff that you could only imagine. Now that there’s a sequel to the game, fans will be pleased to know that there are a lot of improvements to the game under the hood. From better graphics, game physics, and even a new gameplay style. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the new Cities Skylines 2.

In all fairness, the developers have just revealed a handful of information about the game. Looking at how the original Cities: Skyline game turned 8 this year, it only seems fitting to bring the sequel to the popular city-building game.

Cities Skylines 2 Release Date

So far we know that the game is slated for release this year. But when exactly this year, nobody knows. However, we can expect a release date to drop soon or later considering the developers have a lot more information to give out to the public regarding the sequel of the game.

Cities Skylines 2 Announcement Trailer

As of now, the developers have revealed a game announcement trailer. The trailer for the sequel of the game is quite interesting. There’s a very interesting voice-over that goes all through the trailer. The trailer starts as a seed growing and further progresses into a big tree. You get to see the highways, and bridges being completed as well as busy streets with people going about their everyday routines.

The trailer later shoes to show you a building being built as well as different weather conditions like rain to be present in the game. Then there are the seas and oceans where we see plenty of high-rise buildings along the coast. There are also plenty of ships indicating that we could be seeing the ports and boat docks as well. This time, we get to see how the city transforms through the different seasons. Check out the lovely announcement trailer on the official YouTube channel.

Cities Skylines 2 Gameplay

Not so fast! The developer shaven revealed any gameplay footage for the game. However, we can hope to see gameplay footage in a developer live stream in the coming months.  The best all of us can do is wait patiently for the gameplay as well as other interesting information and changes that Cities: Skylines 2 brings to the table.

Cities Skylines 2 System Requirements and Platforms

Cities: Skyline 2 will be available for players to play on the Xbox Series X, and S. PlayStation owners will be able to play the game only on the PlayStation 5. Of course, the game is available on PC via Steam If you prefer monthly payments for games, you can get the game via Xbox Game Pass. With regards to the system requirements, the information is to be decided status as seen on the game’s Steam page.

Cities Skylines 2 In-Game Achievements

The in-game achievements have been made available and here is what they consist of

  • My First City
  • The Inspector
  • Happy To Be Of Service
  • Royal Flush
  • Key to The City
  • Six Figures
  • Go Anywhere
  • The Size Of Golf Balls!
  • Out For A Spin
  • Now They’re All Ash Trees
  • Zero Emissions
  • Up And Away
  • Making A Mark
  • Everything The Light Touches
  • Calling The Shots
  • Wide Variety
  • Executive Decisions
  • All Smiles
  • You Little Stalker
  • The Good Stuff
  • I Made This
  • Cartography
  • The Explorer
  • The Last Mile Marker
  • The Architect
  • Things Are Not Looking Up
  • Four Seasons
  • Spiderwebbing
  • This Is Not My Happy Place
  • Simply Irresistible
  • Top Of The Class
  • Snapshot!!
  • The Deep End
  • Groundskeeper
  • Colossal Gardener
  • Strength Through Diversity
  • Squasher-Downer
  • A Little bit of TLC
  • Welcome, One and All
  • One Of Everything


This concludes everything we know so far about the game. Cities: Skylines 2 is really happening and a lot of people are excited about this new game. In fact, everyone out there is waiting for more information to be revealed by the developer teams. This game is going to be one of the best city-building simulator games that have ever been released. In the meantime, go play and have fun with your cities in the older Cities: Skylines game.

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