10 Games like Cities Skylines you should play on Mobile and PC

If you’ve always envisioned a city and build it according to how you would like it to look and function, city-building games are what you should be looking at. Cities: Skyline is a perfect example of a building and planning game that you’ll enjoy spending hours on. The game was released in 2015 on PC and is still being enjoyed by many people who love building cities. If you also enjoy Cities Skylines, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to share the 10 best games like Cities Skylines that you can enjoy on Android and PC.

The game was free for a limited time on the Epic Games Store in 2020. If you missed it, you may get other chances later. I personally enjoy games of such kinds, the simulation types, and city-builders in particular. And if they’ve got online interactions with other players and friends online, it’s even more fun. Like you could always visit a friend’s city and look at how things are progressing and maybe lend some resources if the game lets you do so. Today we’ll be sharing a list of city builder games like Cities: Skylines for you to enjoy be it on PC or Mobile, we’ll be covering it all. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at the list of games.

Games similar to Cities Skylines

1. SimCity Build It (Android, iOS)

Here’s a mobile city builder that’s actually tons of fun. You begin by building smaller areas and roads and slowly upgrade to bigger and better cities. With time you’ll be able to even set up a seaport and even an airport to trade items in and out. Apart from that, you’ll also have to manage your city’s residents by tending to their requests like they might need new stores or even want other facilities such as parks and entertainment zones.

Games Similar to Cities Skylines

You also have to manage and produce various kinds of resources that will be required for other things in the game. And oh, you can also visit your friend’s city and share a few resources with them. Overall, it’s a great and fun game, but yes it does get a bit boring at some point in time. Available as a free-to-play game on the Play Store and App Store with in-app purchases if you wanted to get something quicker. The game is developed by EA and has been launched in 2014. If you want to enjoy building games on Mobile then SimCity is the best game like Cities Skylines that you can try.

2. Surviving Mars (PC)

Almost the majority of the city-building games are set on Earth, apart from this. Just as the title suggests, you’ll be building up a city right over at Mars. You’ll be planning around how people will be living, maintaining resources, and other development as well. Since you’ll be on Mars, your city folks will be living under big domes that not only help them, but also protect them from various space attacks such as aliens, and other natural stuff like asteroids, meteorites, and whatnot.

Games Similar to Cities Skylines

You’ll have to ensure that Oxygen supply is uninterrupted or else your city folk start to suffer and maintain colonies on the huge map. Yes, this is a city-building survival game. Great game with a concept similar to Cities Skylines game, do check it out. It’s available for purchase on the Epic Games Store and on Steam as well.

3. Frostpunk (PC)

Next in the list of games like Cities Skylines, we have Frostpunk. Building and maintaining the only left civilization in super extreme weather conditions can be a challenge and that’s what Frostpunk brings to the table. You and your people have to build a safe zone area that will protect you from all harsh things.

Cities Skylines Alternatives

Since you’ll be the only person along with your city dwellers on the planet z it’s up to you to make wise use of the limited resources that are available to keep the population alive. The game throws you into the future which might seem like it due to resources exhausting and nature being as harsh as it can. The game is available for purchase on Steam.

4. Anno 2070 (PC)

The games from the Anno series are fun and addictive games. You may already know Anno as it is a popular building game similar to Cities Skylines. You get to build up various civilizations throughout the series. With Anno 2070 you are pushed into the future with more than half of the planet getting eroded. The fun part begins when you have to begin a civilization, manage economies, prepare for Wars, and other things.

Games like Cities Skylines

Since it’s based in the future, you even have the liberty to build underwater cities and earn various rewards each time you complete a task. If you love history and older centuries, then the older Anno games are a great way to re-live the yesteryears. Check it out on Steam.

5. Final Earth 2 (Android, Web)

Final Earth 2 is another best game like Cities Skyline that we recommend trying. This isn’t your regular purchase and download game. You can play this game right through your device’s web browser. It’s a 2D pixel art game that lets you build and manage your city in the near future.

Cities Skylines Alternatives

Your job is to restore the human population by building various structures. Yes, you have workers who’ll do the job for you. You get to build structures such as small huts and houses for people to stay in. If you love playing retro 2D styled pixel games z that too for free, then this is the game to try out. The bigger the screen, the better you’ll be able to enjoy it. It is also available to play on Android.

6. City Mania: Town Building Game (Android, iOS)

This is another fun little game you can play for free. It’s similar to SimCity: Build It, but much better. Of course, you’ll be building and developing a nice little town and all that. But you also get to choose from various characters. Yes, you can mix up characters and let them enjoy as well. You can even order a lot of people for various jobs and even build popular monuments too.

Games like Cities Skylines

The game is set in the modern 21st century which has all the popular stuff and trends such as selfies and even hoverboards. Quite a fun game to play with your friends if you like Cities Skylines. Developed by Gameloft, you can play this free game on Android and iOS.

7. Megapolis (Android, iOS)

Here’s a game if you’ve ever dreamt of being a town planner and manager and wanted your town to have the best of the very best. You can begin construction of various industries, airports, military bases, and even monuments alongside your city infrastructure. Most of the game plot is similar to Cities Skylines game.

Cities Skylines Alternatives

As a mayor, you’ll be overlooking everything that goes around in the city, from scientific institutions to rocket centers. Plus, you can even compete with other Mayors in various events that are being held from time to time. Playable for free on Android and iOS.

8. Tropico 6 (PC)

Ever wanted to rule a whole nation as a dictator and run the nation as and how you please? Then look no further than Tropico 6. One of the best city-building simulators out there that you can play on and on and never get bored.

Games Similar to Cities Skylines

Like all the city building games like cities skylines, you can build, supervise and control everything. You can make the people work to generate more income and if you wish you could even export a lot of stuff. A fun political, city-building simulation game that you must try. It’s worth trying. Check it out on Steam.

9. Aven Colony (PC)

You don’t always have to be building your dream city on Earth. Aven Colony lets you build a full-fledged city in an unknown land somewhere out there in space. You build all the basic facilities that you can with the help of resources that are available on this deserted land.

Games like Cities Skylines

Once your city starts growing and city dwellers’ demands for various things increase, you can also grow and strengthen your military base and prepare them in case of various alienated attacks and even going out and ahead to destroy other alien spaces. It’s kind of like Surviving Mars game but more into the sci-fi zone and has a lot of the neon color scheme going on. available for purchase on Steam.

10. Sim City 4 (PC)

Leaving the best for the last is SimCity 4. Sim City is one the best alternatives to City Skylines. Yes, your characters talk gibberish but it’s fine. You get to build roads, construct houses, parks, entertainment spaces, and much more. It’s more like the mobile version of SimCity: Build It but much better in terms of graphics and things that you can actually do.

Games Similar to Cities Skylines

If you don’t care much about story modes and other stuff like how other games in this list have, then SimCity 4 is perfect for a simple yet fun experience planning out your huge dream city. You can get the game on Steam.

Bonus Game – Little Big City 2 (Android)

Now, this is another City Building game from Gameloft. It’s here on this list because it’s free-to-play and is quite fun, to say the least. You get to start as an industrialist, technical tycoon, or cultural artisan. Based on what you choose, you’ll be building up your city. And yes, you will be working for a mayor, and under his guidance, you will be developing the city.

Games like Cities Skylines

There’s even a story mode that you can plus you can visit your friend’s city as well. It’s a good game but has unfortunately not been updated for a long time, and there’s a bunch of negative reviews about players complaining of constant crashing.


City-building games are quite fun and a lot of them require that you use your imagination and creativity to the highest levels. Surprising enough is that all the future city building games state that the Earth by that time has become unsuitable for people to live due to various reasons and all that. It could be true that in 20 years or so from now we could be living on a new planet and the Earth could probably be in the stages of self-destruction. Anyways if you know of any city-building games for mobile devices and on PC do let us know in the comments below.

So that’s all on the list of best games like City Skylines. There are many building games available but these are the best out there. Let us know which game you like the most from the list.

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